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buy hash com review

Edit: The packages arrived after 12 days, sorry for bad reveiw before.
The quality of hash is top.

after a mounth , arrived and good product. Sorry for my last opinion .

The package arrived late but it arrived eventually. The company is legit but the product sucks. No matter what you add to the hash it will feel like smoking bacon.


They dont send any package. They promise a track and trace number and i haven’t receive one. They don’t answer when you send them mail. Don’t buy from here scams

Hello! Someone here to buy?

SCAM, they don´t send any packages.

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By far the worst quality products i have tried all my life, thought i could get something better but i was wrong, i will just keep ordering from DANKWOODS.SHOP. They deliver high grade products are at very affordable prices. try them and thank me later.

Do NOT shop with a page on Instagram called OfficalPrimoPacks or sc user: Desdefondo. big time Scammer! Will throw you deals so you can place an order than takes your money

All the products are garbage they will…


I went here to try something…Next day, guy texts me saying needing payment to process…fine, no big deal. Next day, was told to send $100 to get the “special package” released…took me several tries through my paypal but to no avail. Finally got it to them…the “guy” said all is good. This morning, get this email saying I needed to pay $500 to get my package delivered. I emailed back saying to return it and that I did not have the money. The “guy” then called me on my phone saying to come up with something…I told him no on the phone and blocked him. Now I am getting emails from him asking me to send. I refuse! I am broke now because of them! Not paying the said $500 they said they need. SORRY NOT SORRY!!

scamed me out of $300 stay away will take your money and that all they do very bad stay away from this one or you will be very sorry

If you do use the hash snake method, be careful when you ash, because you risk if you push too hard against the ashtray to lose some of the contents of the joint.

Lastly, while hashish is generally milder than weed, hash has much more THC compressed in it, so don’t add too much hashish in the joint. Or do, if you want to get really, really baked.

Next stop is at a gezellig corner coffeeshop. Mixed from kosher and kush strains, the Kosher Tangiblock Static Hash is a Morrocan classic, obtained through the process of static electricity (more on that in the video above).

Smoking hash compared to weed

A thicc hash boi. Image: DutchReview

The Netherlands is a stoner’s paradise. With cannabis easily accessible at coffeeshops, getting high is almost as straightforward as going to the supermarket. Still, many people choose to smoke weed but forget about the great alternative: hash.

For our last visit, we’re heading to the South of Amsterdam. Here, we can find the white choco block, a great hashish strain that is the love child of Chocolope and White Russian, beautifully named the White Choco Block.

It has a smooth and earthy taste, akin to other flavours on this list. Prepare to feel green despite its brown colouring!