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best time to weed and seed lawn

You can sow grass seed when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above consistently and there is no potential of adverse weather conditions such as frost, snow or flooding forecast for at least two weeks at the time you plan to sow. You may envision this sowing window to be in spring / summer, but contrary to popular belief, sowing grass seed in autumn has lots of added benefits.

When sowing grass seed we need warm soil, moisture and sunlight. In the autumn months September – November the UK still typically hits the temperatures of 8-10 degrees and above which is required for germination. With temperatures pinned down and ideal for sowing, there are even more advantages to sowing grass seed in autumn:

If these benefits are enough to convince you to sow grass seed in autumn, here’s how you should do it:

One of the advantages of seed over turf is it’s easy to cover difficult areas like slopes and corners, and you can choose from a range of different seed mixes depending on what your needs are.

To give your seed the best chance to grow evenly, first you need to prep your lawn. We recommend killing off the old lawn before any cultivation. Just skimming off the old grass can leave behind weed roots which will grow again to re-infest the new lawn. Clear all debris off the lawn such as stones or roots and rake the soil flat to give you an even surface to work with. You can do this by forking over the surface with a rake or level.

Choosing seed

You can also choose from a range of more specialist mixes, like Miracle-Gro EverGreen Luxury Lawn Seed, which uses a sports-grade seed, or Miracle-Gro EverGreen Shady Lawn Seed, that’s designed to thrive in more shady locations.

If the ground is drier than usual for this time of year water the lawn after sowing seed and keep moist until the lawn is established.

If you missed the chance to sow your grass seed in autumn, you can also try in mid-spring, but you should be prepared to tend to your lawn and give the grass plenty of water.

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