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best weed feed and seed

If the weather turns very hot, then the garden grass stops growing and will not use any feed. In addition to this, the lawn will start to get ‘stressed’ during prolonged dry spells, making them more susceptible to damage by lawn fertilisers. This will result in you having to take extra care of your garden lawn from that point on.

But don’t fret; below are the descriptions and properties of the types of lawn feeds, including the specific benefits of each.

Feeding in autumn helps encourage strong root growth, so your lawn will recover quickly from a harsh winter and put on lush green growth in spring. Autumn feeding is actually the most important feed and integral part of lawn care!

Spring and summer lawn feeding

For spring feeding, use a product containing feed, weed killers and moss control. This will quickly help the grass to start growing again and control any weeds that are present, plus kill off the moss that might have invaded the lawn over the winter.

Your lawn needs another type of feed come the autumn, which will keep the grass growing at a slow rate and not so lush, but still green. Also it prepares your lawn for the winter, by building up the roots and health of the grass to withstand the cold.

During these conditions stop feeding your lawn, wait until it has rained to let the water soak in for a few days, then start feeding again. Feed throughout the summer at 6-8 week intervals, weather permitting.

Once the weeds and moss are under control later in the spring, move over to just a lawn feed to keep the grass looking thick and green. Liquid lawn feeds via a hose end feeder are ideal for using in late spring into summer as they water the lawn as well in dry periods.

While you are using weed and feed, be sure to sweep any granules off of solid surfaces, like driveways and sidewalks, and back into the lawn itself. The chemicals that get absorbed by the plants will not drain into the water system, so be sure that you don’t over apply. When used responsibly, the soil will also help filter chemicals not absorbed by plants.

GreenView Fairway Formula is available from Amazon.

For the procrastinators of the world, Pennington UltraGreen can save the day, and your lawn. It offers the same weed killing power of Scotts but can be applied later in the season. Like Scotts, it won’t kill crabgrass, and Pennington has similar grass restrictions, so be sure to read the label carefully.

How Weed and Feed Works

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This is a very controversial topic. Many environmentalists argue that weed and feed runs into our watershed and pollutes rivers, lakes, and even our drinking supply. There’s a lot that you can do to negate this impact though and weed and feed can do a lot of good for your lawn.

Generally speaking, weed and feed is best used on lawns that have been neglected for several years. It’s a great way to promote the growth of healthy grass while eliminating the weeds they may have started to take over. Each year, the lawn should have more healthy grass and less weeds sprouting up, so you can reduce your use of weed and feed over time.

Spectracide offers a convenient and easy option for those with a small lawn. This liquid weed and feed connects directly to your hose. It cares for your lawn as you water and will last about 20 minutes, depending on your water pressure.