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Our autoflowering strains are extremely popular. We offer a huge range of strains and can imagine that it is hard for you to decide which one(s) to choose. To make it easier for you, we made a top 5 of our most popular autoflowering strains:

Growing autoflowering seeds is perfect for those who live in countries with colder weather and short (and relatively cold) summers. For example, in The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom and Belgium. Autoflowering plants are cold weather-resistant and do not mind growing under artificial light. Compared to autoflowering strains, regular strains will experience stress during the ‘’dark periods’’ of artificial lights.

Amsterdam Seed Center has got her focus on the best seeds that the cannabis market offers you. Our seeds are always fresh and kept refrigerated. This allows us to offer you not just autoflower seeds, but the best and most high-quality seeds. Amsterdam Seed Center sells seeds from well-known brands (including Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Dinafem and Royal Queen Seeds), but also seeds from smaller and (still) more unknown seedbanks. Our range consists of more than 1500 different types of cannabis seeds. So, there will always be a strain that suits your needs. Would you like to receive personal advice? Visit our physical store in Amsterdam! All your questions about autoflower seeds will be answered. Do you not live in The Netherlands and did you not book a trip to this amazing country? You can also contact us by e-mail or phone.

Autoflower cannabis seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

In case you grow autoflowering strains indoors, the modest size of the plant probably has your interest. Are you an (still) inexperienced grower? Then you are most safe with autoflowering plants that contain a higher level of Indica. These autoflowering strains grow a few shoots (branches), so you do not have to prune much. Autoflower plants that consist of a higher level of Sativa, do grow more shoots. Therefore, you have to prune the plants more often. This might sound easy, but actually it is not. You have to be a more experienced grower for doing this.

By growing outdoors, the autoflower seeds will be more exposed to diseases, fungi and pests. Fortunately, the amount of Ruderalis in the plant ensures that they are resistant to this.

Besides growing indoors, it is also possible to grow autoflower seeds outdoors. Because of the high level of Ruderalis, autoflower plants will remain relatively small. This makes them less noticeable between other types of (non-cannabis) plants in your garden.

Autoflower seeds are Indica and Sativa strains that are crossed with Ruderalis. Ruderalis originally grows in areas with extreme weather conditions, such as Russia and Siberia. This makes the strain resistant to pests, cold weather and fungi. Unlike regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow independently of light. This means that the cannabis plant will start to flower automatically after a few weeks. The flowering process will start automatically based on a time cycle, instead of a light cycle.

The Aalsmeer Flower Auction

The Floating Flower Market, or Bloemenmarkt, is in full bloom every day along the Singel canal. The market, held in barges floating along the Singel, is the place to find thousands of seed packets, bulbs, and cut (and dried) flowers for mere euros.

(Please note: US Customs doesn’t want American tourists bringing home just any old bulb or seed, of course. The agency carefully regulates what agricultural items it allows back into the States. When seed shopping, make sure you choose items labeled as “cleared for US Customs.” See comments below for more information.)

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Tulip mania peaked in Amsterdam during the city’s 17th-century golden age, sowing the scene for today’s fragrant flower markets, or Bloemenmarkt. We recommend visiting two of the city’s flower markets.

Growing flowers with flower seeds that you have planted by your self is the most beautiful and the best there is. Flowers are also relatively easy to grow. Sow the seeds mid April and a few moths later you have a beautiful garden!

There are serveral webshops where you can buy your flower seeds, but dutch garden seeds have fresh flower seeds of the buzzy seeds collection.

Online flower seeds

The advantage of buying seeds from the online shop of Dutch Garden Seeds is that you will have free shipping on orders above 15euro. Due good contracts with local postal organisations.