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If you've taken your pooch on as many walks as you can handle, CBD oil for hyper dogs may be just the supplement you've been searching for. Dogs and cats can become hyperactive throughout their lives. Hyperactivity is a psychological disorder characterized by compromised focus — which is where CBD can help. After long periods of time indoors, how can you help your stressed dog? ElleVet chews for dogs can help stressed dogs.

Best Calming CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: 4 Reviews and Recommendations

There’s no denying it, Doodles can be seriously high-energy pups. This may be great if you are looking for a companion for long walks in the country and frequent games of fetch. It is not so ideal if, at the end of a long day, all you’re looking to do is relax, and your pup is still pacing the floor.

While supplements should never be used in place of exercise and mental stimulation, some pups’ excitability is just through the roof. Beyond that, hyperactivity can also be a symptom of certain types of anxiety. So, if you’ve taken your pooch on as many walks as you can handle and they still won’t quit, then CBD oil for hyper dogs may be just the supplement you’ve been searching for.

Our Top 4 CBD Oils for Hyper Dogs: Recommended by Experts!

Here are the products we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about. For more on their specific features and ingredients, see below.

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs. Full-spectrum CBD tincture drops that also contain other helpful cannabinoids concentrated into a single bottle for quick and easy use with immediate results.

King Kalm CBD with Copaiba Oil for Pets. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is combined with popular holistic remedy organic copaiba to make one seriously powerful anxiety-relieving formula.

Chill Paws Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs. Full-spectrum CBD oil specifically designed for dogs with MCT oil, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps ease discomfort and promotes a feeling of calm.

Canna-Pet Advanced Max CBD Liquid. Full-spectrum CBD liquid with a highly concentrated formula making it up to 15 times more effective than other CBDs with fewer drops needed per dose.

Reasons Why Your Dog is Hyperactive

Like children, dogs can be excitable critters, but sometimes it may feel like they are taking things to the extreme. Most dog owners know, though, that when something’s up with Fido, they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. After all, there are plenty of reasons why your pup might be extra energetic. These include:


Some dogs are just generally more active and playful than others. Unfortunately for weary owners, this is the case with most kinds of Doodles. The sports-loving Poodle is often combined with working dogs such as Labradors, other Retrievers, and herding dogs. These dogs require a significant amount of both physical and mental stimulation to tire them out.

A young, hyper Chloedoodle having the time of her life in the snow.

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It’s only natural for younger dogs to be much more excitable and have higher energy levels than older ones. This is especially the case if they only have their human friend to interact with. Plenty of exercise and games in the garden can help tire them out, and you will likely find they mellow as they get older.

However, there could also be a few things that you are doing or have done that adds to hyperactive behavior.

Feeding them a Poor Diet

Some everyday dog food brands may seem healthy, nutritious, and like they are doing your dog a world of good. The sad truth, though, is that many of them contain filler ingredients that could be contributing to their hyperactivity in the same way that a gooey donut or can of Coke will have many kids running around in circles. See below for our recommendations on high-quality foods.

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Improper Training

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On the other hand, hyperactive behavior such as barking, pacing, or jumping about, alongside other symptoms such as whining, excessive licking and biting, and even destructive behaviors and aggression could indicate that your pooch is having issues with anxiety. This is where CBD oil can really help.

Can CBD Help Hyperactive Dogs? How Does It Work?

While the cannabis plant is more commonly associated with the recreational drug marijuana, it is also considered very useful in holistic medicine. It contains two key compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is responsible for the psychoactive component of marijuana, while CBD provides health benefits.

King Kanine King Kalm CBD oil for hyper dogs. Disclosure: King Kanine gave us this product to review in exchange for our honest opinion.

CBD oil is commonly used to help dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain. The same oil can also be used to treat anxiety, effectively easing the hyper symptoms that it can bring about.

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Not a lot is yet known about how medical CBD oil works on canines (or humans, for that matter). Still, a significant number of anecdotal accounts suggest that it may help to balance mood and promote feelings of calm that can help your dog relax and drift off into a pleasant and restful sleep.

One way it may do this is by regulating the presence of serotonin. The reuptake of this ‘happy hormone,’ which is linked to a greater sense of wellbeing and lowered feelings of anxiety in humans, is reduced, making it more prevalent in the body.

