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Seedsman proudly stocks plenty of award-winning seeds plus some very specific categories tailored to specific growing locations. For example, you can purchase fast-flowering strains, mold-resistant strains, and even seeds suitable for growing at high altitudes, like in Colorado.

Here are the top 5 seed banks that ship to America.

Illegal states (which criminalize marijuana) generally do allow the sale of seeds. Click Here to check your state’s stance on seeds. Though the general legality of purchasing cannabis seeds tends to differ from one state to another.

Is buying marijuana seeds online and having them shipped to the US safe?

QCS has a website that was specially designed for people with prior experience in cannabis seed growing, (at least that’s the impression you get). Their website has been up-and-running for 15 years or more now, however, the fact is that QCS has been supplying all of Canada (and even the rest of the world) with some pretty high-quality seeds for almost 20 years. There are a number of different types and strains available, including high-CBD, autoflowers, mixed packs, and feminized, as well as outdoor, regular, and even some limited edition seeds. You can also submit a request for in-depth info about any other strains that you’re interested in. You’ll receive it in a format much like eBay product descriptions complete with bullet points. This may not be the world’s most sophisticated online cannabis seed bank but it’ll do the job if you know what you’re actually looking for. And, for all deliveries, they use very discreet stealth shipping. The only problem is that but they only offer a vague delivery window for the ETA of the product shipment.

While we’re on the subject of shipping, don’t request expedited delivery or any delivery requiring a signature. Why? Well, you don’t want to intentionally draw attention to the package or have to sign for a cannabis seeds delivery. That’s a bit of a no-brainer. Also, when ordering in large amounts, multiple smaller orders from a variety of vendors will spread your risk along the lines of that old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.

The best thing about this cannabis seed seller is its massive variety of licensed breeders. In fact, they even provide a very long alphabetical list of all the seeds they stock and their breeders. If you’re searching for a specific big-name or even a niche breeder, you’re likely to find them and their weed seeds stocked by Seedsman.

Another consideration is the payment option you choose and how it’ll be charged. If your goal is to stay way under the radar, you might find that bitcoin is the most encrypted currency form plus it’s virtually untraceable. Numerous top cannabis seed banks are actually offering a discount if you’re paying in bitcoin. Alternatively, you can pay via credit card since credit card purchases are insured and better protected in case something goes awry.

You’ll understand the name Critical Thunder better once you’re on it. The name refers to the powerful high it delivers – it can knock you hard, and the high lasts up to a few hours! For medical marijuana users, enjoy an ease of pain and restful sleep too. Just don’t take too much at once or you’ll start coughing; don’t say we didn’t warn you about its high potency! Get a buzz for the mind and body that you won’t soon forget. This autoflower is one to try to enjoy its awesome effects!

Autoflower Critical Thunder is one of the most potent cannabis strains out there. So, it’s one of the best 2021 weed varieties on our list! Critical Thunder can also deliver a huge yield under the right conditions. While the seeds aren’t the fastest to grow, allow the buds time to fully grow and they can become dense and produce huge quantities. The indica strain’s flavor is a mix of citrus fruit and earthiness. Its scent is similar; it smells musky and sweet.

When you need to get a little higher — take a little trip with Lowryder Auto seeds.

#8 Critical Thunder Autoflower Seeds

This 2021 marijuana strain provides a gentle cerebral effect that is going to please both beginner and seasoned users. Feel relaxed from head to toe after smoking the weed, as well as a sense of euphoria and wanting to look on the brighter side of things from where you are in the cloud. So, while you’re on Autoflower Blue Dream, you’re feeling a slight high but not knocked off your feet to the point that you can’t get things done in your day. Enjoy the best of both worlds, as though you are in a wonderful dream!

The GDP Auto seed strain grows short and compact, which makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. GDP Auto’s purple buds glisten with resin, alerting its admirers of its sky-high THC level.

Now you are starting to understand why we consider White LSD one of the best autoflower weed seeds and strains of 2021! We’d better add that while it can take some work to grow, the flowering time is fast for this cannabis variety; the seeds can grow in as little eight weeks. You’ll get a big yield potential too when you choose White LSD seeds, and if you get the conditions right. It can grow indoors or outdoors. As for the taste, it’s got that typical earthiness of so many kinds of weed, as well as spicy undertones.

NYC Diesel is a fast growing, compact, and low maintenance strain that produces a high quality, enjoyable bud. Definitely a solid strain to add to your garden’s rotation – after all, it won’t take long.