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Next up we have the breezy, tropical strain behind the recent surge in flower with an orange, citrusy nose. A cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, Tangie has been a hugely popular strain in the past few years for its euphoric, uplifting high and tangerine dream profile.

When asked about the best strains, Farrar replied, “Super Silver Haze is the first strain that really comes to my mind. I’ve literally been growing it for 25 years. We just had a batch of Super Silver Haze that came out at 31% THC, which is pretty fucking radical for a sativa like that.”

While it’s not a cut you often see these days, Graham Farrar, CEO of the Santa Barbara-based greenhouse brand Glass House Farms, wants to change that.


He continued, “There’s the aroma, the appearance, the flower structures, the concentrates that it makes. I mean, she brought orange back into the world. That orange flavor, that tangerine taste and smell; before this, it was lacking in the market, and wouldn’t have existed without her.”

While the original cut lives up to the reputation that precedes it, the Sour Diesels of today vary greatly. “There’s a lot of faux Sours out there,” explained AJ. “But some of them are actually pretty good. Sometimes someone will give me a call and say, ‘yo, I think this is the original Sour.’ And I’ll get a cut and grow it out. It never is, but it’s still really good. When it comes down to it, there’s no real authentication process, and I can’t go around checking. So, who knows?”

To determine the best strains of all time as well as what makes a strain “great,” we spoke to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the weed industry and the growers behind the strains themselves.

To break down why Tangie is so special, who better than the man responsible for the strain itself — Aaron of DNA Genetics. “As the guy who pushed Tangie out into the world, I’m going to throw it on my list,” he said. “Though I don’t personally love Tangie, I love all the wow factors it has. I would say it checks every box in terms of factors that make a strain great.”

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant strain, perfect for those who have high stress, pain, and trouble sleeping. After smoking Wedding Cake, you’ll know pure euphoria and experience total comfort from head to toe .

Blue Cheese is a strain so pungent and so delicious it could be served up in a Michelin-rated restaurant. Coming from the UK, Blue Cheese was first bred by Buddha Seeds by crossing Blueberry and Exodus Cheese.

When your eyes take one look at Wedding Cake, it’ll be love at first sight. Seed Junky Genetics’ “Jbeezy” joined Wedding Cake in holy matrimony by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.

Blue Cheese

Is it just us, or have cannabis breeders hit the NOS button? Every day it seems like a new strain loaded with unique characteristics hits the market for us to indulge in.

The result of this cross was a magnificent indica strain that boasts up to 20% THC content. However, the real reason this strain stands out is from its delicious sour-skunky-cheese aromas.

The result was nothing short of jaw-dropping, with most cuts reaching over 20% THC. Jack Herer is euphoric, energetic, creative, and at the same time, relaxing. One whiff of its floral and lemony smell will have you coming back for more.

Super Lemon Haze is also a strain that is great for those who are depressed, anxious, or feeling fatigued. One bowl of SLH, and most feel energized, creative, and ready to hit the dance floor.