Best CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: Buying Guide

Supplements, especially CBD ones, are probably something that many pet parents don’t have a great deal of experience with. When incorporating specialist foods into your dog’s diets, there are certain things you will need to be on the lookout for. Here are three crucial questions to ask about the product before purchasing:

Is It Full-Spectrum or Broad-Spectrum?

Full-spectrum CBD oil has all the chemical compounds present in the original cannabis plant. It even includes super useful omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, it often also contains traces of THC, which is fine as long as amounts are below 0.03%. In broad-spectrum CBD, all the THC has been completely removed.

Is It Organic?

CBD oils made from organically grown hemp and containing other all-natural ingredients will be free of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, solvents, and other toxins that could potentially harm your dog. Just make sure that no additives have been included in the final product as well.

Is It Certified?

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) tells you definitively the amount of CBD in the product, as well as levels of other elements present. Tests should be carried out by a third-party source for unbiased results. For dog products, it is also used to make sure that THC levels are suitably low.

Best Calming CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: 4 Reviews

Best for Separation Anxiety

Type of CBD: Full spectrum CBD with additional cannabinoids 150-3000 mg

Formulated specifically for pets, HolistaPet’s 100% natural CBD oil is our top choice. It contains absolutely 0% TCH, which means there is guaranteed no chance of your dog getting high from this super supplement. In addition, it has no GMO, additives, or preservatives and is manufactured right here in the USA.

Holistapet Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Find the Best Deal:

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this excellent product – five stars as far as the eye can see. Dog owners seem to find it particularly useful for pups who get anxious when left alone in the house. Grumbles circle around quantity and price – but with the work that goes into producing it, CBD was sadly never going to be an inexpensive supplement.

This wonder product is great for helping reduce symptoms of separation anxiety. It also offers a whole host of health benefits, particularly for older, less mobile dogs on top of that.

For us, there’s nothing to not like here.

Best for Nervous Pups

Type of CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD with copaiba 75-600 mg

King Kanine is a specialist pet wellness company with a great selection of CBD products to meet every need. We particularly love their broad-spectrum oil with added copaiba, krill oil, and DHA. As with all their other products, it is professionally formulated in the USA and contains all-natural, organic ingredients. It is also a third-party lab tested and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

King Kanine KING KALM 600MG CBD with Copaiba & Krill Oil and DHA

Find the Best Deal:

The combination of CBD oil with copaiba is particularly potent, making it incredibly effective at relieving inflammation and so reducing pain and discomfort associated with aging. In terms of hyperactivity and anxiety, reviewers mention that King Kalm’s CBD helps with getting their dog to settle and focus on their training as well as cope better with loud sounds such as fireworks – which is definitely something many dog owners will appreciate.

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This fast-acting versatile oil helps pups to relax and live their very best lives whether they are dealing with issues of anxiety or discomfort.

Again, there is a distinct lack of negative reviews on the website. The oil seems to do the trick whatever it is administered for. However, the price does seem to be higher for these ones than others on this list.

Best for Promoting Sleep

Type of CBD: Full spectrum CBD 125mg and 500mg

Derived from industrial hemp, Chill Paws human-grade, lab-tested offering is another excellent choice for pet parents with particularly hyper or anxious Doodles. Although, the company does seem to only offer two strength options – 125mg and 500mg. However, the price of each of these compares favorably with other brands.

Chill Paws 125 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Find the Best Deal:

“Amazing!”, “Love it!” and “Literally a Lifesaver!” are included in the comments on the very first page. Dog owners seem seriously impressed by this excellent product and the effects it has brought about in their pets. Many of them were already quite familiar with CBD products before purchasing this one and had shopped around a fair bit before settling on this brand. This frankly says a heck of a lot about the product.

Chill Paws’ oil has helped a lot of rescue dogs with anxiety issues as well as many older pooches with painful joints.

Having only two options limits dosage options somewhat, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for reviewers.

Best for Health and Wellbeing

Type of CBD: Full spectrum CBD 680mg

Canna-Pet’s CBD liquid utilizes CBD-rich whole-plant hemp extract oils and contains no alcohol or carrier oils. It is intensely concentrated to ensure its effectiveness, even with just a few drops. Canna-Pet also does CBD capsules but at a much lower strength (and price).

