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auto flowering strains

I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the best seed banks that has plenty of auto seeds to explore in a variety of indica-sativa ratios and strains.

This strain will give you equal hits of euphoria and energy, making Auto White Widow a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like to feel drowsy while they smoke. It’s also known for sparking creativity, giving a powerful mental buzz to artists and accountants alike.

That doesn’t mean that all the strains are equally good, though. There are dozens to choose from, and given that it can take weeks to grow something you can smoke, buying the wrong strain can be quite the buzzkill indeed.

Do auto seeds have less THC?

As the name suggests, autoflowering seeds will bloom on their own, whereas regular seeds require more encouragement.

Typically, to get regular seeds to bloom you need to alter their light schedule at a certain time. This requires keeping tabs on where the plants are in their life cycle, as well as having the gear necessary to trigger the flowering process.

Auto seeds have a shorter growing cycle and require less space.

These indoor or outdoor plants are very convenient!

You’ve probably seen the term “feminized” used frequently as you browse the internet for all things cannabis seeds. Both autoflower and photoperiod strains can be feminized. All it means is that a breeder modified a particular strain to produce only female plants. Technically speaking, the odds of a female emerging are 99.9%—that’s still quite impressive!

Here are a few of the stealthiest autoflowering strains available:


Autoflower strains do away with this inconvenience. They don’t rely on external cues to start producing resinous buds. Instead, they flower after a certain amount of time has passed.

There are two main phases of the cannabis growing cycle: the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. Another type of cannabis—known as photoperiod cannabis—requires a shift in the light cycle to trigger flowering.

A complete guide to the pros and cons of autos.

LSD-25 Auto is a purple autoflower strain bred by Fast Buds from potent LSD genetics with Canadian ruderalis. LSD-25 Auto seeds grow into medium/tall plants that respond well to training. During the later stages of flowering, the purple color appears. LSD weed smells pungent like paint or varnish and gives a strong psychedelic, creative high. High 21–23% THC content.

Buy LSD-25 Auto Seeds?

13. LSD-25 Auto Seeds

Buy Pineapple Express Auto Seeds?

Super Lemon Haze Auto is Green House Seed Co’s award-winning Super Lemon Haze sativa bred with ruderalis. The resulting hybrid is an easy-to-grow, mostly sativa autoflowering marijuana strain suitable for most climates. A fast-growing auto strain, Super Lemon Haze Auto seeds produce short to medium size plants with flowering commencing during the third week of growth. Good yields of frosty buds with a citric lemon flavor that give spacey, heady effects.

Gorilla Glue Auto is an award-winning indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid auto seed strain for sale from ILGM. Gorilla Glue strains are known for their extremely sticky buds that glue-up trimming scissors. Gorilla Glue Auto yields well in most indoor and outdoor environments, reaching a medium height with a compact bud structure. One of the easiest auto strains to grow for beginners and experts alike. The big, dense buds of Gorilla Glue Auto ooze trichomes and produce a sweet, pungent aroma. Strong high. 24% THC.