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4 years of intensive outdoor growing and further stabilization of the strain later, we considered the time was right to add her to our assortment and promote her worldwide as an unrivaled super outdoor strain.

Nothing beats inviting your friends over and having a good smoke from your home-grown cannabis. Aside from offering the freshest Bruce Banner seeds and additional products, Marijuana Seed Breeders isn’t just your average seed bank, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Do you need advice on selecting the right products? Are you new to growing feminized seeds and could you use a helping hand? We are happy to oblige! Between the 3 of us, we have over 30 years of experience and we cannot wait to help you grow your own buds. At Marijuana Seed we consider our customers our friends and we cannot wait to welcome you!

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While we know Bruce Banner is a household name among cannabis enthusiasts, we would very much like to tell you a little more about how our version of the famous hybrid arose.

After planting a fresh batch in various outdoor locations, garden, greenhouse, and guerilla spots, the offsprings’ new phenotypes were all rot-resistant and we had absolutely no issues with mildew or bud rot at the end of the season!

The Sativa properties bring a powerful tingling head buzz that emerges rapidly. After a while the Indica elements induce a creative euphoria, balancing out the punch of the initial stone. All in all, Bruce Banner provides a relaxing body high accompanied by a powerful sedative effect that makes it very suitable for medicinal use.

You may be looking for the best seeds for your own growing purposes or perhaps with a group of friends. Some people prefer to grow cannabis for the strength alone, or even the subtlety of taste. There are a number of approaches, fruity or sweet flavours, sharp and strong flavours, or even a strain with the classical ‘untampered’ flavour. Also you can go for a large as possible yield (bulk) or better yet, quality and mass at the same time. It’s always better to grow from seeds, rather than clones or plants. The seed approach is more ‘organic’, resulting in a stronger approach and stronger weed as a result. Where you grow is important and what you grow from is also very much so, mouldy plants and pests should be avoided where possible. Because the seeds are sterile, it is also advisable to keep them away from Mildew, spider mites also affect the growth. So ensure you grow in a clean environment.

Seeds are a wonderful phenomena of nature, and the fact that a whole plant can grow out of something so seemingly insignificant is a wonder to behold. Under the right circumstances (conditions), the seeds can be kept for up to a year before being used (planted). In order to harvest cannabis from a plant, you do not need much. But to grow greater yields and increase the quality of the product you need to grow a lot. This combined with knowledge of how to correctly grow a good crop and the experience to cultivate it effectively. Feminised seeds are the most popular because they tend to contain greater quantities of THC, unlike Male seeds which contain less THC and do not have flower buds. Auto-flowering seeds are handy for growers (budding botanists) with limited space, this is because the plants remain small and therefore take less effort to maintain. When you buy cannabis seeds you need to look for many things, ‘Express’, ‘Outside’ or ‘Inside Seasons’, the correct type of soil, the best plant food to use, temperature and light required. Also bear in mind the pH (the acidity or alkaline level on a logarithmic scale) balance of the soil. Buying cannabis seeds from a supplier such as the Amsterdam Seed Center also gives you the opportunity to speak with experts on how to cultivate your crop in the most effective way.

There are hundreds of different species of seeds, all available from various companies. These are known as ‘seed banks’ and a large portion of the sales of these seeds is through online stores. The quality of the weed seeds is important, but actual ‘quality’ is a vague concept. Most people grow cannabis plants and utilise the THC-containing parts of the plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in the plants, this has the effect of making you feel pleasantly chilled, quiet, calm and even cheerful. But there are more substances in the cannabis plant, such as CBD (Cannabidiol). Cannabidiol and THC are connected and Cannabidiol can increase, decrease or even prolong the effects of THC depending on the order they are combined and the proportions of each addition.

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In the Netherlands, we have a policy of tolerance. Everyone can cultivate and grow cannabis plants and keep a limited stock of weed for their own use. Belgium has also seen the light and you are allowed to have one plant. When selecting your seeds focus on aspects such as auto-flowering, feminised, CBD content, don’t forget the taste/type. Are you growing outside or inside, and when do you plan on starting? Ask for help from the experts at Amsterdam Seed Center to increase your knowledge and expertise.

However the CBD content is low, which means that the conditions for medical use are not ideal. The high feels incredibly euphoric, with strong creativity and a lift of the entire body mood. The level of energy is high making every day a pleasant one. Bruce Banner is very helpful against fear, depression, fatigue and sleeplessness, but it’s also good for pain relief.

For sativas- dominant genes, it’s deeply calming and offers a huge dose of THC: about 29 per cent in some studies (60:40 sativa/indica ratio). For those who want only the champions league THC strains, Burce Banner is definetly one to keep in mind. This plant can be seen as a holy grail of strains.

Her origins of Diesel and OG Kush can be seen in the sweet earthy aroma, diesel fragrance. Plants are flowering in eight to ten weeks. There are three major phenotypes of this strain, one being Bruce banner #3. We’ve created the Bruce Banner F2 with the #3 especially for the Southseeds line. This is a winner!