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high times buds for sale

The sturdy Big Bud strain will do well outdoors too, as long as you are in an area with a warm and sunny climate and have a grow spot that has consistent sun exposure. The already high yielding plant can grow 5 to 7 feet tall with the wide-open space to fill! If you are growing in the United States, or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere, it is important to harvest before the chill and frost of fall come in. Harvest around mid-October to avoid letting the seasonal weather shifts damage the precious buds!

Finding yourself struggling to get out of bed? Overwhelmed by stress or limited by anxious thoughts? Big Bud Fem is a great strain option to soothe and relieve some of the impacts of hindered mental health. A sedative and mood enhancer, this delicious strain contributes to a calming sense of relief for a worried mind. This bud is not just a one trick pony, though! It also supports chronic inflammatory pain like arthritis and has been promising for those who suffer with fibromyalgia. It is also great for those who struggle to sleep, or with more severe insomniacs, and for certain eating disorders too! The munchie inducing stone helps those who otherwise struggle to nourish their bodies. You only need to start with one puff to begin feeling relief from what ails you!

Medical Application

Big Bud smells reminiscent of a forest in spring. With earth, pine and floral hints, this sweet and spicy scented bud gives the delightful burst of an inviting, mouth-watering forest adventure.

The only name this strain needs is Big Bud, a more aptly suited name could not be found!

If you are looking for similar cannabis seeds, I49 has some great options! Stick with the classic Big Bud but of the fast-flowering variety (Big Bud Fast Fem) for an even quicker yield of these massive nugs! Or try one of our popular strains, Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud fem for a faster growing, higher yielding crop that has similar indica effects. I49 also sells Skunk #1 Fem, one of the well-respected ancient strains that makes up Big Bud. With a 50-50 composition of indica and sativa, try Skunk on its own for a less subdued high. Or try the other parent strain on its own, the Afghan Fem. This 100% indica is known for its profoundly sedating impact and its support for insomnia, pain and stress. If considering a flavorful twist on this big time favorite, connoisseurs consider it pretty hard to beat the taste of Auto Blueberry x Big Bud.

If you want High Times’ seeds with a powerful indica-punch, look no further than MK Ultra.

2007 is the year that G13 Haze made headlines in the cannabis industry with its High Times Cannabis Cup win. If you were at the event, it was no surprise that G13 Haze won by a landslide.

If you’re a fan of everything chocolate, coffee, and hashish, turn your attention to one of High Times’ top strains — Chocolope.

#8 G13 Haze

You’ll become an instant fan once you glance at the buds of G13 Haze. Not only do the flowers look as though they just got rescued from an avalanche, but they also provide sweet and savory terpenes.

If you’re searching for a nearly pure indica-dominant hybrid that grows without a fuss — look no further than Northern Lights seeds. High Times’ judges agreed on multiple occasions that Northern Lights was legendary.

All of Skunk #1’s qualities are perfect, from its yield to its effects. Overall, Skunk #1 is an indica-dominant hybrid, but it also possesses sativa-like traits. From body-numbing potential to energetic effects, Skunk #1 has it all.

As you browse modern-day hybrids, chances are you’ll find Northern Lights at some point in its lineage. The reason why Northern Lights is so popular among breeders is that it’s incredibly stable, produces massive yields, generates sky-high THC levels, and contains bone-crushing effects.