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Colorado Seed Bank Cannabis Seeds – Greenpoint Seeds – Buy Feminized and Regular Seeds From the Best Marijuana Seed Bank in the US. Marijuana seeds are sorta-kinda legal now, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, but licensed pot businesses Colorado have been warned to stay away from doing business outside of state's framework.

Colorado Seed Bank

Our Greenpoint experienced cannabis breeders have worked hard to create some of the best hybrids for sale online — and we’re eager to share them with you! We offer a wide variety of strains featuring different aroma and flavor profiles, growth structures, flowering times, and effects. The best part? We’ll ship them from our Colorado seed bank straight to your doorstep – no matter where you live!

Colorado Cannabis Seeds

We care about our customers just as much as we care about our seeds. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure safe, discreet shipping and billing practices. There’s no need to worry about having conspicuous packages arrive at your door. All of our orders are processed and packaged using the utmost discretion, avoiding the use of terms like “cannabis” at all times.

Best Seed Bank In Colorado

As if our selection of regular and feminized seeds wasn’t enough, we also feature a rotating stock of strains to keep your shopping journey fresh and exciting. What’s more, we offer fantastic deals on our seeds to keep you coming back for more. Our frequent promotional sales allow you to enjoy amazing deals on our entire selection of premium cannabis strains.

Elite Cannabis Genetics

Want more perks? Sign up for the Greenpoint Gazette newsletter and follow us on social media to stay in the loop. As a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be the first to know when Greenpoint Seeds drops new strains and elite cannabis genetics. There are many seed banks in Colorado, but if you want the best strains for your garden, Greenpoint Seeds is number one.

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16 thoughts on “ Colorado Seed Bank ”

I have been a GPS customer for a short time and am very empressed with them. the speed of delivery the customer service is unequaled by any otherof the same type company. Like I said I have only been a customer a short time. The ones I got had 8 of 8 germ and grow 6 are very vigorous and doing well the other 2 are a little slower just another phynotype. You can really tell you are getting fresh high quality seeds at a reasonable price.There air tight packaging makes storing some for later easy. It’s everything you want in a 1 stop shop. Safe,very stelth, trustworthy, and have great customer service, Fantastic product, What more do you want. beleave me I’m a 57 year old who has been smoking since I was 14 I’ve tried them all. Greenpoint has been the best hands down.
Enjoy the ride.
Mark B

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Amazing shipping all good so far. Thanks

Love the site!
Always new strains, to the point I don’t know which new ones to try. Lol
I also love the Golden Nugget program, where you earn points to save at checkout.

You can also never go wrong with a reverse auction, where the prices go down, as you bid on your favorite strains.

Keep up the great work!!

Living in the North Star state I’ve always heard nothing but good things coming from Colorado And now the chance to buy seeds directly from Colorado is quite wonderful I don’t feel that I have to worry about getting ripped off we’re getting poor genetics as I have in the past from other seed companies so my green point making itself available in same for the other stores is quite pleasing and I couldn’t ask for better customer service in speedy delivery service To top it all off Colorado seems to be hitting the charts lately with Hybrids. Can definitely Say I’m here to Stay

Greenpoint is my new go to site! No more questioning that what you bought is actually what you get. Fire genetics and the best customer service in the business!

GPS is the best bank, auctions, super genetics, quality service, thank you.

I’m nothing but good reviews . Way to go guys

I’ve been buying , and growing greenpoint gear for a few years now. And I have nothing but great things to say about It. Thank you Gu, Ally, and everyone else at team Greenpoint !! Keep up the great work.

I’m happy to report I’m a new client and a lifetime customer at that. I’m stocking up on all the gear I can you never know when those fire genetics will be half price , so hit the checkout button already!!
Cashville TN

I will be turning 57 shortly and have been cultivating since the old age of 14. I understood growing seedless weed long before i heard the word sinsemillia. (Sinsemilla) Even Wikipedia and Webster cant agree on how to spell it today even. Lol When doing this i did not even understand that they were two different sexes. To me they grew to be different plants. This is also why i seperate male from female befor planting the seed with better than 90 percent accuracy. I first heard of GPS for i wanted to create my own strains and this company came recommended to me for this purpose. My first line created used the Golden Goat x Polar Bear OG for my stud for cross pollinating with the other strains. The one bad azz male stud was also a trick i learned from GPS. So besides saving this strain i also ran a great linage from there which i call my Goldilocks line. I do not sell my seeds as of yet. A seed company may not be to far off thanks to GPS and the fabulous genetics able to be passed forward. Mean while i still patronize this company do to it fantastic choice as well as the genetics with in for my own personal flavors. Rather extracted or consumed in flower form i am sold on GPS. Thank you Gu and the rest whom make this company what it is. Yes i love the Reverse Auctions as well. They are perfect for those whom grow for the love of cultivating. I enjoy this more than consuming the fruits of my labor.

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well everything that you have read up until now is true. GPS Has top quality genetics and every strain ive bought so far has germinated popped and are well on there way to becoming quality smoke ive found a few keepers this is my first go and I have 12 in 2 gallon pots in veg ill bea happy camper come may as for the folks behind the scene top notch evey question got answered and they bent the rules with the auction in my favor yeah its a compamy out to make a profit but they want you to be happy they want you to come back and tell your friends

Marijuana Seeds in Gray Area With the Feds, but Not in Colorado

Marijuana seeds are sorta-kinda legal now, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, but Colorado’s licensed pot businesses have been warned to stay away from doing business outside of the state’s framework.

Hemp and marijuana are the same plant with different THC amounts in their blooming flowers, but neither hemp nor marijuana seeds exceed 0.3 percent THC — the federal line that differentiates the two. Earlier this year, the DEA confirmed that marijuana seeds, clones and other parts of the cannabis plant with under 0.3 percent THC are now considered hemp products, legal under 2018’s Farm Bill, which ended federal hemp prohibition.

Since then, some marijuana breeders have interpreted the DEA’s confirmation as a green light to ship marijuana seeds or clones (immature marijuana plants that haven’t yet bloomed) across the country. However, a June 28 memo from the state Marijuana Enforcement Division warned Colorado business owners that buying or selling seeds outside of the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system could still be considered illegal.

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“Regulated marijuana businesses are only permitted to transfer marijuana seeds, immature marijuana plants, marijuana or marijuana products to other regulated marijuana businesses,” the MED announcement reads. “Licensees transferring marijuana seeds, immature marijuana plants, marijuana, or marijuana products in conflict with the marijuana code or the Colorado marijuana rules could be subjecting their licenses to administrative actions including but not limited to fines, suspension, or revocation.”

While legal experts have recently warned marijuana businesses against shipping or buying seeds across state lines, licensed marijuana breeders were already too invested in staying compliant to ship products outside of the regulated system, according to John Paul, founded of Colorado seed and clone supplier Klone. But non-licensed businesses are not as cautious, he adds.

“If you look on social media, like Instagram, there are a lot more of these quasi-, non-licensed clone providers popping up. They’re playing in that gray area of selling and shipping what they are calling hemp clones across the country. Now, what the clone ends up being after the person receives and grows it is sort of the gray area they work in,” he said in a May interview. “I don’t see it as competition for our business, because we have to operate within METRC [Colorado’s seed-to-sale tracking system for retail cannabis]. So we’re not targeting the same audience. All of our clients need to stay compliant within the Colorado regulations.”

In its June 28 memo, the MED notes that evolving federal cannabis policy is likely to create more potential conflicts or legal questions, and says it will “continue to monitor statewide and federal initiatives with this in mind.”

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