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Foremost, as they are based in Canada and have stores in Canada, they will accept Canadian dollars as cash. They also accept Visa and Mastercard along with Bitcoin as well. If you want to pay with E-transfer, you can do so only if you live in Canada. You even have the option of money transfer and money orders as well. Overall, you can pay by debit/credit card, bitcoin, or money orders for the fastest processing. 5 Seeds Pack, 10 Seeds Pack, and 25 Seeds Pack are available to buy at a reasonable price.

Crop King is known to offer discounts and offers from time to time. You can sign up and get their free newsletter in your email. By doing that, you can ensure that you don’t miss any of the promotions or deals. You can even follow them on their social networks. They regularly post about their offers there as well. Check out this page to keep an eye on their News.

The company had started selling cannabis in the early 2000s, which shows how much experience they have in this line of work. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the overall customer service and the variety of products offered by the online store. If you look up on the internet, you would see that Crop King Seeds is always present at all the famous 420 events.

Is Ordering from Crop King Safe?

The company is very careful about providing only the best strains which have the highest germination ratios, be it feminized seeds or regular seeds. You can buy any strain from these 40, and they will come with a germination guarantee . Everyone will find something for their taste on Crop King. They have carefully chosen these 40 strains to cater to every need for different types of requirements by customers. You can order 5 Seeds Pack, 10 Seeds Pack, or 25 Seeds Pack as per your need.

The company started selling marijuana seeds in early 2000. They have a great business, and due to some laws, they were forced to shut down their company in 2012. But after that, the company has only gone up and up . The overall reputation of the company is also great. People love them and love to shop from their stores as well. From the moment they started the company, they have been attentive to the genetic quality of the strains. They work with the best breeders in the world.

We love their website! It is quite clean and very functional. You will see a “can I help?” chat popup on every page, from where you can very quick chat with the company to solve your doubts or queries. As you can see from the picture above, the first landing of the website has these images from where you can directly browse different kinds of strains.

Whenever you go out to find marijuana seed banks, you must research well beforehand. To accommodate this thought, we have bought you the Crop King Seeds Review today. Crop King Seeds is one of the most trusted seed banks online right now. Over the years, they have helped people get first-rate cannabis seeds delivered to their homes. The Crop King Seeds website is very easy to navigate, and they take great care of their buyers as well.

The presentation could be improved, but the reviews still contain some great information to help set expectations for each strain.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you are able to choose either $10 regular mail, or $30 express mail that includes tracking.

Customer Service – 3/5

I tested the chat out and spoke to Lisa who was most definitely not a bot.

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that has been heavily involved in curating seeds for almost a decade.

Within a minute her responses made it sound as though I was bothering her with my questions.

What we like about the website are the layout and design. They have a table of contents that makes it easy for good customers, Canadian customers, and other customers to know more about the business.

Although Crop King Seeds was formed in 2005, the company has been in business as early as 2000. The company has been perfecting its seed banks ever since and today it has a large seed bank for cannabis seeds and sells various strains. They have built up the reputation of the company and because of this, their seed ships offer extra services like stealth shipping and even toll-free shipping.

On the other hand Crop Kings also have a seed selection that gives a large yield. These feminized seeds provide a large yield for people who know proper growing methods and techniques.


Another thing worth mentioning is that they have different types of seed selection as well. They have auto-flowering seeds for beginners that you can easily grow thanks to their high germination rate.

Overall, Crop King Seeds have quality seeds online and their seed banks alone are worth trying out and it’s good to know that they also offer free seeds on various promos, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

One of the most attractive traits that any brand has would be the quality of their products and Crop King Seeds understands this. Their seed banks are filled to the brim with the highest quality cannabis seed, marijuana seed, and other new strains that will make it convenient for their customers.

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