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dank weed seeds

Crunching the grow data from an open source breeding program that enlisted the experience of thousands of growers worldwide led to the selection of the best genetics available.

The name of this strain could be a warning and promise alike. 9 Pound Hammer is an Indica dominant plant with an extreme resin production, very short flowering period and highly potent buds. The pleasant taste and aroma make it a delicate natural painkiller and soporific. This smoke will hit you like a hammer! Great candidate for BHO production.

Information About The Dank Seeds

There are a number of names names in The Dank Seeds range that have become synonymous with great ganja for the medical and recreational enthusiast. Putting their rep where their philosophy is has seen The Dank Seeds receive a number of awards from an ardent cannabis community.

A skilled group of medical growers wanted their own legitimate selection of exceptional cannabis that didn’t have the hype associated with so many seed companies today. Dank Seeds (formerly known as TGA Subcool) wanted to develop a range of medical marijuana whose respected status relied on quality and a gangsta rep, not marketing. That’s why they don’t sell seeds and only produce great product.

The Dank Seeds are presented in a graphic covered foldout cardboard matchbook style package with seed ID on the back. A stoppered glass vial cleverly concealed in the fold holds your seeds. If you don’t use all your seeds the vial is super efficient for longterm storage, but be sure to remember where you store it because it is very tiny. Don’t lose the stopper!

Dank Genetics are a UK-based cannabis seed company. They were established some ten years ago by a team of connoisseur smokers with connections to some of the finest cannabis genetics from the United States. The company mission is to create “dank”. That is, to collaborate with whoever has the best genetics to create the ultimate strains in terms of flavour, aroma, terpene profile and potency.

Flagship strains from Dank Genetics include Sour Dosidos, LemonAid OG, Sticky Sherbet and Dankalato – these mind melting hybrids have won numerous awards, and provided the breeders with a solid grounding for expansion to their catalogue. Dank Genetics’ latest strains feature a plethora of elite American genetics, lovingly spliced and selected by their team of breeders to produce a range of cannabis seeds fit for the most discerning connoisseur collectors.

This company’s focus has always been on the plants – they select their winners based on vigorous growth, resin production, yield and terpene profile. No corners are cut by this specialist breeder, and we are delighted to have their superb cannabis seeds available here at PureSativa.

Each strain developed by Dank Seeds USA has one of three classifications:

Whether the grower is an experienced cultivar or someone who would simply like to grow marijuana for personal recreational or medicinal use, dank aims to offer marijuana grow solutions that suit the demands of today’s market – encompassing the individual & commercial levels alike.


dank. born & raised in the usa.
Once strains have been selected for inclusion in the exclusive dank seeds offering, they are cloned in our American indoor grow facility. By growing indoors, we are able to control:

After all, our success means your success. It is this distinctive doctrine that forms our mission of being a marijuana brand chosen only by those who seek the best.

This statement is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.