Canna-Pet Advanced MaxCBD Liquid

Find the Best Deal:

Again the reviews for this product are excellent, with a staggering 91% of customers giving this five stars and the majority of the rest four. Most people seem to use this product as an alternative to medicine for aches and pains caused by either aging or illness or to reduce seizures. Although many also note its excellent calming effects.

Canna-Pet’s Max formula is especially great for calming older dogs that have issues at night. It’s easy to administer and gets to work fast.

Some people have had difficulties with knowing exactly how much to give their dog to deal with hyperactivity/anxiety issues. They state that they need more time to understand how effective it is truly going to be.

CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: Dosage Guide

While there are no standardized dosage guidelines since the FDA is yet to approve CBD for animal use, research evidences the effectiveness of the following based on the weight of your dog:

  • 10 pounds: 1 mg – 5 mg
  • 20 pounds: 2 mg – 10 mg
  • 30 pounds: 3 mg – 15 mg
  • 40 pounds: 4 mg – 20 mg
  • 50 pounds: 5 mg – 25 mg
  • 60 pounds: 6 mg – 30 mg
  • 70 pounds: 7 mg – 35 mg
  • 80 pounds: 8 mg – 40 mg
  • 90 pounds: 9 mg – 45 mg

King Kanine King Kalm CBD oil in a dosing syringe. Disclosure: King Kanine gave us this product to review in exchange for our honest opinion.

The dosage will also depend on the potency of the formula you have. You should carefully check the guidelines provided both on the website and with the product itself. Follow up with the manufacturer with any specific questions you have about the product.

Administer the oil directly into your pup’s mouth if you trust them not to spit it right back out again for the quickest effects. Otherwise, you can pop it onto a treat or hide it in their food. Just be advised it will take around double the time to kick in this way (approximately 45-90 minutes).

CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

While there is not yet any definitive scientific evidence to suggest that CBD can have a soothing effect on canines, many owners have used this supplement with great success on their frequently overanxious or overexcited pups. The truth is, though, that every dog is different, and what may work well for one won’t necessarily work for the next – although anecdotal accounts do seem to suggest it works on most.

Some owners may be concerned about giving these kinds of supplements to their fur babies, especially given the association with recreational marijuana. They may worry that it could negatively impact their pup’s health. However, while there has been little to no research conducted on the relationship between CBD and anxiety, other studies have looked at its health benefits on older dogs. Researchers noted few-to-no side effects from using CBD oil on canines.

As covered above, there is more than one reason why your pal may be particularly hyper. In looking at ways to reduce these behaviors, you may consider switching out their food or increasing their walk times. Other ways to help your pooch get the required amount of physical and mental stimulation include getting them involved in canine sports, spending time at a dog park, or teaching them new things. As far as we can see there is no truth to the adage about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks!

Recent years have seen a veritable explosion in the popularity of CBD supplements, first for human use and then on animals. The many health advantages of these useful products are starting to be understood. Still, benefits seem to extend far beyond that.

According to many owners, CBD oils, as well as treats and other products, can effectively be used to help your anxious or hyperactive Doodle. Just take care that you pick a good product and follow all the recommended guidelines for administering it. All the CBD oils contained here come highly recommended, with hundreds of owners detailing how they have made both their and their dog’s lives that much better.

Have you tried CBD oil for hyper dogs? Why, and how did it help your Doodle? Let us know in the comments below!

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for qualified professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.

CBD For Hyper Dogs: Can Hemp Oil Calm Hyper Dogs?

Hyperactivity is a psychological condition that is characterized by short attention spans, lack of self-control, and frantic activity.

Dogs and cats can become hyperactive throughout their lives for a variety of reasons.

Hyperactivity demonstrates visible symptoms, including panting, salivation, rapid heart rate, abnormal urination, and the inability to adapt to the current surroundings.

Veterinarians often prescribe stimulants for hyperactive dogs, including medications such as d-amphetamine or methylphenidate to calm their nervous system down. However, these medications can have dangerous side effects on your dogs.

Parents of hyper dogs are looking for natural alternatives to treat their condition. A survey conducted in 2016 showed that pet owners often use CBD in their furry friends due to the wide range of health benefits it offers.

CBD can reduce anxiety, improve focus, and modulate the activity of the nervous system — contributing to relief from common symptoms of hyperactivity.

