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elevate seeds

However, what they don’t have is a germination rate guarantee which is extremely surprising.

Its earthy yet slightly sweet flavor will have you coming back for another toke, while its relaxing, sedative effects will beat back any nausea, pain, or anxiety you were feeling.

History & Reputation

When I have the idea that two strains will complement one another well, I try to locate the strains; I want to breed something I’m excited about and I’ll enjoy smoking.”

Elev8 Seeds has an easy-to-navigate stylishly designed website.

Elv8 Seeds was founded with the mission to provide the best genetics in seed-form to those who know the value of world-class genetics.

SEED is administered in partnership with Elevate Impact LA.

The SEED Grant Program will provide financial assistance to Social Equity Individual Applicants in the City of Los Angeles.

In April of 2021, the City of Los Angeles established the Social Equity Entrepreneur Development Grant Program (SEED) Grant Program). The Rules and Regulations for the SEED Grant Program can be found here. The SEED Grant Program utilizes funding from the Cannabis Equity Grant for Local Jurisdictions (CEG Grant) to provide financial assistance to verified Social Equity Individual Applicants. To date, the City of Los Angeles has dedicated $6 million towards the SEED Grant Program through funds made available through the 2019 and 2020 California CEG Grant awards.

SEED Grant Program Lunch and Learn

Please join DCR and Elevate Impact LA for a SEED Grant Program Lunch and Learn! The team from Elevate Impact LA will walk participants through each step of the application, provide feedback on grant assessment documents and answer questions.

Due to overwhelming responses, DCR and Elevate Impact LA have decided to offer additional Lunch and Learn sessions. See below for the schedule and registration links.

“For me, SEEDS is not just a scholarship, it is LOVE and I want to give back to people who face difficulties in their lives. I helped many SEEDS students successfully applied for good internships by giving them tips, reviewing their CV, and doing mock interviews with them. I also helped students in my high school to write excellent essays to get direct admissions to universities.”

Providing students with long-term education, life skills and English learning, career preparedness. Our support covers uniforms, books, school supplies, school fees, tutoring, health insurance, internet access and tablets.

Self-learning is a critical skill for students to learn beyond the classroom limits. Our students self-learn English online and develop life skills through online workshops.

English Camp

Engaging families through direct interactions including Scholarship Ceremony and Home Visits.

A two-month summer English program for high school students to increase their English learning capacity and meet with accomplished individuals.

Hieu Nhan, SEEDS scholarship recipient

“My father died of lung cancer when I was in the 8th grade. My mother suddenly became the main supporter of the family and my 21-year-old brother had to drop out of university. SEEDS scholarships help cover my tuition fees, which allow my mother to save money and pay off our debt. Next year, I will be a student at Fulbright University, Class of 2025. Without the support and valuable advice from SEEDS, I could not accomplish these achievements. All I can say now is ‘THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.'”