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CropKings originally began as a one-person team back in 2005. It started in an under-explored but much-needed niche. Over the years, its team has steadily expanded and now includes knowledgeable customer care experts. Customers around the world rely on CropKings’ products to grow and harvest cannabis.

Other exciting highlights include:

Those that enjoy the effects of CBD can opt for a high-CBD strain. Many of the strains that CropKings sell are autoflowering and feminized. This eliminates male plants and makes growing much more manageable. These seeds come in several denominations, including packs of 5, 10, and 25. Some distinctive strains include Harlequin, Jack Herer, and Sour Lemon.


Cropkings offers a diverse array of seeds. Their partnerships with a wide range of breeders yields an incredible number of options that consumers from all over can use. Their product line includes:

Customers that want to grow more than one kind of seed are in luck. CropKings sells packs of varieties that include auto seeds and feminized seeds. These packs are especially helpful for those looking to grow low-maintenance, high-yield crops. You can choose between seeds from White Widow, Purple Kush, and more. There are packs of 5,10, and 25 available.

CropKings is a premium retailer of cannabis strains. They have been in business for fifteen years, and in that time have developed a loyal following. Their high-quality seeds have produced many successful germinations, evidenced by their reviews from many satisfied customers. Unlike some unscrupulous strain sellers, we like that they rigorously test their seeds and have a typical germination rate of 80%.

In the upcoming sections, we explore their available selections. We’ll also detail shipping options and ways interested consumers can buy their seeds. Read on to see if any of their seed choices can fit your growth goals.

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Light is life to plants, and the more powerful your lamps are, the better your buds will grow. We
recommend using CFL and LED lights because these are not too hot, which can dry or burn your
plants. Maintain a good distance from the leaves to the lamp, around an inch or two is best. And
illuminate everything, not just the top portion of the plant.

Birthday Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

● Get digital when monitoring your plants

It’s also best to grow only a few plants, especially when you’re just testing the waters. Most
seed packs we sell come in 5, 10, and 25 seeds per pack, so we suggest using only a 5-seed pack
and see what happens. We also have the mix and match pack if you want more variety but still
grow only a few plants per strain.

● Grow only a few plants

Im going with Cropkings white widow for my first run. I ordered some Ethos Morokan Kush but my order got forgotten for 3 weeks or so until i called wondering where it was. They no longer have the Kush so Im getting the Crescendo x1 whenever that manages to get here (ive been assured of some freebies as well).

Im looking to do a journal from seed to harvest of these white widows, I want to see what this under current dwc can do. Ive owned a hydroponics store in the past, ive had tomato’s in something similar in our show. I knew gear but i didnt know shit about growing really, the tomatos were fine but they could have been so much more.. Ive since learned a lot and am looking forward to making some killer fucking weed! I only want top shelf buds around here!

Ive also started an instagram: @ChadBroChillin

I have a 4×8 tent with two 1000w lights in air cooled hoods, cooled by an infinity t6. I have another Infinity t6 hooked up to the filter extracting. Its in my cool basement, 15c and 55% humidity. I have the fans exhausting outdoors through a window panel; however I have the ability to unhook the light exhaust and vent into my basement or even into the tent itself should it ever require more heat or less humidity.

Thank you and please feel free to ask question, suggestions or just chat to be honest im quite bored these days since falling down a mountain, recovery has been slow and this is one of the main reasons ive decided to start growing, give myself a chill hobby that can make me some money and supply my weed and an opportunity to build community.