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Keep a lid on it.

The trouble and stink of smoking is why many people are turning to vaporizers, which are often mostly odorless. Dispensaries usually sell those, too.

Dispensaries generally take their licenses seriously and are extraordinarily careful about adhering to state standards, so your identification will be checked by a security guard before you are admitted into the main sales area.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want.

Dispensaries may sell you up to 8 grams of concentrates or edibles containing no more than 800 milligrams of THC.

How much should you bring? A gram of “bud” or “flower,” the terms for smokeable leaf, will average between $10 and $15.

No giving your purchase to minors—minors can’t even accompany you when you shop.

Sometimes we treat our online weed purchases like they are our babies. That’s why we want to know exactly what they’re fed and how they grow each day. With Arete’s products, we know exactly what we’re getting

Going to a new website is like meeting a new person. You get a first impression, you get to know them, then, after some time interacting with them, you may make a judgment call about their character or personality. Maybe they’re good for you. Maybe they aren’t.

The fact that we can make our purchases directly on their seamless website makes them a clear contender on our top 15 list of best places to buy weed online. We were especially thrilled when we went to check on shipping costs and found a simple calculator that quickly showed us our costs.

6. Koi

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, weed has been getting stronger over time. Growing techniques and harvesting methods have made it possible to increase the number of cannabinoids in the plants. For NIDA, this is a problem that they say may “increase the negative effects of using marijuana.” For us, we don’t see the increase as a problem if consumers are informed about what’s going on.

Gone are the days of cash-only weed purchases. To be fair, many brick-and-mortar establishments still require customers to pay with cash only. When buying weed online, however, this would be much more difficult.

We love detailed reports and offer bonus points to companies that go through the wringer to provide them.

Giving donations to charity is one quick way to our hearts and a good way to make our top 15 list of companies to buy weed from online. However, monetary donations aren’t the only way to give back to what’s important.