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fruity weed seeds

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These traits also make fruity strains high in limonene a good option for wake-and-baking, enjoying on the beach, or otherwise smoking during the daytime hours.

Terpenes are found all throughout nature. These aromatic molecules are responsible for the delightful aromas of flowers, trees, and fruits. They also underpin the signature scent of weed. Every time you enter your grow room or garden, you have terpenes to thank for the mind-blowing smells.

On the other hand, there are quick ways of artificially flavoring cannabis both pre- and post-harvest. The process of artificial flavoring is manageable by most growers but is unlikely to satisfy true cannabis connoisseurs and purists. Also, all the potential benefits that naturally occurring smell molecules may have, are thought not to be present in artificially flavored cannabis.

Top Fruit-Flavoured Cannabis Strains

Many cannabis strains send flavours of fruit rolling across the tongue. Not surprisingly, cannabis produces several terpenes also found in popular fruits. Terpenes such as limonene and valencene are found in fruit peels, underpinning the citrusy tastes that many strains carry. Other dominant fruity terpenes include myrcene and pinene. Overall, fruity strains feature a balance of citrus, earthiness, bitterness, and sweetness.

Myrcene is a terpene found in large quantities in mango, and it’s one of the most dominant terpenes in cannabis. It is thought that myrcene facilitates cannabinoid uptake in the brain, therefore strengthening and lengthening the cannabis high.

Cannabis plants feature a wide selection of aromas and flavours, ranging in both quality and quantity. Each cannabis strain has its distinct palette of tastes and smells. Those unique and defining characteristics are accomplished through careful and knowledgeable breeding. Getting the desired aromas in such a manner is very time-consuming.

Sweet, candy-flavoured strains offer all the sugary tastes of fruit, without any bitterness or earthiness to steal the show. Light up your sweet taste buds with these delicious cultivars.

Lovers of fruity favoured weed have plenty of good options. But Strawberry Cough fans will tell you that fruity skunk strains or fruity kush strains simply don’t compare to the great strawberry taste of well grown and cured Strawberry Cough buds. Strawberry Cough seeds are part of the USA Special seed collection. This collection contains some of the highest quality cannabis genetics from recent years.

Blueberry is an indica dominant strain with very high THC levels. The plants often produce blue hues in the buds, especially during cool bloom conditions. With original 1970’s Blueberry genetics, Dutch Passion Blueberry seeds have always been repeat best sellers with growers who love the irresistible combination of a powerful THC rich high with a great fruity smell.

Blueberry is usually one of the first varieties which springs to mind when people think of the best tasting strains. Blueberry seeds are a member of Dutch Passion’s Blue Family of cannabis seeds. In addition to the famous Blueberry taste and aroma, Blueberry seeds give a rich sweet taste of dark fruit alongside a famously powerful, long lasting and wonderfully enjoyable high. Fruity weed seeds don’t get much better than Blueberry, which is also available in autoflower seeds (Auto Blueberry) as well as regular seeds.

How to flavour your weed

If you like fruity autoflower seeds then Auto Orange Bud needs to be mentioned. Auto Orange Bud seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days. Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds they perform well indoors with 20 hours of daily light. They are easy enough for first time growers to feel confident with!

Passion Fruit feminised seeds produce a real fruit punch flavor with a highly effective anti-anxiety ‘high’. Ideal to dissolve stress and relax at the end of the day. Passion Fruit’s parent strains are the legendary Orange Bud and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. They combine to produce Passion Fruit, a hybrid indica/sativa strain which is available only in feminised seeds.

These terpenes are detected by specialised cells in our nose. The signal is sent to the brain which tries to interpret a flavour based on the many terpenes which were sensed. Remember that cannabis contains numerous terpenes in different ratios. These produce a wide range of flavours.

Many serious cannabis growers supplement their indoor grow with UVB lights from companies like California Lightworks, Solacure or AgroMax. UVB lighting is also used by fine quality herb growers who find that UVB increases the taste and flavour of their crops with measurable increases in terpene production.