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autoflower outdoor australia

Gorilla Glue Auto has a very pleasant and smooth taste and aroma, with hints of lemon, pine, sweet fruit and the Diesel variety. The effect is very strong cerebral/physical well-balanced, with great potency and a pleasantly long duration.

Named after the Incredible Hulk’s modest alter ego, Bruce Banner Auto hides her incredible strength beneath an innocent, snowy guise. Its unparalleled THC content pulls users into a state of blissful euphoria that instantly boosts mood and morale. With euphoric highs that are both powerful and energizing, this is the perfect choice to get you out of a low or anxious mood.

Effects, taste and odor

Other areas of Australia, such as Cairns, experience tropical weather with hot and sticky summers and mild, dry winters. Not only do these locations feature excellent temperatures for optimal cannabis growth – an average high of 31℃ with an average low of 18℃ – they also receive plenty of rainfall.

Suitable for beginners, Critical Purple is a reliable plant with THC levels of up to 25%. The “Violet” in the name refers to the purplish hue growers may observe on thick, heavy flowers.

Bruce Banner’s ancestry is instantly recognizable by her sweet, berry and diesel scent. Like one of her parents, Strawberry Diesel, the mechanical aroma of Bruce Banner Auto mingles with fresh notes, hinting at its incredible potency. In terms of taste, sweet berries mingle with juicy citrus, leaving a feeling of freshness in the mouth.

1 x Tundra® Auto Flowering & Feminized
1 x Automaria (Ruderalis)

10 female seeds of each

Hey guys i live in oz i just ordered these auto strains from planetskunk they are female seeds im going to growing outside under the sun anyone had experience shipping to australia from this store?

Automaria Feminised from Paradise Seeds
A fast flowering stoney plant of Ruderalis/Indica origin. This plant, as the name suggests, spontaneously starts making resinous flowers even in the middle of summer or indoors, no matter how many hours of light. These seeds guarantee a quick harvest, "instant satisfaction".

will let you know when they arrive