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best way to sell weed fast

I spoke with Tegan Adams, the programme’s developer and primary instructor, to get a clearer idea of what those eager for education in the discipline can expect.

With so much money in the marijuana game, it may be difficult for the independent supplier to stand out – unless independence is seized upon as a virtue.

1. Don’t rely on past experience

There were, of course, “various growers doing it long before it was legal” but even pot veterans find their expertise distinctly lacking. “People have done the best they can given the resources,” Adams says – but growing marijuana for personal use or illegal sale isn’t the same as running a professional operation. “I’ve noticed that there is a pretty big labor shortage in the marijuana industry,” says Adams. “That’s one of the major problems we’re facing right now: there’s no training anyone can take.”

I f you’ve had enough of your nine-to-five’s wearying toil, perhaps a change of vocation is in order. The Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver can recommend an intriguing alternative starting this September: selling pot.

“As with any agricultural crop,” Adams says, “there are going to be ongoing issues with pest management that you need to look at.” Energy consumption, too, poses challenges few people consider. “Indoor facilities especially have huge electrical bills,” Adams points out. “For a four- to five-thousand square foot place you’re looking at around $30,000 a month. That’s a lot. That’s $360,000 a year for the lights in just a small facility.”

i can see how large scale selling could be good profit, but how do you start off selling without ending up smoking your product. (for example)

This thread has to be a joke,anybody who smokes & wants to sell for profit but needs help figuring out the business model is one of two things,choice #1 is that he is a 13 year old,choice #2 a guy who recently immigrated from planet Krypton.

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sorry if this question seems like common sense but i just want to get some opinions.. thanks guys

Lets say i started selling. at this stage i could probably only pay for a quarter-ounce (50 bucks in my area) right now,, and for selling completely legit i would only make 20 bucks profit from that quarter (if i didnt smoke a bunch of it)

and second: if i did start selling, i want to know how to make profit so i could always have my weed

If that sounds familiar, you’ve probably at least thought about getting into business for yourself, especially if you’re in a state where full legalization isn’t on the horizon.

It’s easy to buy a half-ounce and say “I have three friends who I know will buy an eighth apiece. I can keep an eighth for myself and still make $30-$40. Then I just have to reinvest and find some new buyers, and I’m in business!” In theory, that makes sense (although you could probably find an easier way to make $40).

1. Thou Shalt Have Enough Money To Get Started

Good places to start building a base are at work (assuming you’re not a cop or DA, of course), at school, or at parties. Needless to say, go slow and be cautious; the time you spend becoming accepted by a group of potential buyers is well worth the investment. If you become trusted and treat your initial customers well, you may be surprised at how quickly your business grows through word of mouth. Just be sure to carefully screen each new customer, to make sure they’re not an informant or the type of person who might become a snitch.

You probably know, from a buyer’s standpoint, the market price in your area for a quarter, a half, maybe even an ounce. But what’s the going rate for a pound or more? You’d better find out. And while you’re at it, you’d also better have a good handle on how much competition you’d have, and what they’re charging.

You’re also not going to make a decent profit if you’re paying close-to-retail for your weed and reselling it. As in any business, the way to make money by reselling products is to buy in bulk at lower prices, and that requires a decent bankroll to invest. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck slinging eighths and dime bags – until you decide that you never should have quit that day job after all.