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With an extensive Python API and full OCIO color management support, technical artists can easily automate workflows and handle color transforms. What’s more, Mari offers support for industry-standard formats like FBX, OBJ, Alembic and OpenEXR.

Mari’s non-destructive layer and node graph systems make it easy for artists to create the look they want, offering an extensive range of procedurals. The Materials system gives artists the ability to easily create less complex, higher-volume assets or quickly lay down the building blocks for their hero assets

Mari® is 3D painting without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools, that make the most of your creativity.

Production Pipeline Ready

With support for UDIM workflows, artists can work with hundreds of high-resolution texture maps. Its projection-based painting system allows artists to make edits to paint before committing it, preview it in context and make 2D adjustments—freeing artists from the limits of resolution and complexity.

With the ability to scale to over one million polygons for a single topology without slowing down, Mari can cope with the toughest production meshes and support thousands of textures per model via UDIMs. Artists can enjoy a streamlined look development with Mari’s shaders and paint textures with more confidence, knowing that their art will look correct in the final render.

Five medical marijuana stocks investors might want to consider buying for 2021 are:

Epidiolex is the company’s primary growth driver and should pick up tremendous momentum with a new approved indication in the U.S. for treating tuberous sclerosis complex. GW also hopes to win regulatory approvals in the U.S. and Europe for additional cannabis-based products.

Top medical marijuana stocks

GW remains unprofitable, but that could soon change. The drugmaker’s revenue continues to soar, thanks to strong demand for Epidiolex and its improving bottom line.

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Valens is a Canadian cannabis extraction services provider that has multiyear extraction agreements with Canadian growers, including Canopy Growth, HEXO, OrganiGram, and Tilray.

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