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Are you looking for the best cannabis seed banks? These online seed banks offer the best marijuana seeds in 2022 Crop King Seeds Honest Review 2022, Reputation, Best Strains, Discounts, Promotions Free Seeds and more! Looking for the best Canadian marijuana seed banks? Here’s where to buy weed seed strains in Canada. Online stores with quality cannabis seeds. (+US Shipping)

Best Canadian Seed Banks Of 2022 (Buy Weed Online)

Cannabis seed banks have become the new normal. Unlike marijuana clones, these seeds carry genetic information about the plant and ensure you get the best traits from your marijuana. Due to the rising popularity of cannabis products and their benefits to the body, hemp production has grown exponentially.

Most people prefer to grow hemp because they can control their desired characteristics. Additionally, they can enjoy natural benefits without the interference of artificial substances like synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, and insecticides. With marijuana seeds, you can get faster relief from pain and muscle soreness. You also enjoy more relaxed and calm cannabis is cheaper than buying from the market. You need to grow your cannabis, especially if you intend to use it commercially.

Nowadays, you can easily find a cannabis seed bank that ships globally by performing a google search. These seed banks provide seed growers alongside the seeds needed to grow these cannabis strains. Thus, it is now easier to home-grow your cannabis. Although cannabis remains illegal in some states within Canada, you can still enjoy your products if you have legal permission.

While you can find several seed banks on the internet, not all offer high-quality marijuana seeds. Some may give you marijuana seeds that do not have any germination guarantee. We have compiled a list of the best cannabis seed banks to help you buy cannabis seeds online without issues.

Additionally, we have included a detailed buying guide to help you buy marijuana seeds online from the most reputable brands.

Best Seed Banks Canada To Buy Weed In 2022

    – Overall Best Seed Bank For Weed Seeds
    –Top Rated Seed Bank Brand To Buy Good Strain Varieties
    –Most Recommended Seed Bank Brand With Outstanding Customer Service
    –Best Brand That Offers Unique Weed Strains
    – Most Affordable Brand With Potent Weed Seeds

#1. Crop King Seeds– Overall Best Seed Bank For Weed Seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the popular and reliable seed banks online. Although the brand officially took off in 2005, it had been in existence since the early 2000s. The company has perfected its seed banks over time and today offers the largest seed bank you will find for Canadian seeds. Interestingly, the brand has several marijuana strains you can find in any cannabis seed bank.

Crop King Seeds has built a reputation for offering toll-free and stealth shipping to its users. One of the brand’s top products is the Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana seeds. These seeds produce a good yield and are easy to grow. Additionally, the brand sells the seeds at affordable rates.

One thing you will appreciate the most about this cannabis seed bank is its high-quality marijuana seeds which are filled to the brim. You will find other marijuana strains and cannabis strains when patronizing this brand. On top of that, Crop King Seeds has one of the best germination rates you will find anywhere. They have quality seeds that allow you to enjoy good yields even with poor growing techniques. You will want to use this brand as a beginner grower because they can expect a good yield from their auto-flowering seeds.

Overall, we recommend this brand as one of the most reliable because it can help you to achieve a good yield even if you don’t know the method you want to use to attain perfection. We will now discuss the features that make this brand one of the most remarkable in the seed bank industry.


Quality Strains: This brand has one of the best cannabis and marijuana strains you can rely on for top-tier seeds. You will find a good combination of strains like Indica, Sativa, ruderalis, and several other hybrid seeds. Moreover, you will enjoy high-quality strains like Purple Haze, Candy Cane, Purple Kush, and others in this brand’s seed bank catalog.

Seed Selection: This brand also has different seed selection types. With their high germination rate, you will find auto-flowering seeds for beginners to help you easily grow your cannabis plants. Additionally, they have feminized seeds that offer a large yield if you know your way around cannabis seed bank planting.

Seeds per Pack: The brand has varying seeds per pack. Unlike other online seed banks, you will find that the brand fills its seeds to the brim. The pack variety tells you of the quality of the brand. Larger seed packs promote bulk buying at lower prices and vice versa. You can rest assured that the brand has both larger and smaller packs for everyone who wants the best seeds for their cannabis farm.

Free Seeds: You can enjoy free seeds from this brand. However, the brand only gives out free seeds during promo season. You can keep an eye out for these seeds if you want to test them before purchasing.

Germination Guarantee: Growing cannabis seeds with this brand gets easier because the brand has a germination guarantee of 80% for its seeds.

Excellent Customer Service and Website: The brand makes shopping for the best seed banks to buy easier with its reliable website. This brand’s website contains useful and accurate information on each strain and seed selection type in its seed bank. Additionally, you will find the website layout and design very pleasing. You can enjoy a live chat function that allows you to reach out to the brand’s customer service anytime, regardless of your problem.

Good Payment Method: This brand has one of the best payment options any seed bank can offer. Crop King Seeds allows you to make easy payments whether you order ten or 100 seeds. You can enjoy various payment methods like cryptocurrency and credit cards.

Shipping and Return Policy: You can enjoy free shipping with this brand if your order reaches a particular amount. The brand promotes bulk buying to help you save money. On top of that, you can enjoy stealth shipping services, making it convenient for you to protect your identity while ordering seeds from them. The brand has a good return policy. However, it is not as special as the other mentioned features.

  • Reliable customer service
  • High germination rate
  • Stealth shipping
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Excellent strain varieties
  • Good brand reputation
  • Free shipping on bulk orders
  • Free seeds
  • You only get free seeds on promo

#2. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)- Top Rated Seed Bank Brand To Buy Good Strain Varieties

ILGM offers quality cannabis seeds online. The brand’s credibility and trusted name ensure that you enjoy the best seeds on the market. The brand belongs to Robert Bergman, who grew weed for over 25 years and knows about the industry. The founder used his experience to develop tricks that have helped him create one of the best seed bank empires.

ILGM is renowned for producing an organic and safe seed bank with several strain selections and quality cannabis seeds. The brand makes growing cannabis seeds look easy with its website full of resources to help new and old cannabis seed bank owners to grow the best cannabis plants.

ILGM does not contain bad seeds because each seed bank undergoes a rigorous inspection process to produce high-quality cannabis seeds. Thus, you can always count on the brand to provide quality seeds anytime you order. The brand also has a state-of-the-art facility that preserves its cannabis seeds to maintain freshness and vigor. In addition, the brand also has a team of experts that handpick each you find in their seed bank.

We found that customers loved ILGM and its products. Users of the product enjoyed the many strains and mixed packs available. In addition, customers loved that the brand produced high-quality seeds that offered higher-yielding cannabis plants than regular seeds. People enjoyed the guaranteed delivery they obtained when they got their seeds from the brand.


Excellent Germination Guarantee: ILGM has so much confidence in its seed bank. The brand will offer your money back if its seeds do not sprout. Thus, you know what to expect when you purchase marijuana seeds from this brand.

