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haze weed seeds

Entire seed banks have been founded on a combination of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze genetics. By successfully hybridising all three legendary varieties into one definitive Haze hybrid strain, Royal Queen Seeds gives you the Shining Silver Haze.

Blending indica genetics with Haze is a complicated business. Striking the right balance between reduced flowering times and optimal Haze conditions is no easy feat. With Shining Silver Haze, RQS retains the trademark cerebral effects of this strain with quicker flowering times. In fact, growers can crop a heavy harvest of high flying haze nuggs in just 9-10 weeks of bloom!

Concerning the very beginnings of Haze history, there isn’t much to be certain of. Both of the above parties unreservedly accredit the “Haze Brothers” from America’s West Coast as the creators of the strain. The brothers were known for cultivating a wide selection of sativa genetics, apparently growing everything from Thai to Colombian and even Mexican and South Indian strains as well. Occurring throughout most of the 1960’s and 70’s, crossing so many diverse landraces eventually resulted in what we know today as the original Haze hybrid.


Haze varieties are extraordinary sativa strains. Albeit, with a contentious and hazy history. Sam the Skunk Man boasts his version of Haze’s true origins, while the original “King of Cannabis” Nevil Schoenmakers provides a more plausible explanation for the lineage and subsequent refinement of Haze. But even his claims are not without their discrepancies.

During the 1980’s, these genetics found their way to the Netherlands. Through a combination of selective breeding and adaptation to indoor cultivation, the modern Haze varieties were developed. Many seed banks and European breeders would spend the best part of the next three decades continuing and honing in on this work.

Sativa connoisseurs will choose Haze over other strains at a moment’s notice. Smoking Haze is a unique, mind-expanding experience. The polar opposite of the couch-locking Kush effect, Haze is far more psychedelic and cerebral than it is physical. Whereas heavy indicas turn off the lights, genuine Haze sparks the imagination. Always a 1st choice head stash for the Cloud Eaters, Haze is truly a strain for the dreamers among us.

Few cannabis seed banks possess authentic Haze genetics. Far fewer contain the expertise to successfully hybridise Haze if they did. Royal Queen Seeds brings the heat. Packing Fire Haze genetics and decades of master breeding expertise, our seeds are feminised and quite possibly the finest head stash strains in the game today.

No decent seed bank carries just a few Haze varieties. With 28 on our collection, i49 USA is geared up to provide for the legion of Haze lovers and win over non-fans. Apart from Pure Haze Fem, we recommend these Sativa-leaning strains:

Pure Haze Fem grows well in a hydroponic system, which will also speed up its development and make an early harvest possible. Whether you go soilless or not, if you can handle a big plant, use larger containers for higher yields. We recommend providing a minimum of 1 gallon of container space per week of the vegetative growth stage.

Purple Haze Fem has long been considered one of the most eye-catching cannabis strains in the world. Its beautiful, dense buds have a THC load ranging between 17 to 20%. They provide a cerebrally expanding experience and a good dose of relaxation.


The flowering period of Pure Haze Fem lasts for a grueling 21 weeks. Because it will stretch for a couple of weeks once the flowering phase begins, you may want to start that period earlier to limit its height. The ideal time to induce flowering is when the plant is between only 30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 feet) tall.

The only smallest, easiest, and fastest Haze variant to grow, Auto Haze Fem goes from seed to harvest in just 11 to 12 weeks. Its buds’ up to 20% THC offers balanced bodily effects coupled with an uplifting high ideal for easing anxiety.

Topping Pure Haze Fem during the vegetative phase will encourage the plant to bush out. Pairing this technique with a Screen of Green (ScrOG) system, which requires growing the branches through a horizontal chicken-wire screen, will create an even canopy and spread potential colas around. Pruning, pinching, and low-stress training (LST) are other methods that can keep this Sativa plant short and stocky.

As time ticks and/or more drags are taken, anticipate Pure Haze Fem’s relaxing body buzz to kick in. It spreads a sense of calm from the neck down to every limb, giving comfort that won’t immobilize. In the right setting or high enough doses, users may feel blissfully lethargic and prefer to curl up on cozy snuggle spots.

Haze species are synonymous for the hippy era in the 70s and embody the creativity, free thinking and psychedelics of that period. Since the 1970s, Haze has become extremely popular. Especially because of its high THC content in combination with the euphoric, active and amazing effects. A unique experience you can not miss.

Therefore, we offer a unique selection of regular, feminized and autoflowering Haze varieties. At Weedseedsexpress you will always find a strain that fits your needs. Do you need help with your choice? Contact us directly.