Since all mammals have the same endocannabinoid system, it’s within reason to assume that you can successfully use CBD for hyper dogs.

In this article, we’ll cover the subject from top to bottom.

How to Tell That You Have A Hyper Dog

Hyperactivity is another term for hyperkinesis, a canine condition that involves frantic activity, panting, rapid heart rate, drooling, impulsive behavior, infrequent urination, and behavioral problems.

A 1993 study on hyper dogs concluded that the condition is a rather normal behavior in specific breeds; it can also be conditioned by the owner, but according to the authors, it’s not a physiological condition.

The study mentions dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine as the main neurotransmitters in the brain involved in hyperactivity.

Hyper dogs manifest attention issues or difficulty remaining in the zone. Vets typically recommend stimulant drugs to tackle these problems in canines.

However, such medications are considered dangerous for dogs by health organizations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Animals (ASPCA).

The side effects caused by stimulants in hyper dogs include elevated blood pressure, high body temperature, increased heart rate, and overall activity.

The above risks have made many dog parents turn to holistic remedies such as CBD oil.

CBD for Hyper Dogs: Highlights

There are over 400 active compounds in cannabis plants, of which 115 have been classified as cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the two most abundant cannabinoids. They produce most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

THC is the major intoxicating compound and shouldn’t be given to dogs because it may result in toxicity.

On the other hand, CBD is a non-intoxicant, so it won’t get your dog high — but it will still deliver many health benefits.

In a 2016 survey, the majority of owners admitted they support CBD because it improved their pets’ health on many levels, including health conditions such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Dogs with anxiety disorders are also more prone to suffer from hyperactivity.

According to the American Kennel Club, canine anxiety is often followed by symptoms such as pacing, barking, aggression, restlessness, compulsivity, and destructive behavior.

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These are similar symptoms to hyperactivity in dogs.

CBD has been found to exert calming effects on the brain in many animal and human studies regarding anxiety disorders. Although researchers have yet to fully understand the mechanism of action and effective dosages, they believe that CBD offers the same level of relief as conventional medicines.

The anti-anxiety effects of CBD stem from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the major regulatory network in all mammals. It responds to CBD and other cannabinoids, producing a wide range of positive reactions, including reduced anxiety.

Can You Give CBD Oil to Hyper Dogs?

You can give your hyper dog CBD to modulate their ECS. The ECS has its own neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids, enzymes, and two types of receptors (CB1 and CB2).

Research shows that dogs and humans share many of the same disorders and diseases. Scientists can use them for reference to get a more in-depth look into the underlying causes behind these conditions.

These studies show that similar to humans, dogs can benefit from the therapeutic properties of specific cannabinoids such as CBD because their ECS performs similar functions.

A 2019 study elaborated on this concept, concluding that dogs have higher levels of CB1 receptors in their brains than humans do.

Studies on CB1 receptors in humans were launched as early as the 1990s and touched on the effects of CBD on anxiety. Researchers found that a dose o 300 mg of pure CBD was able to reduce anxiety in participants. They also said these effects were nearly as potent as those of benzodiazepines such as Valium.

In one study published by the Neurochemical Research Journal, CBD was shown to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, making the hormone more available for the body. Serotonin regulates many processes that are linked to feelings of calm, well-being, and happiness.

Since dogs have more CB1 receptors in their brains, it’s perfectly possible that CBD oil can provide similar benefits for anxiety in dogs and hyperactivity to the ones observed in humans.

Pros & Cons of Using CBD for Hyper Dogs

The Pros

  • CBD demonstrated remarkable anxiolytic properties in human studies. Since all mammals share similar endocannabinoid systems, hyperactive dogs could also benefit from such supplementation.
  • Animal studies showed that CBD can alleviate anxiety in dogs through a series of mechanisms that help it prevent hyperactivity.
  • CBD is well-tolerated by dogs in doses ranging from 2 to 2.5 mg/kg, according to the Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (JAHVMA).
  • CBD comes in many different forms, including oils, capsules, pet treats, and topical products.
  • The FDA hasn’t received any direct reports about the dangerous effects of CBD in animals.

