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autoflowering weed seeds

Auto White Widow is a great all-rounder strain.

Their compact size can work against you as well. While they require less space to grow, you’ll get less of a yield than you would from a regular strain. You may be able to make up for it by harvesting more often, though.

1. White Widow – Best Auto Seeds Overall

They’re low maintenance , require little space , and can be every bit as fun to smoke as regular seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are, almost by definition, geared towards inexperienced growers. They don’t require nearly as much attention as regular seeds, making them hard to screw up for newbies growing their first batches.

If you want something you can smoke while you go about your day, Bruce Banner gives a light, easygoing buzz that won’t interfere with your ability to think.

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The i49 seed bank team has worked hard to create an easy to navigate shopping portal that can help you find the auto 420 seeds you are looking for. Each of our outdoor autoflower seed strains or indoor autoflower pot seeds comes with a thorough explanation of the effects you can expect to feel when you smoke it, as well as detailed growing specs and flavor profiles. If you want to know more about other customers’ experiences using these strains start by asking your stoner friends and then seek out the opinions at some online weed forums or cannabis review blogs.

Seedling Stage – As small seedlings, you will observe the first 2 leaves develop, and then more height and branching will soon follow. This stage may realistically only last for a few days, up to a week depending on your lighting. The plants are very delicate during this early phase, so avoid doing anything to stress your auto plants at this time. When you buy reputable superior quality seeds from a trustworthy seedbank, the strong genetics should play a beneficial role in allowing your plants to survive into adulthood. Growers need not fertilize their newly transplanted seedlings, just make sure there is ample nitrogen in the growing medium from natural sources like manure and coffee grounds.

Autoflowering cannabis is inherently smaller than many photoperiod strains and as a result yields will be limited to how much weight the small plant can support. Auto flowering growers can typically expect anywhere from a half ounce to two ounces of bud per plant. There are also Super Autos that can produce up to four to six ounces per plant, when grown by an experienced cannabis grower. Try some of our top producing auto strains such as Auto Triple XL Fem or Auto Bruce Banner Fem. Having autoflowering seeds feminized creates the perfect opportunity for beginners and you can still achieve a premium crop by following the tried and tested methods approved by 149 seed bank growers.

Auto Critical x Northern Lights Fem

Harvesting – Although this period may vary depending on strain, autoflower weed plants are typically ready to harvest at 90 days after germinating. Harvesting autoflowering cannabis plants is a quick and straightforward task. Since auto plants height averages less than 3 – 4 feet, the plants are easy to handle at that size and you may even choose to cut the plant right at the stem and dry the buds by hanging the whole plant. Many growers advocate for at least some ‘wet-trimming’, where as many fan leaves and sugar leaves are removed from the branches, leaving only nicely shaped buds to dry and cure.

Today there are hundreds of autoflowering sativa seeds and autoflowering indica seeds available that have come from crosses with the original Lowryder and other ruderalis strains of marijuana. Some of the best autoflowering seeds for growing indoors or outdoors are available at our online store – such as Auto GG#4, Auto Bruce Banner, and Auto Blueberry. The cost of autoflower seeds has come down considerably in the last decade and features some of the best prices on auto flowering seeds available on the web.

Germinating your Auto seeds should take no more finesse than any of our other cannabis seeds in the online store. In fact, they should be treated exactly the same in accordance with our germination guide. You will want to soak the seeds in water for 14 to 18 hours, and then transfer them carefully to a damp, folded paper towel. Keep this entire set up damp in a dark warm place for anywhere from two to seven days. Try not to disturb the seeds in any way during this period, as autoflowering seeds timing can be thrown off if they are handled roughly. Just spray the paper towel with water a few times daily to ensure the seeds do not dry out. The ideal temperature range for autoflower seeds germinating is around 70 to 85 Fahrenheit. Ideal Humidity to crack the seeds is nearly 100%, but just for these first few days.

An oldie but goodie, now in easy-to-grow autoflowering form.