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grape ape weed seeds

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High-quality Marijuana you get from plants by growing Grape Ape Strain seeds will win you with its delicious scent, aroma, and potent effects. The Grape Ape strain is tasty with strong Indica roots. Its distinctive look and complex fruity flavor make it an easy top choice – to say nothing of its unimaginably potent body high. Strikingly, the grape taste and purple flavor of Grape Ape aren’t necessarily related. Beautiful leaves in cannabis are the result of pigments called anthocyanins actuated by various conditions, similar to cooler temperatures.

The Phenotype of Grape Ape Seeds

As with the other strains with high THC, Grape ape feminized seeds will grow into plants with a low CBD value of less than 1 %.

After the germination of grape ape feminized seeds, the plants will have dense, compact buds, with deep purple leaves that will darken over time. The plants grown from these seeds will take 6 to 8 weeks to reach their maturation. The grown-up plants will have a fruity flavor & the outcome will be above average. In outdoor growing, the plants will be resistant enough to overcome infection & harsh conditions.

Being the result of crossing between three top-class strains, plants grown from Grape ape strain seeds will have unique properties visually as well as chemically. That is a potent strain with 90% Indica dominance & a THC value of above 20%. That makes it a weed that you would love to take at the end of the hectic day. Just like being difficult for beginners to grow, it is difficult for them to use as well. The striking feature of slow-onset & powerful effects can be misguiding, even for the experienced recreational users. The grape ape strain is excellent to overpower you after its little bit high dose due to its very high THC.

Grape Ape is full of bag appeal, with dense purple and copper-colored buds coated with tons of mega sticky crystals. The aroma and taste are a one-of-a-kind combo of grape bubble gum and a skunky diesely funkiness. Properly cured Grape Ape strain is an experience that will leave you singing the praise of this epic strain.

This indica hybrid is perfect for nighttime use or when you’re looking for a relaxed chill session. This strain is very popular with medical users for its ability to manage pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, calm PTSD and stimulate the appetite. High levels of the terpene Myrcene are present and it’s thought to bring many medical benefits. Within minutes of vaping or smoking your muscles and joints with feel relief and your mind will be calm. Grape Ape has a long-lasting high that can leave you feeling the effects even after a long nap.

The average THC content is medium to high at 18%-24%, and the CBD content is low at only .07%. Grapeape is an almost pure indica at 90%-10% and delivers a mild couch-lock that usually only breaks when you head to the kitchen with an epic case of the munchies.

Medical Benefits

Grape Ape is a modern version of the classic California Purple strains, when you consider its parents were Mendocino Purps and Skunk #1. Many popular purple strains have circulated around the west coast for years but Grape Ape rises above the rest and proves itself to be an exceptional hybrid in the Purps lineage.

Grape Ape strain is a spectacular cannabis plant that is held in high regard by many North American cannabis connoisseurs. When this amazing grows in your garden it will quickly become a favorite thanks to its striking appearance, intoxicating smell and terrific high.

Grape Ape is full of bag appeal, with dense purple and copper-colored buds coated with tons of mega sticky crystals. The aroma and taste are a one-of-a-kind combo of grape bubble gum and a skunky diesely funkiness.

Feminized Grape Ape seeds are moderately easy to grow, the plant has a low growing profile and is easy to trim. This strain has good resistance to insects, mold, fungus, and bacteria. Grape Ape strain grows successfully indoors and outdoors in most mediums. Average yield is 16oz/m2 indoors and 28oz per plant outside. Grape Ape plants will be ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks indoors and from late September to early October when grown outside. If you’re searching for a delicious top shelf indica dominant strain, Grape Ape weed is sure to please.

After his period of successful cultivation in Asia, Derry returned to Amsterdam in 1992 with his newly created cannabis seeds and took the helm at Barney’s Coffee Shop. The popularity of his strains made Barney’s the must- go-to place for interested parties worldwide.

The unique nature of the beginnings of a company like Barney’s Farm only adds to its already vast popularity. The winner of countless awards and a never ending desire to produce ‘new and exciting’ strains of cannabis, it’s no wonder that there is an international demand for Barney’s Farm creations.

Over the last decade, Barney’s Farm have produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of cannabis, with Pineapple Chunk winning the Indica Cup in 2009, and Critical Kush becoming a bestseller within months of release.


It was the late 1980s and high atop the Himalayas, heavy snow hurling its way down from the skies, a small group of breeders began to cross-breed marijuana strains carefully selected from every corner of the Middle East and Asia. Bountiful harvests of sativa and indica hybrid cultivars kept the group’s spirits up during a 3 year stint in the rural, desolate mountains. One member of this talented group would go on to create one of the most prominent cannabis seed production businesses in the world. That business is Barney’s Farm and the man who started it all is Derry.

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Despite a history spanning nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm’s popularity has never diminished. New strains are frequently released, allowing for an ever-increasing audience to continue to enjoy high quality seeds from a company that started, literally, at the top and has remained there ever since. Experience this for yourself – buy Barney’s Farm seeds from Seedsman now.