Different Strains: This brand contains more than 80% best strains in its seed bank. Beginners looking for their first seed banks can explore an entire section of products offered by this brand. It does not matter the type of grower you are; ILGM has something special for you. You can enjoy different seeds for different weather, both outdoor and indoor.

Seed Types: You will find various seeds in the brand’s seed bank catalog. The brand has feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and even fast-flowering seeds. You can enjoy this product differentiation to produce the best seed bank suitable for your farm type.

Mix Pack: The brand has a mix pack option for beginners who do not know what strain they want. The mix packs from ILGM have three categories, growing conditions, bud color, and name. Thus, you can experiment to see what product works best for you.

Informative Website: The brand has an informative website with resources on purchasing the best premium seeds. You can visit the website if you want to buy marijuana seeds that work best for you. Additionally, you can find tricks and tips on growing marijuana seeds and the seed banks to buy.

Free Delivery: Residents of the United States can enjoy free shipping when they buy marijuana seeds from ILGM. However, the brand charges shipping fees for seed banks that ship to other countries, including Canada. Additionally, the brand has VIP membership for its customers. You can access exclusive strains if you subscribe to the VIP membership plan.

Vouchers: Unlike other seed banks, ILGM does not offer free seeds. Instead, it gives vouchers. You will enjoy free vouchers when you buy marijuana seeds starting from $5.

Guaranteed Delivery: ILGM has a quick delivery system and a smart packaging design that conceals the identity of the product you ordered. Additionally, the brand ensures that you get your premium marijuana seeds on time anytime you place your order. If your delivery gets confiscated or lost, the brand sends you a new package for free.

Multiple Payment Methods: The brand, like our previously reviewed product, offers multiple payment options like bank transfers, cash on delivery, credit cards, or cryptocurrency. Hence, you have many options when purchasing the best marijuana seeds from this brand.


  • Quick delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • Beginner mix packs
  • High-quality seeds
  • Germination guaranteed
  • Free delivery in the US
  • Several payment methods
  • Exclusive vouchers and membership
  • Excellent packaging


  • No PayPal payments
  • Additional costs for package tracking
#3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds: Most Recommended Seed Bank Brand With Outstanding Customer Service

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the best online seed banks in Canada. The brand has garnered popularity for producing high-quality online cannabis seed banks for the ever-growing cannabis population in Canada.

Although this brand is relatively new compared to the others on our list, it has proven to be a trustworthy online seed bank. Plant growers love this brand because they make buying marijuana seeds online easier. In addition, the brand ships to almost every country in the world.

Another outstanding feature of this band is that you can enjoy a variety of high-quality seeds, including THC and CBD seeds. Additionally, the brand sells regular, female, feminized marijuana seeds and many other varieties you will not find in other seed banks.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has some best-selling strains. One of the best sellers in online seed banks include Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk). The brand named this strain after Hulk, Marvel’s popular comic star. The strain contains 30% THC and is highly potent. Additionally, the brand’s feminized seeds, called Black Gold cannabis seeds, have a germination rate of 90% and resist mites and mold.

This brand has the high commendation of customers who love their weed seeds. We found several positive reviews with only a few negatively-constructed comments in the review section. In addition, the company prides itself in offering high-quality seeds to its customers. Our team discovered the backing of renowned review experts like Trustpilot, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


Stealth Shipping: Buying cannabis seeds online comes with certain risks. Sometimes you don’t want to reveal your identity. That’s fine. This brand offers stealth shipping, meaning your identity and product remain anonymous. Moreover, the billing receipt does not carry the name of your product. The brand discretely wraps your product and does not include information on the content package.

Payment Methods: This brand has limited payment options. You can use Visa and Mastercard to make your payments. Additionally, the brand allows you to use bank transfers when making payments. However, bank transfers tend to cost more than other payment options, especially if your bank needs to convert the currency to another.

Excellent Germination Rate: Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a good germination rate. The company has an 80% germination rate on its weed seeds. The guarantee aligns with cannabis industry standards and reveals the brand’s confidence in its cannabis seeds.

Excellent Seed Varieties: This brand has several seed varieties you can consider as a novice. You can go for its auto-flowering seeds to help you grow, maintain and harvest your plants. When buying weed seeds from this brand, you will find other feminized seeds like Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Kush, Critical Kush, and Blueberry.

Mix Packs: Like our other products, this brand has mix packs that they sell at an affordable rate. Note, however, that the brand does not sell growing kits.

Good Seed Quality: This company takes time to handpick cannabis seeds to select the best quality for its users. According to several review experts, the brand offers seeds that produce good yields with excellent growth rates.

Delivery Time: The brand has a fast delivery period. Once you place an order, you will get your product within five to seven days if you reside in Canada. Orders outside of Canada may take about two to three weeks.

Discounts and Promotions: The brand has special discounts of up to 20% when you buy marijuana seeds online. Additionally, you will get discounts when you buy cannabis seeds in bulk from the brand. The brand also has an affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% commission on sales from promoting its marijuana seeds.

  • Quality cannabis seeds
  • Fast shipping
  • Mix packs
  • Several marijuana strains are available
  • Seed banks ship worldwide
  • Up to 20% discount
  • THC and CBD seeds
  • No free shipping
  • Limited payment methods

#4. Rocket Seeds: –Best Brand That Offers Unique Weed Seed Strains

Rocket Seeds is one of the best marijuana seed banks online. The Canadian seed bank has several interesting strains available for users to patronize. You will find several in-house strains which offer excellent cannabis seeds compared to other brands.

You need to consider this brand if you desire a large selection of cannabis seeds. However, it is worth noting that the cannabis seeds in this brand’s seed bank do not match the number boasted by other brands on our list. As a one-stop shop, though, the brand has just enough marijuana seeds for growers to enjoy the best shopping experience.

Some of the brand’s bestsellers include Gorilla Glue which peaks at number four, while Bruce Banner occupies the number three spot. The second spot has two cannabis seeds, Gelato and Grand Daddy Purple, while Cafe Racer occupies the top spot. The brand’s Cafe Racer is a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Girls Scout Cookies and contains an incredible amount of THC (25-35%).

It is also worth noting that this brand does not produce any strains of theirs. Instead, they resell the strains and seeds from other brands, which they buy in bulk and rebrand. Hence, seed and strain names may seem familiar compared to other brands.

Rocket Seeds is one of the best places to buy cannabis seeds if you love the adventure of unique strains. We found more positive reviews on the brand’s website, meaning the brand has good cannabis seeds that deliver the best quality to growers. You can leverage this brand if you want to enjoy excellent seed variants.


Seed and Strain Variants: The first thing you need to note here is that the brand does not produce its seeds or strains. However, Rocket Seeds rebrands these products and creates certain product mixes to offer greater results.

Germination and Delivery Guarantees: Rocket Seeds has good guarantees for delivery and germination. The brand sends replacements to cover the damage if your product gets confiscated or lost in the mail.