The Cons

  • Studies on using CBD for hyper dogs are inconclusive. Researchers haven’t yet fully understood the long-term effects of CBD.
  • Although safe and well-tolerated, CBD still has a few side effects, including dry mouth, drowsiness, changes in appetite, and low blood pressure.
  • CBD can compromise the liver’s ability to metabolize drugs, resulting in negative interactions with many medications.
  • The FDA doesn’t support the use of cannabis products in animals.

CBD vs Other Natural Treatments for Hyper Dogs

When it comes to hyper dogs, herbal products are the top choice of dog parents.

You can try to add the following herbs to your dog’s routine:

  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm
  • Oat
  • Skullcap
  • Valerian

These herbs are useful in separation anxiety in dogs that go through severe stress. You can give them to your dog in the form of teas or essential oils. In a similar way, CBD can be added to edibles and beverages. Dog parents also report that CBD oil in their humidifiers helps promote calming vibes at home so their dogs can feel relaxed.

Last but not least, CBD regulates GABA levels in the brain so that the nervous system can slow down by balancing certain chemical messengers. In a similar manner, CBD can increase the availability of serotonin for the brain, further reducing anxiety and stabilizing mood.

How to Choose CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs

There are three main types of CBD products based on their cannabinoid spectrum — full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD is sourced from the whole plant and contains all of the naturally occurring compounds from hemp. It also comes with essential fatty acids, which act as anti-inflammatory agents when you consume them.

That being said, full-spectrum CBD also contains trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less). THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid that can cause a high in your dog. The good news is that full-spectrum CBD doesn’t contain enough CBD to get your dog buzzed.

Still, some dog owners choose to avoid full-spectrum products.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is similar to its full-spectrum counterpart, except for the THC content. THC has been removed during the later stages of extraction. This way, your dog can benefit from the whole-plant synergy — but without any THC in the product.

You can also purchase CBD oil, which contains CBD isolate. Such products have no odor and flavor and offer the highest dose of CBD per serving. However, since they don’t contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, they don’t leverage the entourage effect in cannabis.

Things to Consider when Choosing a CBD Product for a Hyper Dog

  • Ask for certificates of analysis (COA) to confirm the product’s CBD content and purity. These certificates will tell you if the product is free of contaminants like solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. If a company doesn’t publish lab reports on its website, you should change your potential vendor.
  • CBD oil is the most common CBD format — and for a good reason. Many veterinarians recommend this form of CBD due to its relatively easy application and dosage accuracy. Dog parents should follow the dosing instructions outlined by the vet to avoid potential side effects.
  • The best CBD oils for hyper dogs are made from organically grown hemp. They also contain natural additives, such as calming herbs or essential oils. Avoid any dog treats with synthetic flavorings, colorings, wheat, and preservatives, as they can be dangerous for your dog’s digestive health.
  • Only purchase from reputable manufacturers that provide certificates of analysis and have many positive reviews on social media.
  • Consult a holistic veterinarian if you need professional advice regarding the purchase and use of CBD for a hyper dog.

CBD Dosage for Hyper Dogs

The FDA hasn’t yet investigated the efficacy and safety of CBD in animal health conditions, so there are no specific dosage charts or recommendations.

Veterinarians often analyze past studies on dogs that took CBD for anxiety and the symptoms of hyperkinesis. In a 2019 clinical trial, epileptic dogs benefited from a CBD dose of 2.5 mg/kg administered twice a day for 12 weeks — without any dangerous side effects.

However, this study was conducted on dogs with a different medical problem. Hyper dogs may need different doses depending on the severity and frequency of their symptoms.

A good rule of thumb is to start low and gradually increase the dosage until you observe a positive change in your dog’s behavior. Veterinarians recommend starting out with 0.5–1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of the dog’s weight.

What CBD Products Are Best for Hyper Dogs?

The choice of the best CBD product for a hyper dog boils down to how your dog prefers to take CBD. Dog owners can choose between two product types:


In the ideal world, your dog should lick the content of CBD oil through the syringe, allowing it to absorb in the mouth and work its way to its endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil for dogs comes in glass bottles with droppers that allow the owner to accurately measure out the dose of CBD and place it under the dog’s tongue. Giving your dog CBD oil this way avoids the first-pass metabolism in the liver, ensuring faster-acting effects and higher bioavailability than other forms of CBD for hyper dogs.

Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world, so if your dog fusses over CBD oil, you may want to give them some treats instead.

