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best bud for less

These are all strains that are priced somewhat lower than other options on dispensary menus (both recreational and medical) across the country. Generally, solid mid-shelf strain options are priced at about $13 – $15 per gram, with prices occasionally creeping past $15 depending on the dispensary (although going above $15/gram won’t necessarily bring you more potent or higher-quality cannabis).

The most popular varieties on this list are ones I’m sure you’ve heard of: White Widow, Chernobyl, Cherry Pie, and Pineapple Express all enjoy strong menu availability and a large number of user reviews. These varieties, like many of the other options we pulled, are hybrid strains, which is not terribly surprising. Pure strains can be hard to come by these days with the increasing availability of so many hybrid crosses. Jeremiah, our resident strain researcher and former budtender, argues that hybrid popularity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, pointing out that hybrids can breed fantastic combinations such as Cherry Pie, which, in his words, “encapsulates disparate elements in one helluva package.”

Be on the Lookout for These Crowd-Pleasers

With those parameters in mind, we charted the results of our data dive.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly high-CBD strain, ACDC is the one most likely to leave you thunderstruck. It’s the lone CBD option on this list, indicating that it could be friendlier to your wallet than other higher-priced CBD-specific strains.

With thousands of cannabis strains to choose from, it can often feel overwhelming choosing a variety you’ll enjoy that won’t cost a lot of money. Do some cannabis strains give you a better bang for your buck than their high-priced alternatives? We dove into our data to find out.

1 – Taxation

According to recent data from Statista, the average price of high-quality weed is $319.47 per ounce in the United States. ‘Mids’ marijuana costs around $266 per ounce on average. Go to Mississippi for the cheapest medium-grade herb; it costs around $170 per ounce.

1 – Blue Magoo – The Marijuana Strain with the Memorable Name

Much as its name implies, if you plan to be wise with your pennies then you may want to consider purchasing the cannabis strain Pennywise. This option has an incredibly high CBD content and is definitely a hard impact indica. The genetic makeup of Pennywise is unique, containing a 1:1 CBD to THC build, meaning that it is suitable for a number of different cannabis consumers for a variety of ailments.

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60%) that contains up to 25% THC along with small amounts of CBD and CBN. If you’re looking for a marijuana strain to help you unwind and relax, White Widow is a perfect choice. Just be wary if you’re a newbie because the sweet sugary smoke produced by this strain could lead to fits of coughing in those unused to the experience.

At an average price of under $8 per gram, it is hard to go wrong with Northern Lights. You can purchase it for just $4 a gram in Eugene, Oregon, which is one of the best places in America to buy high-quality weed at knockdown prices. This strain is a cross of a Thai Sativa with an Afghani Indica.

There’s really not a lot separating this from the bud that costs $10 more, once it’s in your pipe. There are prettier and fancier plants to be had, but even gourmets would agree, this is a very acceptable choice. And that price goes down if you buy in quarter ounce or full ounce increments. I like this model and wish them success.

Welcome once again dear readers to another review of the results from my recent trawls through the licensed dispensaries of the San Fernando Valley, trying to find that sweet, sweet Mary Jane hookup while not spending more than $30 pre-tax for an eighth-ounce bag. I picked that price point based on Leafly’s research which showed California residents paid an average of $34 for this amount of pot in 2019. I’m not afraid to admit to being cheap-but-adventurous, and always hoping to do better than average through diligent research.

I had to kick around this idea, whether the house weed grown by and sold at a specific shop qualifies as a reviewable brand. Since you’re reading this review, you can see how I came to a decision on that. I figure, this magazine does restaurant reviews, and if you want to sample the goods yourself, you have to get your ass over there. Mission Hills might be a hike for some folks, but you may like what you see here well enough to invest a few extra minutes in the journey. It’s certainly freeway-close, next to the 118 on-ramp on Sepulveda, immediately adjacent to Del Taco and Mike & Tony’s sub shop.

The following night, in more moderate amounts, and with better entertainment choices, it proved highly effective and enjoyable. It’s been a long time since I made it all the way through this hour-plus behemoth in one go, but HPRC’s Tahoe had the hypnotic stuff to make it a reality.

Just as carefully-selected Sonoma wines can go head-to-head on quality with their more prestigious and pricey Napa counterparts, Elyon is batting into the big leagues with this stuff, and it’s a pleasure to see the word “affordable” right there in the mission statement on their site. This is what I’m after in a craft weed business. The appearance, taste and smell all suggest a high-octane high, and the proof is in the puffing. This brand is a high performer on all counts, and tied with HPRC (reviewed below) for my personal favorite of this column.