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butterfly weed plant seed pods

I read somewhere that if you bring the seeds inside they need to be kept cold for an extended period of time to mimic winter conditions. So you know how cold or for how long?

Then firmly grab the entire fuzzy clump and pull it out of the seed pod. Wait, don’t let go.

Share your tips for how to harvest butterfly weed seeds in the comments section below.

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Amy Andrychowicz says

I have the orange butterfly flowers (weed) but I have never seen any pods come on mine. They have stopped blooming but I have never seen any pods. (Ohio) I am going out and check now but just looked at them a few days ago and no pods. WOW what a surprise. There is several little ones on the one plant and one larger one on the other. I have another plant in another part of my yard and I will check them. So how long should I leave the pods on the plant? The larger one is yellow but the other ones that are real small, are green.

Amy Andrychowicz says

1 – Cold Stratify or Winter Sow seeds. Cold treatment will improve the germination rate substantially.

If you notice the entire leaf turning yellow before Autumn, it could mean several things. A nutrient deficiency, or too much water. Or, many native plants have lower leaves turn yellow and fall off as they no longer receive sunlight.

Growing Butterfly Weed from Seed

Butterfly Weed can be used in the garden a number of ways. From being single ornamental specimen to mass plantings, it is quite versatile. Butterfly Weed garden design should have the plant in the front, and south facing. This way the plant will not be shaded out by other flowers.

A Tussock Moth feeding on Butterfly Weed

Not long after this occurs, the leaves will turn yellow, eventually turning completely brown. The plant is now entering dormancy.