CBD Treats

CBD dog treats are just hemp edibles for pets, which is perhaps the most enjoyable way to consume CBD by hyper dogs. These treats are made into very appealing shapes — usually resembling a bone — and flavors such as bacon, cheese, or peanut butter.

Although CBD treats take more time to produce their effects and offer lower bioavailability than oils, these effects can last longer — up to 10 hours.

Just make sure that your CBD dog treats contain only biologically appropriate ingredients.

How to Calm A Hyper Dog

Some people are very quick at describing their dogs as hyperactive, while in fact, hyperactivity in dogs is a rare condition, at least according to the book Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals.

Dogs with high energy levels require a greater amount of physical and behavioral exercise. They also need more social attention on a regular basis. Some breeds are more prone to be hyperactive than others, but most of the time, your dog’s behavioral problems may be caused by an insufficient amount of physical activity.

Other physical reasons include a poor diet, lack of stimulation, or genetic burden.

Here are a few steps you can take to naturally calm a hyper dog.

Provide Enough Exercise

This should be your top mark to tick off on your priority list. The dog should always receive a sufficient amount of exercise throughout the day, especially if you own a high-drive breed with a hunting or sporting heritage. Such dogs may even need a special workout plan.

Although there’s no universal pattern for dog workouts, dogs that are stimulated throughout the day can rest more efficiently by the end of the day. Playing games that require the dog to stay focused can release some of the excess energy.

If your dog likes running, your exercises can revolve around this kind of activity. Besides, it’s an excellent way of burning energy. You can also add different rules to the game to make it more mentally demanding.

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You may also consider getting your dog involved in sports such as lure or agility coursing, which should keep hyperactivity at bay by keeping your buddy exhausted.

Keep Their Brain Occupied

Mental exercises are as important as physical ones when it comes to hyper dogs. In fact, they can be even more engaging than physical training.

Most dogs have high energy levels, especially when they’re in the puppy stage. However, certain breeds may require more mental exercise to get them tired.

Shaping games or teaching your dog tricks that require focus are a great way to manage its hyperactivity.

The simplest way of engaging your dog’s brain is to use games that tap into their senses. Make the dog sniff around by hiding his favorite snacks all over the house. You can also try puzzle games and rewarding the dog with food for winning. This way, you will condition his brain to think that making an effort is something positive.

Work on Their Behavior

Destructive behavior and restlessness are signs that your dog is seeking attention, which can be wrongfully taken as hyperactivity. In fact, these behaviors may simply mean that you haven’t trained your dog.

Teaching your dog the right behaviors through behavioral conditioning can improve their social capabilities and help them achieve their goals the right way. Working with a trainer also helps to manage their sensitivity to external stimuli, which is also a common symptom among hyper dogs.

Feed Them the High-Quality Food

While you may be tempted to purchase bulk bags of affordable dry dog food at your local store, keep in mind that doing so will take a toll on your dog’s physical and mental health. Dogs aren’t machines; they require high-quality biologically appropriate food that will support proper communication between neurotransmitters — it works the same way with all mammals.

Most cheap dog foods are usually filled with unnecessary ingredients, such as wheat, sugar, colorings, preservatives, and byproducts. It’s nothing but fast food for pets. Ask your veterinarian about a BARF diet, as it has been recently shown to be beneficial for canines in terms of the long-term effects on their health.

Feeding a dog low-quality food can deteriorate their hyperactivity, so make sure that you take care of high-quality ingredients when you buy their food.

Key Takeaways on CBD And Hyper Dogs

Hyperactivity is a mental condition in animals that involves a short attention span, constant frantic activity, and impulsive behavior. Hyper dogs can also experience such symptoms as panting, infrequent urination, rapid heart rate, salivation, and the inability to get used to environmental stimuli.

Researchers claim that hyperactivity isn’t a physiological problem, but it’s rather on the dog parent’s side. Hyper dogs usually show a whole range of other behavioral symptoms that indicate the lack of attention from the parent.

If your dog suffers from hyperactivity, your vet may recommend stimulants to help with symptom control. However, their short-term benefits are outweighed by their side effects, which is why dog parents are turning to natural remedies, such as CBD oi, for hyper dogs.