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Excellent Marijuana Seed Selection: The brand has some excellent seed selections. Rocket Seeds usually sells seeds from seven banks, including Beaver Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Blimburn, Mary Janes, Garden Seeds, Sunwest Genetics, Rocket Seeds, and Sonoma Seeds. Thus, you can enjoy many choices when buying cannabis seeds online from this brand.

Packaging and Discretion: Rocket Seeds ships its seeds in the original packaging for Canadian customers. However, customers from other countries may get their products in random packages different from the original ones. You may find your products in objects like flashlights, pens, birthday questions, or flash drives.

Free Shipping: This brand can enjoy free shipping if you order from $200. However, if you want Express Registered Shipping long with tracking, you will have to pay additional money.

Several Payment Methods: Rocket Seeds accepts several payment methods. You can use bitcoin, cash in the mail, money transfers, PayPal, EMT Interact, or e-check when paying for your seeds.

  • Several payment methods
  • Free shipping
  • Several strains and seeds to consider
  • Discreet shipping
  • Discounts on bulk purchases
  • The brand does not make their strains

#5. Sonoma Seeds: Most Affordable Brand With Potent Weed Seeds

Sonoma seeds is another outstanding bank you can consider if you want to enjoy the best seeds. The brand has a reputed motto, “grow organically,” which depicts the brand’s activities. This brand offers some of the best seeds you can find. Additionally, they have a support feature to help inexperienced growers to make the most of their seeds.

The brand produces organic products to keep up with its motto. Hence, Sonoma Seeds deliberately eliminates chemicals, pesticides, and other synthetic substances that help growers obtain organic marijuana. While some may question this move, the brand has a high germination rate which is a testament to the effort they put into making these seeds successful.

Sonoma seeds have several seeds in their bank to help growers attain their growth goals. Some of the brand’s popular products include Acapulco Gold Sativa Feminized, White Widow Feminized, Strawberry Cough Autoflower, and Northern Lights Indica Feminized. Others include Blueberry Feminized OG and Hawaiian Gold Autoflower.


Excellent Customer Service: Sonoma Seeds has an excellent customer service team. The brand allows users to rally back at any point to inform them of their progress. Additionally, the brand celebrates the success of its growers by posting some images on its website.

Good Germination Rate: The brand keeps with growing guidelines by producing seeds with an 80% germination rate. Hence, you can buy seeds from the brand to obtain the best growth possible.

Several Payment Methods: Sonoma Seeds accepts many payment methods. In addition, the brand hides your order information and makes the shipping and billing as discreet as possible.

Good Strains: This brand has outstanding strain combinations that produce high-quality plants with excellent yields. You should consider using the brand’s popular strains to enjoy a good yield.

Money-Back Guarantee: There is no money-back guarantee for this product. However, this is common with other brands since the product’s nature does not allow for money-backs. You can only enjoy discounts on purchases made from this brand. Sonoma Seeds offers discounts when you buy products in bulk.


  • Experienced staff
  • Friendly customer service
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Excellent seed variation
  • Reliable and professional customer support
  • 80% germination rate
  • Effective seeds


  • No money-back guarantees
  • No seeds for trial

How We Made Our List Of Seed Banks Canada?

Before making this list, we found several marijuana seed banks on the internet. We had a hard time differentiating genuine brands from fake ones. Thus, we had to devise a plan to help us obtain the best online seed banks.

What We Looked For?

We considered certain criteria to help us pick out the best seed banks from a pool of options on the market. The criteria we considered include brand reputation, user reviews, germination guarantee, and other factors.

  • Brand Reputation: We listed several potential brands that sell cannabis seeds before making our final list. Our team scoured through each marijuana seed bank to pick out the brands with the best seed bank options. Our research revealed that customers preferred seeds from reputable seed banks when growing cannabis plants. Thus, our team picked these reputable seed banks over others with no reputation.
  • Customer Reviews: We also checked the user review section of many seed banks to determine those with good seeds. We found that most seed banks did not offer seeds that met the expectation of users. Our team identified such brands by comparing the user reviews. We picked brands with more positive reviews to feature on our list. Additionally, we included top seed banks with higher user ratings. These ratings depicted the user satisfaction quotient. Ultimately, we arrived at these products with better seeds than other online seed banks.
  • Strains Available: Our team considered the hemp seeds available for cultivation in these seed banks. We discovered that some brands also offered CBD seeds and had rare seed strains. We favored such brands over those with single or common marijuana strains. Additionally, we preferred brands with hybrid and medical marijuana seeds. We discovered that such seeds offered more health benefits compared to regular seeds.
  • Germination Guarantees: Our team considered fresh cannabis seeds from brands with guarantees on germination. We only picked brands with guarantees on the quality cannabis seed they provided. Brands without such guarantees did not feature on our list.
  • Customer-Centric Policies: We ensured that we patronized brands with good customer-based policies. Such policies included free testing seeds, discounting seed bank purchases, free shipping, and much more. These customer-centric policies revealed the brand’s confidence in the high-quality cannabis seeds they claimed to sell. We did not include brands with poor policies because you would not enjoy such brands when buying the best seed banks online.
  • Stealth Shipping: We considered brands that offered stealth shipping options to their customers. Such shipping options ensured that you did not get caught while purchasing. Additionally, such brands did not include cannabis seed banks in your billing. Instead, they used neutral descriptions that did not imply you bought any cannabis seeds online. Furthermore, you would not find any description that indicated you bought seed banks on the shipping package.
  • Payment Methods Available: We always went for brands with multiple payment methods to ensure that you did not get stranded while trying to buy cannabis seeds online. We discovered that the most guaranteed delivery method acceptable by several banks for payment was credit cards. However, we found certain brands that accepted cryptocurrency payments due to their convenience and anonymity. Others used PayPal to pay for the best marijuana seed banks they could obtain on the market. We found that PayPal could ban user accounts when they obtained controversial products. Hence, we were weary of any Canadian seed bank that only offered PayPal in its payment methods. Overall, we prioritized brands with several payment methods over those with only one mode of payment.
  • Type of Seed Banks: In our desire to obtain the best seed banks online, we discovered several types of seed banks. We found that weed seeds could be either feminized or male and female. We also found that some marijuana seed banks had medicinal and auto-flowering seeds. Thus, we included any reputable seed bank that had a variety of these seeds available for users to pick.

Buying Guide for the Best Seed Banks

Growing marijuana using the best seeds is quite a challenging task. Sometimes you may not know the right brand to choose which will offer the best benefits. You will notice that there are lots of seed options on the market. Hence, it is difficult to point out the best marijuana seed bank.

It is natural to think you may get scammed while ordering these products, as they are not acceptable in some regions. For your safety, it is best always to consider the laws guiding controversial products in your vicinity before buying any of these seeds.

Although you may find several brands on the market, not all offer the best seeds. You may even get scammed if you decide to patronize just any brand you see on the market. We have compiled this buying guide to help you make sense of an ideal seed bank.

