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“Morphine is one of the drugs of choice for the control of severe pain and is also available at a reasonable cost.

An oil Taylor raves about is emu oil.

A quick search for cannabis oil – said by non-experts to cure a myriad of diseases including cancer – can be found on sites like

Trish Taylor, a renowned and respected herbalist, warns that people should be wary before trying new things. On cannabis oils, Taylor says she has encountered people who had positive results, but that there are backyard sales that can be extremely dangerous.

“It doesn’t cure but can assist with healing and preventing tumour growth and can improve asthma, protects the liver, has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances brain function, has anti-viral properties and can generally boost the immune system.”

“The fact that South Africa’s Medicines Control Council has warned consumers it may be toxic is enough to scare me off.

Black cumin seed oil, made from seeds from the Nigella Sativa plant, native to Asia, is like the new TimJan that old timers were imbibing in the 1990s to help cure their babelaas, among other things.

Peer review under responsibility of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science (CSHS) and Institute of Vegetables and Flowers (IVF), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

The combination of the relatively open plant canopy and slow growth, especially at early growth stages, results in lower competitiveness of black seed (Nigella sativa L.) than weeds. Thus, weed interference is known as an important factor affecting black seed yield. Therefore, to determine the critical period of weed control and its effects on nutrients uptake of black seed field experiments were conducted in 2011 and 2012. Two quantitative series of weed removal treatments including weed-infested and weed-free treatments were implemented from black seed emergence to maturity harvest. To determine critical period of weed control, plots were weed-infested or weed-free for 0, 14, 28, 42, 56, 70 days after emergence, in weed-infested and weed-free treatments, respectively. The results revealed that N, P and K contents in weed tissues significantly increased with increasing weed-infested periods during both years of the experiment. The reduction in grain and oil yield due to longer periods of weed-infested conditions or shorter periods of weed-free conditions were accompanied by simultaneous reduction of N, P and K uptake in black seed grains and tissues. Overall, N, P and K contents in weed tissue were found to be 1.8 to 2 times higher than that of black seed. It was concluded that 58 or 49 days weed-free periods are required to avoid yield loss (above 5% or 10%) in black seed.

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At Nature’s Blends, we begin our harvest by identifying the best hemp plants in a lovely organic hemp farm in EU. The produce is examined, sifted through and only the best of the blooms are selected for CBD extraction. The flowers are then plucked, one by one and then left out to air-dry.

We have a long history with CBD oil but formal research on the properties of this natural remedy was initiated recently. Researchers began taking interest in this wonderful extract and began conducting in-depth studies about the effects of CBD oilon the human body. Though further research is currently underway, here’s what prior studies say about the potential benefits of CBD oil:

CBD is extracted from green and purple tinted flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Since hemp is an ultra-absorbent plant, cultivating hemp is a process that requires a lot of care and the right soil. If the soil has contaminants, the plant will soak them up and it will affect the purity of the produce. That is why a lot of care and caution should go into growing hemp and processing it for CBD.

Extraction Process

To obtain our full-spectrum CBD oil, we process our extracts with immense care. We use the powerful and efficient CO2 method to separate CBD from any impurities. CO2 is a particularly effective method of CBD extraction because it reduces the risk of contamination and ensures top quality.

The other main ingredient used in making this blend is CBD oil. CBD is short for ‘cannabidiol’, one of the 104 natural compounds present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. While both hemp and marijuana shrubs fall into the Cannabis Sativagenus, hemp is used to make commercial products because it has a higher percentage of CBD (which is non-psychoactive) and negligible THC (psychoactive compound).

Black Seed and CBD Oil by Nature’s Blends combines the health-promoting properties of black seed oil with the healing prowess of cannabidiol (CBD) oil.Our invigorating blend contains a replenishing mix of two potent plant-derived oils, both of which have their own restorative qualities.

Instead, we use the cold-pressing technique to extract oil from organic seeds. During the harvest, the output is examined, and the choicest seeds are selected for the oil extraction process. Then, black seeds are carefully cold-pressed (only once) within 24 hours of the original harvest to obtain pure and volatile black seed oil.