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Can the seeds be frozen to plant after I move to a new home?

I have the orange butterfly flowers (weed) but I have never seen any pods come on mine. They have stopped blooming but I have never seen any pods. (Ohio) I am going out and check now but just looked at them a few days ago and no pods. WOW what a surprise. There is several little ones on the one plant and one larger one on the other. I have another plant in another part of my yard and I will check them. So how long should I leave the pods on the plant? The larger one is yellow but the other ones that are real small, are green.

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So, make sure you collect the seeds as soon as the pods start to break open, or they may disappear on you.

If you want to collect butterfly weed seeds from your garden, allow the seed pods to dry on the plant.

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Additionally Butterfly Weed is easy to grow from seed. So, by collecting a single pod in the fall you can literally germinate hundreds of plants if you want to!

Butterfly Weed aphids will generally be clustered on the stalk in dense groupings. These small yellow bugs or orange bugs will look like tiny bumps.

5 – Easy to grow and Tough

Butterfly Weed Seedlings

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To grow Butterfly Weed seed in pots, you need to do the following steps:

Our local fields and meadows are full of the remains of the milkweed pods come November. They have an elegantly spare and ruggedly persistent shape.

The milkweed seeds about to fly is a day in the gardening season I look forward to. I would hope these plants would find a foothold in many places. I like that the Monarch butterfly feeds and reproduces on a plant that has a plan to not only enable these beautiful creatures, but reproduce.

How plants set seed is an event any gardener would appreciate. How the milkweeds insure the survival of their seed is nothing short of miraculous.

There is a day every gardening season when I make the effort to launch the asclepias seeds. It feels good to think I am doing my part.

Once the seeds begin to ripen, the pods will split along their length.