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The Netherlands holds the title of cannabis capital of Europe. Travellers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to sample the fine coffeeshop establishments of Amsterdam and elsewhere. Growers in the country are spoiled for choice when it comes to cannabis consumption, but which strains do they most enjoy cultivating? After distributing much of our genetic archive to the country, we’ve discovered the five most popular strains among growers in the Netherlands.

No surprises here! The Netherlands has a close relationship with Amnesia Haze. After original Haze genetics entered the country decades ago, breeders worked their magic and created Amnesia Haze within Dutch borders. Popular in coffeeshops across Amsterdam, Dutch growers also have a soft spot for this powerful sativa hybrid. She packs a hefty THC value of 22% and provides delicious earthy and citrusy terpenes. Her energetic high shifts motivation up a gear and leaves users looking for something to accomplish. Medium levels of CBD help level out the high and prevent things from becoming overwhelming.

With constant access to coffeeshop-tier weed, Dutch cultivators have impeccable taste. Discover the five most popular strains to grow in the country.


Amnesia Haze provides a significant yield both indoors and outdoors. Indoor specimens grow to between 80–140cm tall and produce 650–700g/m² after a flowering time of 10–11 weeks. Outdoor plants surge to a towering height of 210cm and produce a rewarding yield of up to 700g/plant. Prepare to harvest these tree-like plants in late October.

New on the coffeeshop scene is a fusion of old-school sativa classics called Tangilope. This delicious cannabis cocktail of Tangie and Chocolope is bursting with sweet, tropical citrus flavours. Sativa-dominant hybrids don’t come much tastier. Expect a giggly, high-flying experience. Perfect for a daytime smoke-up with good company.

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Lemon Haze delivers an energetic high and is a favoured wake and bake smoke of Amsterdam tourists. Cultivating your own crop of Lemon Haze takes some finesse. Growers familiar with pruning and training techniques will enjoy getting hands-on with her vine-like growth pattern.

A trip to Amsterdam to enjoy the dank delights of coffeeshops is a rite of passage for European stoners. More often than not, regular stoner holidays to Amsterdam become the norm in the years that follow. This is your reefer roadmap to the 10 best coffeehouse cannabis strains and the best places to find them.

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