The first thing to do before you buy any seed bank is to check the laws of your state. If the laws permit the usage of these seeds, you can proceed to buy your desired seed bank. It would help to check the laws to avoid issues with the government. There are some things you need to note. While some jurisdictions allow the usage of cannabis, they do prohibit its cultivation. Other jurisdictions require growers to obtain a license allowing them to cultivate weed. If you belong to such areas, the best thing to do is obtain your license before starting the cultivation.

Cannabis seeds usually cost a fortune to obtain. It will help to choose an appropriate seed bank if you want to protect your investment. The best way to pick your seeds is to leverage a reputable brand. These brands have top-tier seeds which offer the best seed germination rates. Furthermore, you must do some research before picking out the brand of your choice. One thing you should look for is customer reviews and user ratings. Additionally, you will need to consider the company policies and other factors before making your choice.

The best way to enjoy value for your money is to leverage the customer service of the brand you desire to patronize. Several brands in the cannabis industry do not have good customer service. Patronizing such brands with poor customer service may not help you since you will end up confused about certain things with no one to ask for clarification. You can check the customer review section to determine if your brand has a good customer relations team.

Germination guarantees help to tell you if the brand has good seeds in its catalog. Hence, you must carefully consider this factor. The best brands have an 80% and above germination rate, which aligns with the guidelines. You must not patronize any brand with less than 80% germination rate as such seeds will not yield good plants.

Stealth shipping helps to keep your identity anonymous. You can order as many seeds as you want without compromising your identity. It would help if you looked for brands that offer stealth shipping to help you remain anonymous. In addition, it would help to patronize brands that use anonymous descriptions for billing.

Do not buy bulk seeds without trying them out. If you rush into buying your seeds in bulk, you may end up with products that may not suit your taste. Instead, you can buy a few seeds to test-run the product before launching a full-scale purchase.

  • Leverage Company Terms and Conditions

The best way to enjoy your products is to check the terms and conditions. You must seek brands with customer-friendly policies if you are to enjoy your shopping. Such brands offer free shipping, discounts, and free materials for growers.

FAQs About Seed Banks

  1. Where can I buy cannabis seeds online?

There are several places where you can obtain your seeds. With one quick google search, you will see several brands selling the best seeds. However, it is better to leverage reputable brands when buying your seeds. The brands we have included in our roundup have the best seeds any grower could need.

  1. Which are the best marijuana seeds to buy?

There are many outstanding marijuana seeds on the market. In addition, you can buy your seeds from a trusted seed bank. We have included the best seeds in our review to help you make informed decisions. Always avoid brands that oversell their products, and they may most likely scam you of your money.

  1. Are there any side effects associated with using these seeds?

There are no known side effects associated with using good seeds. The best practice is to buy good seeds from reputable brands. Such seeds do not contain pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful substances. In addition, ensure only to buy these products if they are legal in your jurisdiction.

Conclusion: Do Seed Bank Offer High-Quality Weed Seeds?

We have considered seed banks that ship to Canada in our review. If you want to enjoy the best seeds, we recommend using Crop King Seeds. The brand has quality products with a reputation that precedes it in the cannabis industry. Additionally, the brand has mouth-watering offers and potent seeds to match its reputation. Another very good option you could consider is ILGM, and the brand also has good products with excellent strain options.

While we have mentioned some brands not based in Canada, you can always order these products, which will get delivered to you in the country. All the banks on our list offer guaranteed shipping and several payment options you could leverage. Most of the brands on our list (except one) offer guarantees for their seeds in case they do not appeal to your taste.

You must always research several aspects of the brand of your interest before purchasing any seed from them. To that end, we included a detailed buying guide and our how-to section to help you understand the things you must consider before buying your product. Additionally, we researched for you and produced the list of products on our roundup.

The brands we have included will give you the best and most pleasurable shopping experience. You can choose any of the products in our roundup based on your preferences. If you have any further questions after reading our FAQ section, ensure to consult your desired brand’s customer service for more details.

Crop King Seeds Review 2022

When attempting to purchase marijuana seeds online, it is vital to take the time to search out a reliable online marijuana seed bank. Here in 2022, there are numerous shops out there and Crop King Seeds is among the best. With an impressive stock and an easy navigable website, the company has put together a good effort to impress customers. Below, you will find a comprehensive Crop King Seed review for your consideration.

Reputation and History Review

When comparing Crop King Seeds vs the rest of the marijuana seed breeders, Crop King Seeds has been scouring the planet for the most potent and reliable seeds in the world, since the early 2000s. In order to do this, they’ve teamed up with numerous breeders, which allow them to offer a variety of different options to their customers, This has also improved the potency and effectiveness of their strains.

The company hit a snag, due to marijuana laws and regulations in 2005, At this time they were forced to shut down their operations. Thankfully, operations ignited again in 2012. In 2022, the company is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.

As far as reputation goes, the company’s reputability is unparalleled. The reviews are majorly positive. The company has done an astounding job impressing their customers, which speaks for itself. This should give all, who decide to take the leap of faith, immense confidence in their decision.

Crop King Seeds, Available At more than 200 Stores all over Canada as of 2022.

Seed Selection and Quality – Crop King Seeds Review

When taking the time to browse Crop King Seeds strain selection, you will notice immediately that their stock is a little limited, but this comes with some positives. The company engineers each and every one of the strains offered. This gives you the ability to purchase seeds, which have been crafted, with precision and careful experimentation. The company only sells their most potent strains, which have the highest germination rate. When making your purchase, you can rest assured knowing that your seeds will grow and the marijuana will be very powerful.
The company sells some of the most potent strains of 2022. A few of these are:
• White Cookies
• Purple Kush
• Candy Cane
• Dark Angel
• Crown Royale
• Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)
• Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack (Best Value)
• Crop King Seeds Strains THC Chart
• Crop King Seeds Strains CBD Chart

Overall, the company’s strains are beyond impressive and definitely make up for the slightly limited supply!

Dwarf Low Flyer

Customer Service – Crop King Review

In the year 2022, a company’s customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of all. When something goes wrong or you need to ask a question, it is essential to make sure that you’re able to reach the company, without trouble. When relying on Crop King Seeds, we’ve found that the company’s customer service has been outstanding! The company offers an assortment of different contact methods and each of them works exceptionally well.

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First, you can use the company’s website to send them a message. Also, the company’s site features an online chat, which gives you the ability to speaking with a representative almost instantly. A physical address is also available. Finally, a toll free telephone number was the most effective option for us. The company’s associates were topnotch, respectful and very professional, during our time with them.

Crop king Seeds Trailer Park Boys

Website Usability – Review

Cropkingseeds website is very user friendly, even though it is a 1995 old fashion design. You can easily navigate throughout the entire website very easily and all content is self-explanatory.

When you enter the site, you will instantly see the menu, which is located at the top of the main webpage. You will be provided with all sorts of data about every topic imaginable, even the company phone number is located in the top right hand corner of the page, as well. Overall, website is great and users won’t have a bit of difficulty finding precisely what they desire.