CBD can aid your dog’s mental health on many levels. Not only does it regulate GABA activity and serotonin levels, but it also modulates cortisol production and promotes a calm state of mind by bolstering your dog’s response to stress. The health benefits of CBD are largely attributed to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system — which works similarly among all mammals.


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Nina Julia

Nina created CFAH.org following the birth of her second child. She was a science and math teacher for 6 years prior to becoming a parent — teaching in schools in White Plains, New York and later in Paterson, New Jersey.

How CBD Chews Can Help Pups When Cooped Up Indoors

Quarantining affects everyone, including your pup! CBD can be beneficial in getting your fur baby to de-stress when everyday activities — like a dog park adventure — are not an option. Dogs need exercise, no matter what age! Your pup will likely require walks a couple of times a day as well as some engaging playtime to exercise their brain. If, after walks and playtime, your dog still seems stressed, then ElleVet CBD+CBDA chews and CBDA+CBD oil for pets can be a great way to help your stressed pup.

ElleVet CBD+CBDA hemp products for pets will not cause your dog to be sedated, but it will help them relax from their stressed state. CBD for dogs is an excellent alternative to some commonly used options for stress because it doesn’t have the same harmful side effects. At ElleVet Sciences, we talk to customers on almost a daily basis about how to help dogs with our CBD+CBDA products, and we have had extremely positive feedback from them! We find that dogs tend to sleep more soundly and restfully after using CBD, and it helps them more readily settle down after an invigorating walk or playtime.

New Games

Mental stimulation can help your dog. In particular, when customers ask us how to get their dog to calm down, we recommend a “treasure hunt.” This activity involves hiding treats around the house and letting your dog sniff them out; It is fantastic for pups seeking stimulation while cooped up at home. They love being able to search for their treats, and kids who are also cooped up at home love being a part of the hide-and-go-seek process!

Enlisting kids to teach your dog some new moves, can also be extremely rewarding and calming for dogs. Some breeds are better than others at learning tricks, but all dogs seem to enjoy the stimulation and interaction!


Exercising your pet when you cannot visit beaches or dog parks can be very challenging and stressful for active pets and their parents. Walking is a great way to keep your pup calm if you can safely get outside during the current COVID crisis. When used in conjunction with ElleVet CBDA+CBD calming treats and ElleVet CBD oil, a simple walk can be an incredible tool in how you get your dog to release stress.

If you cannot go outside or you don’t have a family member who can walk your dog for you, try to incorporate your dog into your exercise routine! Dogs doing yoga is a pretty common sight on social media these days, not to mention dogs love to be included in any human activity!

Senior Dogs

CBD pet products are a fast and highly effective way to help your stressed dog, but if you have a senior dog, that is another set of issues. Senior dogs can be extremely restless and have a hard time relaxing. At night, aging dogs tend to pace and pant and become agitated. ElleVet CBD+CBDA products are fantastic for helping senior dogs to feel less stressed and agitated.

It can be challenging for pet parents not to get their senior dog to rest. Stress, however, can be identified in several ways in dogs of all ages. As mentioned above, pacing and panting are signs of stress, as well as obsessive paw licking or licking of their bed. Not settling down at night or waking in the middle of the night can also be signs that your dog needs your help in finding some rest. Giving an ElleVet CBD chew at night, one hour before bed, can be an effective way to help your pup (young and old!). If you find that more is needed, have questions about CBD for animals, or how our products can help your dog, please do not hesitate to give us a call to talk with one of our experts.

Discomfort Issues

While dogs on ElleVet’s CBD+CBDA products for discomfort issues respond very positively to the week one loading dose, some dogs may need more than the week one dosing. Twice the loading dose is still extremely effective and safe. Every dog is a little different, so start with the week one dose and then assess your dog after 3-4 days to see if increasing is right for your dog’s optimal dose.

Young dogs, senior dogs, dogs who are stressed or agitated — all can benefit from using Ellevet’s products. Our team consists of dog owners who have used ElleVet CBDA+CBD chews or gels for their dogs. Our team is happy to talk with you about hemp for pets, how we can help your dog, and what we have found to be the most effective dose of ElleVet for different needs. Dogs can be hard to read sometimes, but if your dog shows other signs of restlessness or stress, then please get in touch with us at ElleVet and ask how our CBD+CBDA can help you and your pet!

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