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PROFILE Syrupy & Sweet TASTES LIKE Cherry, Crème Brûlée, Plum ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing TRANSPARENCY REPORT ABOUT Considered .

We’re back to serving you at the table, with a snapshot of our best food menu. We operate a walk-in basis, no reservation required. The menu | Open 8am-4pm Avocado with finger lime & macadamia The classic Waffle Benedict

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TASTES LIKE Caramel, Sweet & Balanced PROFILE We design our seasonal house espresso blend to present a sweet and delicate, sometimes floral .

PROFILE Sweet & Long-lasting TASTES LIKE Mandarin, Marshmallow, Maple Syrup ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing TRANSPARENCY REPORT ABO.

PROFILE Syrupy & Tropical TASTES LIKE Tinned Peaches, Butterscotch, Creme Brûlée ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing TRANSPARENCY REP.

We launched the print magazine of MOLD as a way of clarifying the possibilities of design in reimagining and reshaping the food system by using each issue to explore a specific theme and facet of ‘food design.’ What better way to reach designers than creating a thoughtful, beautiful and engaging design object? We hope that the ideas contained in each issue will be evergreen – collectively, the people and projects we’ve had the opportunity to engage with over the last few years have completely shifted our understanding of the world around us and will inform the work to come. One of our favorite bits of news from last year came from Germany – we wrote about how Cologne is creating a plan to transform into an ‘edible city.’

Linyee, we are so happy that Mold #5, which is dedicated to seeds, dropped into our lives right on time. What can we learn from seeds in these troubling times?

MOLD is a multidisciplinary project that explores how design can offer solutions for our coming food crisis. We believe that we should be working towards food sovereignty and building living food ecologies that are resilient, regenerative, biodiverse, transparent, nutritious and accessible. We publish both the print magazine and online at . As this is our penultimate issue (our final print issue will come out in 2022) we are looking at how we might take the ideas that we’ve been writing and thinking about over the past 7 years and put them into practice in our local community here in New York City. We’re launching a non-profit organization this year to explore how design can nourish hyperlocal food ecologies and hope to start modeling ways that this can happen in 2022!

Mold magazine is just one project of many – alongside events, summits, food art, design projects – that make up the platform MOLD. Can you tell us more about the greater concept of MOLD?

In most cases, mold indicates the end of a journey – the bin. But what happens when you take it as the beginning of the story? When this is the starting point for manifold narratives yet to come? Fantasies you might never have thought of before?

After themes such as ‘Designing for the Human Microbiome’, ‘A seat at the table’, ‘Waste’, ‘Designing for the senses’ and now ‘Seeds’. What was the original concept of this print venture in the first place?

But these aren’t the only reasons why we decided on this one for our second round. Never was the chance greater and the need more urgent to rethink our collective future than in these critical times! And there’s no-one better to explain how this issue, which you are about to hold in your hands, can be used as a tool for the future than Linyee – founder and editor of Mold.

Hawks coach Nate McMillan says he knows Friday night’s game will be a new challenge.

The Clippers seemed to be on a path to continue their inglorious playoff history when they suffered what seemed to be a devastating injury to Leonard, who was averaging 30.4 points in the playoffs.

Seth Curry said the 76ers should not have psychological scars from losing big leads in back-to-back losses.

Lower seeds each won Game 5, taking control of their conference semifinal matchups.

Charles Odum | The Associated Press

The Jazz also facing a must-win game as the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. Despite playing without Kawhi Leonard, who was held out with a knee injury, the Los Angeles Clippers took a 3-2 lead in the semifinal series with a 119-111 win on Wednesday night. The Clippers can clinch the series at home on Friday night.

The Clippers, who moved to Los Angeles in 1984, have never played in the conference final. They are 0-5 in conference semifinal series in Los Angeles. The team also never played in a conference final as the San Diego Clippers (1978-84) or Buffalo Braves (1970-78).

After the 76ers' drop Game 5 in historic fashion, how does Philadelphia rebound and stave off elimination?