Price and Payment Methods

Crop King Seeds is a global company, which means that they need to offer a variety of different payment methods. The company does this, which ensures that all customers, regardless of their location, will be able to make their purchase. Among the various payment methods, customers can choose between Visa and Mastercard, as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Suffice to say, everyone will be able to find a method that works well for his or her specific circumstances.

Before judging the price of the company’s strains, it is essential to remember that you get what you pay for! With Crop King Seeds, you may find that prices are a little more expensive, but this ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality seeds imaginable. For the quality and germination rate of the seeds, the price is more than justified. To us, the price could be called a steal!
It is recommended to Subscribe to their newsletter for discounts and special offers.

Crop King Seeds 2022 Seed Selection

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Crop King Seeds offers worldwide shipping, which means everyone will win. Original packaging is utilized, when shipping to Canadian customers, but other customers around the globe will receive their seeds inside of random objects.

Discreet packaging is utilized and all seeds are placed inside of sealed containers to keep them fresh, during shipping. Do not request empty authentic packaging, if you reside outside of Canada, because they will not be shipped separately.

A $10 shipping fee is charged on all orders that are shipped to countries outside of Canada, this is for the traditional shipping only and it may take up to 25 days to receive your order. For express shipping with tracking, a fee ranging from $30-$60 is charged, which depends on the country you reside in. You should receive your order between 5-7 business days and no signature is required for this time of shipping.

It is crucial to note that 5% of all orders are seized by customs and the only way to ensure orders is by choosing the express shipping option.
For more details visit Crop King Seeds Frequently asked questions page.

Crop King Seeds. Worldwide stealth shipping. Bitcoin and Credit Cards Accepted.

Crop King Seeds Review Conclusion

When looking for excellent quality and high potency seeds, it is essential to check out Crop King Seeds! The company’s selection offers enormously potent seeds, with very high germination rates. Best of all is the fact that these strains will provide you with an enormous high. Overall, the company is one of the best and our review couldn’t be more positive!

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2022’s Best Canadian Seed Banks: High-THC Cannabis Seeds from Canada (USA Shipping)

Everyone is interested in growing their own cannabis seeds lately and hey, the international community is coming around too!

Thailand is now legislating the growing and consumption of marijuana, while a top Brazil court allowed three patients to grow their own cannabis plants – a precedent that could expand nationwide.

And here you are − still buying marijuana at a marked-up price!

If you want to stop getting ripped off − here are the best Canadian seed banks to grow your own plants.

No schwag, just dank product – and we’re not talking about the memes!

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top seed banks based in Canada or that ship to Canada (and the US) for a bargain price – some even for free.

We’ll also cover which companies offer a guarantee on germination, a list of their best strains, and other pros and cons.

Let’s start with a sneak peek of our top picks.

Best Canadian Seed Banks − First Look and Reviews

    − Best cannabis seeds overall (free US shipping) − Best Canadian seed bank − 4,000+ cannabis seeds for sale − Frequent sales up to 40% off − Great “sampler” store − Free seed for every €20 spent − Fast 5-day shipping in Canada − Fastest worldwide shipping − Excellent 24/7 customer service − Multiple payment options

Our top pick simply had the best deals and products, even if it’s not based in Canada. With guaranteed FREE and fast shipping to the United States, how can we complain?

1. ILGM – All-round Best Cannabis Seeds (Free US Shipping)

Yes, we know ILGM is not a Canadian seed bank. (You’ll forgive us when you see the deals)…

I Love Growing Marijuana is a Netherlands company with a US-based office. The founder of the company wanted to help educate people on marijuana and started his company in 2012.


ILGM offers a variety of quality cannabis seeds, with a bank so heavy that it has to categorize seed packs into categories like Best for Beginners, Most Popular, Fastest Flowering, and Small Plants.

It’s cool that you just have to know what you want to find it here – the selection is that rich.

You can also shop by cannabis plant type, such as auto-flowering, regular, feminized, indoor, outdoor, and high THC.

Is the selection overwhelming?

Fortunately not, because the whole site offers special assistance to first-timer growers, from knowledge bases, to mix packs, and even nutrient kits to help you grow your first plants.

ILGM could have been our top recommendation based on variety alone, but its seed prices are some of the most competitive in the cannabis industry. In addition to the site’s buy 10 get 10 free deals, you also get free shipping to the US and regular discounts for the holidays.

What if you need help?

Well, the seed bank provides 24/7 support via email, and the company has the most active forum online. This online community of growers can answer questions that frequently come up.

The only downside is that the BOGO deals change very often, so if you’ve seen one that you like at discount, we’d recommend not waiting too long.

Available Seeds
    – Sativa-dominant cannabis seed with a heavy yield – Known for fast flowering and quick harvesting – Easy to grow, with euphoric 19% THC levels – Easy to grow in and outdoors and up to 26% THC – Ideal for beginners – 100% Indica relaxation and calm – Fast Indica-dominant flowerer – grow indoors and outdoors – Good yielding plants and 80% Indica – Sample the top seeds: Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies



  • BOGO deals change very quickly
Final Thoughts

You can find ILGM has more than 25,000 user reviews on the site, who give props to the company for a high germination rate and their successful harvest.
If something’s wrong with the seeds, ILGM will replace them. Along with free shipping and guaranteed delivery, (and no extra wait time thanks to the U.S. office), it was a deal too good to ignore.

2. Crop King Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank

Crop King Seeds is another long-standing cannabis seed bank founded in 2005.

Not only is it one of the most trusted Canadian marijuana seed banks, based out of Vancouver, B.C., but CKS also won a Canadian Cannabis Award in 2017.

With apologies to our top pick, which is located in the Netherlands, Crop King Seeds is the best Canada-centric choice.


Crop King Seeds has over 500 cannabis strains and also searches the world over for new strains and breeders who want more outreach.

The staff actually hand-inspects all seeds, making sure they’re of top-notch quality.

While most seed banks have a part-time help email address, you’ve got to love Crop King Seeds’ 24/7 customer service by toll-free telephone, live chat, or email.

The Canadian seed bank also offers fast and discreet shipment worldwide.

Crop King Seeds’ guarantee says that all seeds are personally inspected and your order will germinate at an 80% rate.

However, there are limitations on refunds, mainly if you grow your marijuana plants the wrong way. (Which is kind of fair play)

Available Canadian Marijuana Seeds
  • Dwarf Low Flyer – Easy to grow and ideal for indoor tight squeezes
  • Trainwreck Auto – Descendent of Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, and Aghani Indica
  • Lamb’s Breath Auto – Thrives anywhere and has the late Bob Marley’s endorsement
  • Revolver Autoflower – Easy to grow, thrives anywhere, and high yielding
  • Jack Herer Autoflower – Fits anywhere, easy to work with, and modest yield
  • Black Indica Feminized – Purest Indica strain and recommended for beginners
  • Crown Royale Feminized – Full-bodied and a great yielder, with high THC and CBD
  • CB Cheese (1:1) Auto – With 75% Indica, a limited crossbreed that’s ideal for calm


  • 80% germination rate
  • Live chat support
  • 500+ cannabis strains
  • 10 free seeds over $420
  • Discreet shipping anywhere


  • Free shipping only over $200
Final Thoughts

Crop King Seeds earns big points for its variety of seeds and quality, but best of all − it’s based in Canada and is just a drive away, compared to European-based stores.

