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high supplies com erfahrungen

heard you need to be referred to b able to buy. know what that’s about? don’t want to give my bank account info.

I was thinking about buying from but I don’t know if it is a legitamate site has anyone bought from there they have some PPP on sale for a good price so I was wondering.

asked in online shopping thread 2 since this is so old.

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sounds shady to me, nobody gets my personal banking info
many people use for growing supplies
Dr. Jekyll

the OP is near 5 years old and that was his one and only post, I think we could consider this thread as dead as a door nail
Mr. Hyde

sorry but not understanding your post, are you looking for a referral?
Dr. Jekyll

If you are looking for seeds, there are several decent breeders that many of the folks use (look in the seed section)
Mr. Hyde

Absolutely terrible to deal with no matter what advise you take and ask for from these people don’t believe a word never again will I buy from this company terrible experience

Our returns policy clearly states refunds will be processed within 5 business days. As you are aware you were asking about your refund 5 business hours after we received, and you were fully refunded within 8 business hours.

Great prices, gear, delivery and communication

There is no backlog, just differing leadtimes as mentioned. We definitely try to be very, very clear on our information and we feel we are very much more transparent than a number of sites, but indicating the leadtime before customers need to order.

Hi Nathan, due to Brexit/Border issues your order has been stuck between leaving our Euro warehouse and arriving with yourself. This has impacted hundreds of our orders since Jan 1st Brexit launch. We can only apologise, and we are adding more text to our information to guide customers on potential delays. We expect to be back to normal by w/c 25th January.

You emailed us on the 9th February @ 09:36 requesting help and guidance on sizing, we sent you full information back to you by 1pm, with full sizing information to help guide you and a request for you to speak to us further if you needed further guidance.