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best auto seeds

They’re low maintenance , require little space , and can be every bit as fun to smoke as regular seeds.

This strain will definitely give you a fierce case of the munchies, but it’s also useful for combating nausea, which is why it’s popular among chemo patients.

We all need that sometimes.

Do auto seeds have less THC?

It will give you cottonmouth, though, so be sure to drink a lot while you’re smoking it. It’s also heavy on the blueberry flavor, which will turn some people on and others off. At 8 weeks from seed to harvest , it’s hard to complain at that convenience.

As the name suggests, autoflowering seeds will bloom on their own, whereas regular seeds require more encouragement.

It’s remarkably easy for first-time cannabis growers as well, and you don’t have to be a pro to get your flowers to bloom. It also has a complex and appealing aroma , so you won’t have to worry about the smell lingering.

Great if you have a small weed-growing space!

Perfect for all ailments!

Amnesia Haze Auto is one of the best and award-winning marijuana from the haze lineage. This Sativa-dominant Haze can render a fabulous cerebral spark that will make you productive. The uplifting high of Amnesia Haze is also the best weed to combat headaches.


Autoflower, feminized, and regular are the three main varieties of marijuana seeds. Every one of them has significant benefits. Regular strains can get you pure landrace feelings, while feminized strains will get you more flowers and more seeds from your crop.

Along with that, you will enjoy its musky, fruity and cheesy flavors. Upon smoking, it renders a classic body stone that can catch your sensory for a long time. Moreover, high CBD levels make this a valuable strain for medical marijuana patients.

A burst of flavors with maximum yields!

I want to know how tall it’s expected to grow, what it tastes like, what it smells like, and what effects it has.

Fortunately, most of the top Seed banks provide a good amount of user reviews.

1. Large selection of Autoflower strains

Every seedbank I looked at provides the information you need about each of the strains available.

It gets me really pumped to try a new strain if I see someone else has had a good experience with it.

However, these are the prices for the same strain of northern lights autos at the time of writing.