3. Seedsman – Best Germination Guarantee of all Canadian Seed Banks

Seedsman is another seed bank older than your (grand)kids, dating back to 2002, and with a trusted brand name that started in the UK.

The company represents 13 other seed banks and currently has over 4,000 available seeds. They ship to Canada but from Europe, so expect a brief delay.


Seedsman prizes genetic diversity and tests their seeds for potency, yield, and even chemical output and health effects.

Seedsman gets data from multiple growers to make sure their seeds can be grown and that they are always stored properly.

The germination guarantee is very generous and they offer replacements or refunds for missing or damaged seeds, as well as seed orders you’re not happy with.

It’s the best seed bank guarantee we’ve come across. Most refunds and replacements must be given within 14 days, which is more than enough to see if your seeds germinate or not.

Did you make a typical rookie mistake?

If so − you’ve got 90 days to discuss any issue with customer service, who will try to help you and generally do a nice commercial gesture.

If you’re not in love with the Seedsman brand, you can still check out other trusted brands like Royal Queen Seeds, Fast Buds, Female Seeds, and DNA Genetics.

Available Seeds
  • Mama Thai Regular – Incredible psychedelics and 22% THC
  • C99 x Blueberry Feminised – Fast flowering hybrid of C99
  • Lemonchello Haze Feminised – Great yield, Sativa-dominant, and tastes like lemon!
  • The White OG Feminised – Award-winning, high resin, good yields, and 24% THC
  • Amnesia Feminised – Fast flowering version of legendary Amnesia strain
  • Zkittlez Auto Feminised – Indica-dominant, fruity tasting, and large yield potential
  • Peyote Zkittlez Feminised – Very high THC for when you don’t have a “reservation”
  • Alaskan Purple Feminized – Powerful, big yield, and tastes like berries


  • Best satisfaction guarantee
  • Premium seeds are hand tested
  • 13-in-1 brands
  • 4,000+ types of cannabis
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Ships from Europe, so not as fast
Final Thoughts

More than 50,000 customers have left enthusiastic reviews for their seeds, germination rate, and low prices.

Even critics of the brand admit prices are low and the seed bank has excellent customer service. The germination guarantee boosts it to #3.

4. Seed City – Best Cannabis Seed Bank for Sweet Deals in Canada

Seed City is another reliable seed bank with an aggressively green and almost Matrix-like website design that captivates interest. The company was founded in 2010.


The catalog is so big that it needs a Seed Selector system to sort through 7,000+ seeds.

The seed bank offers a price match offer that all but guarantees they have the lowest possible price.

And with the super sale offers of 40% off, 10% off Bitcoin purchases, Grower’s Choice 30% off sale, and other discounts, you really feel like this seed bank is itching to save you money.

The single seed sale option a while back was such a success the company had to shut down the feature, and went back to batch sales only. But you can get a special bulk sales price if you contact customer support.

Free shipping to Canada?

Almost. Seed City offers free shipping only in the U.K − but they don’t make any profit on shipping, with prices as low as $8 to get your seeds in Canada.

Available Seeds
  • Trippy Pebbles
  • Panty Punch Auto
  • Apollo Black Cherry Auto
  • Angel Heart Mister Nice



  • No free shipping outside the U.K.
Final Thoughts

Customers are generally happy with Seed City for its amazing deals, but the product quality is highly varied and depends on the practices of the many seed growers represented.

5. Rocket Seeds – Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

Rocket Seeds is a Canadian seed bank based in Vancouver, though it also has an office in California.

Buyers may need assistance in sorting through their 600+ cannabis strains!


Buyers can shop for new arrivals, exclusive strains, and even 6 other seed banks represented through Rocket Seeds.

You can buy smaller orders from the best Canadian seed banks such as Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, and Sunwest Genetics. You can sample each company’s best seeds with one order.

Shipping is only free over $200, but you do get 10 free marijuana seeds with orders over $420.

The company’s return or refund policy is limited (the usual unopened packages requirement) but you get a germination guarantee on the seeds you buy.

Available Strains
  • Gelato Feminized
  • Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized
  • Strawberry Diesel Feminized
  • Original Skunk Regular


  • One-stop shop with 6 other brands
  • Ideal for bulk sales
  • 605 strains
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 10 extra seeds over $400


  • Not great for small orders
Final Thoughts

Rocket Seeds is a fine go-between for 6 of the best Canadian seed banks (all reviewed on our list) and so it’s the best option for sampling different companies.

You also get a discount when buying cannabis seeds in bulk.

6. Herbies Seeds – Best Free Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Herbies Seeds was started in the UK almost two decades ago. But it may feel like a new seed bank since its headquarters relocated to Alicante, Spain in 2019.


With 3,000+ cannabis seeds and 100 breeders stocking its shelves, it’s one of the best online seed banks for variety.

Free marijuana seeds?

Yep. In fact, that’s one of the best reasons to shop with Herbies.

While most companies give you free marijuana seeds after spending $420 (how did they come up with that?) Herbies Seeds gives you a free seed for every €20 spent (around $26-30 Canadian Dollars).

Herbies Seeds offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, that not only covers damaged or smashed seeds but also a 70% germination rate.

The only downside is that not all cannabis seeds are included in the guarantee, especially promo or bonus seeds. Although we don’t know any seed bank that guarantees bonus seeds.

Available Strains
  • Runtz Muffin Feminized (Barney’s Farm)
  • Orange Sherbet Auto Feminized
  • CBD Lemon Auto Feminized
  • Moby Dick Feminized


  • 24/7 customer service
  • 70% germination guarantee
  • Worldwide stealth shipping
  • Free marijuana seeds with every purchase
  • And for every €20 spent!


  • Shipping might be slow since it’s overseas
Final Thoughts

If you’re willing to pay shipping costs, the guarantee and free cannabis seeds will compensate for the extra wait and packaging fees.

7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best and Fastest Shipping in Canada

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been breeding high-quality seeds since 2013.

Seed quality is the name of the game − as every Canada-grown seed is manually inspected and selected for high yield and strong THC/CBD potency.

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What makes QCS one of the best Canadian seed banks is the fast shipping, handled by regular mail or Express Canada Post.

Shipping is free after $150 which is about average, but 24-hour shipping ensures fast delivery, at least to residents in Canada, if not necessarily the rest of the world.

Delivery happens within 2-5 business days, although there is a delay on weekends.

