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growing bag seed weed

Marijuana seeds can be acquired from an array of sources and can vary in quality. For more info on how to buy marijuana seeds, check out our Guide to buying cannabis seeds.

Make sure the area the seeds are in is warm, somewhere between 70-85°F.

Germinating cannabis seeds doesn’t always go as planned. Some seeds will be duds. Others will be slow and take longer to sprout. But some will pop quickly and grow rapidly.

What are high-CBD cannabis seeds?

Additionally, every long-time grower will tell you that clones degrade over time.

If buying from a reputable breeder or seed bank, growing from seed is the best way to ensure your plants will have solid genetics and start clean, meaning they won’t come with diseases or pests.

Autoflowers don’t need lots of nutrients because they’re small and don’t spend much time in the vegetative cycle. They won’t need as much veg nutrients—such as nitrogen—but will need more bloom nutrients.

A seed has germinated once the seed splits and a single sprout appears. The sprout is the taproot, which will become the main stem of the plant, and seeing it is a sign of successful germination.

I’m not saying you’re going to win the Denver Cannabis cup with these genetics, but trust me, you could definitely do a lot worse with many of the lower end commercial beans out there:

And given that commercial ceeds are so pricey, there is something to be said about decent genetics you can get for FREE.

Ignore this entire post by Silas.

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The story is that chemdawg came from "bagseed", but it sure as hell wasn’t a random bag of cheap Mexican schwagg. If you believe the story (which is questionable), it came from a bag of privately grown top-dollar stuff.

I have seen bagseed produce some potent bud in the right conditions.

Have you ever even tried growing any? The Mexican grow ops don’t use these genetics because they’re "shit", they grow them out because the plants are tough as hell, heat and drought resistant, and provide decent potency even after being pressed into bricks, and shipped 3000 miles through 140 degree heat.

I don’t disagree that if you have the ability to get commercial ceeds, you’ll probably have better results, especially if you’re a new grower. Again, sativa plants are meant for outdoor growth; they’re stretchy and take a long time to finish. Commercial hybrid plants have been bred for indoor growth, plus if you select them wisely, you’ll not only be assured of something good, but you’ll also have a good idea what the plant will look like and its flowering time before you start.

On average, bag seeds are way less stable than store-bought seeds.

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Most female plants can become hermies if you subject them to stress. It all depends on the amount of stress needed before you see male flowers in your female buds. If the buds have been pollinated by a male (see above), they will show more stability. If they have been pollinated by a hermie, watch out because even the least amount of stress can make such plants ‘turn to the dark side’.

Can Bag Seeds be Autoflower?

What we don’t recommend is growing bag seeds indoors. With the cost of the setup and electricity bills and what not, the money you spend on seeds is arguably the least significant expense item.

This is because the presence of seeds always means that there has been some natural pollination. Either there was some undetected male somewhere near the grow, or there were some stray male pollen sacks in female buds. The latter occurs much more often because female plants often grow a few male flowers due to stress (so called hermies, or hermaphrodites). But, no matter where the pollen has come from, the pollination leads to the production of seeds, and these seeds are fertile.

Growing unknown bag seeds is always a toss of a coin. Even if you like the buds in which you have found these seeds, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the same quality. Let’s put it this way: you’ve now met the mother (the buds you’ve just smoked), but you don’t know anything about the father (the source of pollen). It may have been outstanding, it may have been mediocre, or it may have been the most worthless ditch weed that grows in your area.

Whether the seeds found in buds are feminized or not depends on the source of the pollination. If the pollen was from a male plant, the seeds will be regular, meaning that the ratio of male to female plants will be around 50/50. But if the source of the pollen were male flowers (hermies) from the same plant or another female/hermie plant in the garden, the resulting bag seeds are feminized. Please note that such seeds are also very prone to become hermies if you subject them to stress.