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Changed in version 3.2: Moved to the version 2 scheme which uses all of the bits in a string seed.

Deprecated since version 3.9: In the future, the seed must be one of the following types: NoneType, int , float , str , bytes , or bytearray .

Functions for bytes¶

random. setstate ( state ) ¶

Weibull distribution. alpha is the scale parameter and beta is the shape parameter.

Changed in version 3.2: randrange() is more sophisticated about producing equally distributed values. Formerly it used a style like int(random()*n) which could produce slightly uneven distributions.

.Random.seed saves the seed set for the uniform random-number generator

But I don’t know how that helps.

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If you didn’t keep the seed, there’s no general way to “roll back” the random number generator to a previous state after you’ve observed a random draw. Going forward, what you may want to do is save the value of .Random.seed along with the results of your computations. Something like this.

I also wrote a C-standard rand() function that passes in a min, max, n, method, and so on. This is how I generate an "integer" to feed the setSeed and store in memory. I use Sys.time() as min/max for a default seed generation ( min = -1*as.integer(Sys.time()) and max = as.integer(Sys.time()) ). sample is a bad idea as it has to create a vector in the range to compute a single value, but it is an method option of rand() which feeds initSeed . The default "high-low" I found to be slightly faster than "floor".

Then you can reset the PRNG as follows; result2 should be the same as result .

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