The 80% germination rate is high and the company will send replacement weed seeds to make up the difference for any dud seeds.

Available Seeds
  • Blue God
  • Banana Sherbet Feminized
  • Grape Skunk Feminized
  • Roji OGS Feminized


  • Fast stealth shipping within 5 days
  • Extra seeds with every order
  • 80% germination rate
  • Promotional page for deals


  • Limited times for telephone and chat support
Final Thoughts

Overall, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a reputable seed bank that has many positive reviews for fast shipping.
Just make sure you’re on the official website, as there have been a few complaints about scammers cloning the website.

8. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Marijuana Seed Bank for International Shipping

Mary Jane’s Garden has been around since 2003.

MJ’s Garden sells only high-quality marijuana seeds, and does not sell mediocre seeds at a discount…which apparently is a thing in the business!


The seed bank maintains a 90% delivery success rate, no doubt thanks to stealth and discreet shipping. Buyers receive cannabis seeds in an envelope with bubble packaging for protection.

Stealth is a priority here and you can even pay for the weed seeds using an alias, as long as the credit card info is legit.

While Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers the fastest and easiest shipping arrangement for cannabis buyers in Canada, we admire Mary Jane’s Garden for offering same-day shipping to multiple countries all over the world.

Same-day shipping allows the process to go faster and buyers from most countries will get their quality marijuana seeds within 3 weeks.

Available Strains
  • Tahoe OG Feminized
  • Tangerine Dream Auto-flowering
  • Acapulco Gold Feminized
  • Agent Orange Feminized


  • Fastest shipping internationally
  • 90% delivery success rate
  • Cash payment option
  • Live chat and telephone support
  • Fairly low prices without coupons


  • The seed bank doesn’t guarantee germination
Final Thought

We couldn’t help but notice the store’s prices were competitive by default. Paying $65 for the best seeds is a pretty good deal, regardless of whether it’s Stoners Day or whatever they’re celebrating this month.

If you can’t find a good price on our other best Canadian seed banks, then Mary Jane’s Garden is worth a shot.

9. Beaver Seeds – Best Vancouver Seed Bank for Customer Service

Beaver Seeds seems like the edgy newcomer around here but this cannabis seed bank has been around since 2009.

The Vancouver office ensures fast delivery to Canadian residents. All orders are shipped within 24 hours and take about 3 days or so to arrive.


The best reason to buy is clearly the excellent customer service offered, available by phone, chat, or email 24/7.

Whereas most online cannabis seed banks offer phone support for buying cannabis seeds and shipment returns, Beaver Seeds’ customer service can offer advice on strains, seed growing, and other fun topics.

Available Quality Marijuana Seeds
  • Headband Feminized
  • Devil’s Crack Feminized
  • Alien OG Regular BCBD
  • Romulan Regular


  • Free seed giveaways
  • Discreet shipping worldwide
  • Guaranteed delivery with insurance tracking
  • Fast 24-hour shipping to the U.S. and Canada
  • Multiple payment options


  • Not much is written about a germination guarantee
  • Small selection
Final Thoughts

Customer reviews are positive for Beaver Seeds, with many drawing attention to lower-than-average prices and promotional giveaways – like free high-quality marijuana seeds with a coupon code.

10. Sonoma Seeds – Buy Pot Seeds with Multiple Payment Options

Based in Vancouver, Sonoma Seeds is another Canadian seed bank that offers high-quality strains from around the world since 2019.

Despite the small strain variety, this is one of the best Canadian seed banks for its good germination rate and respectable 80% guarantee.


The best reason to buy from Sonoma Seeds besides the usual benefits is the variety of payment options they accept.

You can pay by direct bank transfer (with instructions coming through email), Canadian-exclusive Interac e-transfer, Bitcoin, or even cash for complete “untraceability”.

Available Seeds
  • Chocolope Sativa Feminized
  • Black Hulk Feminized Seeds
  • Moonlight Auto Fast Version
  • LA Confidential Indica Feminized


  • Multiple payment options
  • Fast delivery especially with Interac payment
  • 80% guaranteed germination rate
  • 10 extra seeds over $420


  • Free shipping only after $200
  • 10% fee on credit cards
Final Thoughts

The seed bank is so “off the grid” that they even charge an extra 10% fee for processing credit cards.
The most discreet payment option? Well, maybe it’s time to cash out those Bitcoin fractions.

11. MJ Seeds – Best Stealth Delivery for Cannabis Seeds in Canada

MJ Seeds, based in Vancouver, has been making people “secretly” happy since 2009. Canadian buyers can expect shipment in 24 hours, with cannabis seeds arriving within a week.


MJ Seeds offers stealth and secure shipping all across the world.

What we really like is that the seed bank constantly changes its stealth and discreet packaging so that regular customers will not arouse suspicion with customs or local authorities.

Packaging could be anything from a toy to a birthday card, or even small electronics. Along with a secure shopping experience, none of your financial records are kept after the transaction.

Delivery is fast, but international delivery is only guaranteed if you pay extra for tracking and insurance – from $20 to $40.

Available Strains
  • Pie Gal Feminized Seeds
  • Tooth Decay Autoflower
  • Animal Mint Auto-flowering
  • Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version


  • Constantly changing stealth shipping
  • 24-hour day shipping with tracking
  • 10 free cannabis seeds over $420
  • No financial records stored


  • Guaranteed delivery only with paid tracking
  • Not many discounts
Final Thoughts

With multiple forms of payment and the best stealth shipping plan, MJ Seeds is as discreet as you need them to be.

12. Sunwest Genetics – Best of the New Online Seed Banks

Sunwest Genetics was founded in 2015 and is based in Vancouver, though they have a US address.

The seed bank hand-inspects marijuana seeds for quality, maturity, and viability, and has earned a reputation for excellent seed genetics.


The fairly new company does offer over 500 strains of marijuana seeds but its focus is on quality over quantity.

The seed bank does offer a guarantee on germination, but will first analyze whether the grower followed the guidelines or not.

Perhaps the biggest issue is with their stealth shipping since they claim 5% of their products are seized. This has led Sunwest Genetics to start a $20/$40 Express Shipping option which guarantees delivery even in the event of confiscated cannabis seeds.

Still, they do offer fast shipping and week-long delivery, at least in Canada and the U.S.

Available Quality Cannabis Seeds
  • Lavender Feminized Seeds
  • Cherry Pie Feminized
  • Sweet Tooth Autoflower
  • Powerplant Feminized


  • Superior genetics
  • Over 500 strains
  • Buy cannabis seeds over the phone
  • Telephone and chat support


  • Limited germination guarantee
  • Express shipping required for guaranteed delivery
Final Thought

The company’s customer service is well-reviewed and it’s a promising Canadian seed bank to keep an eye on. The strain diversity and quality have impressed us thus far.

How We Chose the Best Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada

Most growers know the strain they want, but they also have to consider:

Stealth and Discreet Delivery: While seed bank sales are legal in Canada, stealth shipping means everything overseas. In various US states, growing cannabis is illegal and weed seeds could be confiscated.

