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dollar weed seeds

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From: St. Augustine, FL
Region: Southeast
Topic: Seed and Plant Sources
Title: Looking for a source for Dollarweed in St. Augustine FL.
Answered by: Jimmy Mills

Sources for native plants astragalus and acerola
May 12, 2005 – Where can I get a plant of astragalus as well as acerola?
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I compared my weed to the weed on the packaging and to online images — and the more I looked, the more it seemed my yard was awash in dollarweed. It rambled over bromeliads and quickly became kudzu-like in succulent-filled pots.

I had never heard of dollarweed — also called pennywort — until I moved to Florida. In my Long Island lawn and garden, I had dandelions, clover, and crabgrass — but never dollarweed.

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I learned about dollarweed around the same time you did. It is also very “popular“ in hungary. My only (temporary) solution is currently weeding with a rake.

That weed looked awfully familiar to me so I just checked my well-thumbed copy of Weeds of the Northeast and dollarweed isn’t in the Index. Also checked its alternate nickname of “pennywort”…nope. There’s “pennycress” and “thoroughwort” but no pennywort. Guess it is one of those ‘blessings’ of living in the South? ?

My solution at the moment is to clean up my gardening act: