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2-1-2018, water and bread

Day 10.The Hanspanel is at half intensity on the growth position

I have not given the plants nutrition, root stimulator or other supplements so far. The guy from G-tools who delivered and built the cabinet here assured me that the Guanokalong soil contains enough nutrients to survive the first 6 weeks.

18-12-2017, So far so good

For some time now I have the Hanspanel LED lamp on full power. The lamp is on the flowering position and the dimmer is completely open. The plants really grow like cabbage. On 18.12 the smallest of the two plants was 27 cm and the largest 37 cm high. Today again I have measured the plants, the smaller one was 58cm and the larger one already 64cm. The difference between the 2 plants is getting smaller. The last two weeks the little one was on an elevation so that both plants with their tops are about the same distance from the LED lamp.

I am very pleased with the progress of the growth of my two Spliff Cheese autoflowers. Both plants make a very healthy impression. The color is deep green and the leaves look like plastic. That’s how they shine. The climate and the lighting in the G-tools grow box seems to please the plants. I also like the mini box very well. In the beginning I was somewhat skeptical about the user-friendliness but the removable sliding doors give good access to the plants, the cabinet is silent and until now it is odor-free.

The Spliff seeds I received by mail

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