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Much respect to classic, widely available pot Strawberry Cough and Super Lemon Haze. Dig something more modern? Phat Panda’s Pineapple Mintz in Washington crosses Golden Pineapple to Kush Mintz.

For round two—smoke your Cake and eat it too, boo. This year serves Cake crosses for days:

Gardening and farming

Alibi Cannabis in Oregon electrifies with its classic “fruity with hints of guava” Durban Poison. In Illinois, brand RYTHM rocks a super clean White Durban.

“A light but tasty smoke while you enjoy the sun, is there anything better?”

It’s the roaring 420s: There are more legal cannabis stores and delivery services in more towns than ever before. Sales of dried, cured flower comprise half of our essential, $13.7 billion legal US cannabis industry, according to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report.

So, once you consume THC, your brain changes the way it talks to itself. Some parts of it may become more active than usual, causing you to feel energized or uplifted; others parts of it may become less active, causing you to feel relaxed or sleepy.

Other relaxing strains include: Apple Fritter and Purple Punch.

Energized: Green Crack

And with that, here are five of the best strains to set your dials to feeling energized, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, or sleepy.

If you want something uplifting, Sour Diesel is held in high regard by the medical cannabis community for its mood-blasting abilities. It’s a potent sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Chemdog and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel’s sour and gassy terpene profile features caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.

When it comes to getting high, how do you explain the experience to someone who’s never tried weed? Ask a seasoned stoner how many different ways cannabis can make you feel and they’ll tell you effects fall under a few umbrellas: energizing, uplifting, euphoric, relaxing, or sleepy.

Unlike the days of old, we’re now spoiled with old-school classics and cutting-edge genetics that pair mouth-watering flavors and mind-numbing potency. It has quickly become apparent there are too many strains and too little time .

With THC levels commonly exceeding 21%, it’s not a strain to take lightly. SSD is perfect for those who want to help ease their tension while still having the energy to tackle the day.

Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP)

You’ll need to be careful, though, because even seasoned tokers are getting caught off guard with how powerful Runtz is.

Although its lineage is uncertain, its grandeur is not. King Louis XIII has impressive strength with THC content routinely testing above 20%.

The best part about Runtz isn’t how it looks, but how it smells. The second you open the bag, tropical candy aromas with a touch of funk will greet your nose.