Payment Options: Some customers prefer to pay in cash. Others simply want to pay as quickly as possible. In Canada, Interac e-transfer is popular for getting rid of unnecessary transaction fees.

Germination Guarantee: Germination can take place quickly (12-72 hours) so don’t be afraid to reach out for that guarantee, if provided. Some companies do require photographic evidence to prove your cannabis seeds are not germinating and that you’re growing the seed according to their guidelines.

Customer Support: Most companies offer customer support by email and live chat. That’s why we pay close attention to which seed banks had customer service by phone, and whether or not the staff can provide advice for growers, as well as business requests.

Delivery Time: Delivery time is only “fast” when shipping happens within 24 hours – or even on the same day. After shipping, international orders can be tricky to predict.

Price: We compare everyday low prices, special coupons, and seasonal sales.

Reputation: We pay attention not only to customer reviews but word of mouth online. Companies that are associated with each other or “sub-companies” of a parent company are not ranked as high. ILGM is a prime example of a trusted company with a long-standing reputation for transparency.

After You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online − Inspection Guide

The real question is, how do you know if a seed is of high quality? Remember these steps.

1. Look for a brown color.
The healthiest cannabis seeds tend to have a brown color, whether it’s light or dark. Green weed seeds are a little questionable, because it may mean that they were harvested too early.

2. Look for a tear-drop body, with a rounded end and a slightly pointed top.
It’s true that there are many shape variations with different cannabis strains. But a tear-drop shape indicates good health. Any seed that looks flat, misshapen, or altogether alien may be genetically flawed.

3. Look for weed seeds that “shine”, as if waxed.
A shiny surface indicates good health. But if the seed looks dull and doesn’t have any glimmer, it may be unhealthy.

4. Squeeze the seed between your thumb and index finger.
If the seed feels firm, it’s generally healthy and indicates good moisture inside. But if it cracks too easily or feels too brittle, it’s flawed.

5. Check the origin of the seeds before you buy.
Generally, the best seed banks take great pride in their seed genetics and the intricate growing and breeding process that produces them. The more information they provide about their sources, the better their genetics.

In contrast, marijuana seeds found in bags that are included along with “buds” are not always promising. These tend to be cheap, and though they MIGHT grow, they’re probably the type of cheap pot you would avoid after being spoiled with the better stuff.

6. Give it the old float-or-sink test.
Fill up a glass of water and drop your cannabis seeds into it. A couple of hours later you’ll notice that the high-quality seeds are sinking. The marijuana seeds that float are a sign of poor health, as any farmer would tell you.

7. Germinate all cannabis seeds at once.
Don’t plant weed seeds one at a time. The best way to test seed quality is to plant them all at once and observe how they grow. If a few cannabis seeds don’t grow, but 70-80% of them do, then it’s about an average germination rate.

If most of the marijuana seeds don’t even germinate or produce deformed seedlings, that gives you a good indication of the company’s seed genetics.

Best Canada & USA Weed Seed Banks − FAQ

Confused but not high? We have more Q&As for you!

Are Seed Banks Legit?

Yes, seed banks are legit. Our list includes Canadian seed banks with high-quality cannabis seeds that will turn into a cannabis plant – with some TLC required.

Are Seed Banks Legal in Canada?

Yes, seed banks are legal in Canada since 2018. Individuals can own up to 30 grams and can grow a maximum of 4 plants.

However, additional province laws have to be respected, such as nursery licenses if you plan to sell marijuana seeds, and not send or receive any cannabis across the border.

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds From Canada?

Yes, you can buy cannabis seeds from Canada, even if you’re in the United States.

The growing of cannabis plants may still be illegal in some U.S. states, but marijuana seeds could be bought for educational or collectible purposes. This is precisely why the best seed banks offer stealth shipping so that the marijuana seeds won’t be confiscated in transit.

What Seed Banks Ship to Canada?

Most North American and European seed banks ship to Canada with no issues. All of our reviewed companies ship to Canada, though Crop King Seeds and Quebec Cannabis Seeds have an advantage when it comes to faster shipping.

What Are the Most Reputable Seed Banks?

The most reputable seed banks are ILGM and Crop King Seeds. ILGM has 10+ years of experience, 20,000+ positive reviews, and sells its own high-quality seeds rather than relying on other brands to fill its catalog.

What Seed Bank Has the Fastest Shipping for Canadian Customers?

Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers 2-4 day Express Shipping in Canada. However, if you’re located near Vancouver, any of our best seed banks will ship and deliver items in a week or less.

What Different Shipping Methods Are There?

Shipping may be free on orders over $200 for most of our companies. But usually, you get the free Standard Shipping option.

Some of our reviewed companies charge extra for express shipping, stealth shipping, guaranteed delivery, or package insurance. Extra fees could be as low as $20 or as much as $60.

How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost?

Cannabis seeds cost from $30 for 5 seeds all the way up to $100-$200, especially with popular strains like Fruity Pebbles or Kosher Cush.

Should I Buy Auto-flowering or Feminized Seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds are specially bred to flower “automatically” after just a few weeks. These plants are easier and faster to grow and don’t require the special maintenance or particular lighting that regular seeds do.

One drawback though is that auto-flowering plants cannot be cloned, whereas feminized and regular plants can.

How Are Feminized Seeds Different From Regular Seeds?

Feminized seeds may look like regular seeds, but they do not have male chromosomes. Regular marijuana seeds will grow into female or male plants and are meant for breeding projects.

But feminized cannabis seeds, which are not true female seeds, are labeled as such because they’ve been bred to only produce female cannabis plants, which are the ones that produce buds (weed).

In other words − if you’re a beginner, we recommend going for feminized cannabis seeds to avoid useless male plants.

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Grown Cannabis?

Outdoor cannabis looks different than indoor, as it’s characterized by a darker or “tougher” appearance. Outdoor cannabis plants survive more elemental wear, and so they also develop more cannabinoids and terpenes.

Purists may like outdoor cannabis plants more, but for folks who just want a good Indica-powered nap or Sativa-time-traveling adventure, indoor plants are much less hassle to grow.

Best Canadian Seed Banks that Ship to USA − Wrapping Up

After a thorough review, we found that I Love Growing Marijuana had the best reputation in the cannabis industry, with 25,000+ reviews, great BOGO deals (50% off), free shipping, and guaranteed delivery.

Sure, they’re based in Amsterdam, but the wait time is generally just as long as other Canadian seed banks.

That said − if you really want a seed bank based in Canada…

Then you can’t go wrong with Crop King Seeds. With over 500 strains for sale and a stellar reputation since 2005, it also offers a good 80% germination rate and 24/7 support.

With all that said − don’t overthink it.

Just pick the seed bank you like most − and start growing your own cannabis plants.

And of course, avoid rookie mistakes and get a “green thumb” by reading the many guides available on ILGM or other online seed banks.

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