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The other method used is rhodelization, but most growers choose not to use it because it takes more time, is less efficient, and isn’t very reliable. With this method, growers avoid harvesting buds after they bloom which forces the plant to become a hermaphrodite. While this process does produce mostly female seeds, growers must know the chances of it being a hermie are high even without the triggers. That’s the last thing any seed cultivator wants to do – produce a batch of hermaphrodite seeds.

This classic strain originated in the Netherlands and is a hybrid of an Indian Indica hybrid and a Brazilian pure Sativa. Growers the world over love this strain, one that is great for beginners as well as indoor and outdoor growers. Expect high levels of THC and tons of trichomes that literally glisten on the surface of the buds.

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Nevertheless, growers looking to create seeds for future crops cannot go this route. Feminized plans may be cloned but will not produce additional seeds. Only un-sexed seeds may be used to produce more seeds and to breed. The grower gains access to the full genetics of the plants. Microbrewery type growers spend a great deal of time focusing on the genetics of the seeds and might wish to buy un-sexed seeds as a result.

Abbreviated GSC, this is a California-bred hybrid that brings together OG Kush Sativa with Durban Poison Indica to create an amazing strain that resists pests, frost, and mold. Beginner growers love that the plant handles colder climates and fluctuating temperatures with ease. If you are searching for a feminized ruderalis strain, look no further than this one.

Two methods induce the stress response in plants. Most growers spray the plant with colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. The microscopic silver particles and water, when combined, stop ethylene production in the plant, and this hormone is involved in the flowering process. When sprayed with this solution, the female plant begins bearing pollen sacs used to pollinate other female plants.

After the time has passed, seeds that float can be considered poor quality and discarded. Seeds that have sunk to the bottom of the glass are healthy, high-quality seeds. Once the test is complete, the seeds need to be germinated right away. Their shells will be soft from soaking in the water and will not survive storage.

The traditional way to germinate a seed is to bury it one-quarter inch deep in moist soil and watch it closely for a sprout. A freshly germinated seed has a very fragile root that is easily damaged when the seed is transplanted. This method allows the seed to germinate without root interference.

Can You Tell if a Marijuana Seed is Female?

There are several visual indicators that can give a person an idea about the quality of a marijuana seed. Some details are easy to spot while others take a higher level of scrutiny.

The simplest way for growers to ensure they have high-quality seeds is by sourcing them from a reputable seed bank. These companies specialize in breeding a variety of marijuana strains and producing seeds that, with the right care, grow into viable, high-yielding plants. Growers can choose a variety that meets their requirements for potency and desired effects and be sure they are getting seeds that produce the plant they want.

Seeds can remain viable for three to ten years if stored properly, but more and more seeds will fail to germinate as time passes. Older seeds will take more time to germinate, so growers should use the float test before assuming the viability of their stored seeds. They can speed germination by soaking the viable seeds in water mixed with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours. It is important to watch them closely for signs of opening, as they will need to be removed immediately to avoid drowning.