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Many people ask how to order seeds from the marijuana central bank in the Netherlands, something that may be too broad a question.

But, before making your purchase, remember to verify if they ship to other countries, in case you live outside the Netherlands.

Nirvana Seeds, another Dutch seed bank that came to life in the 80s thanks to the experience of its founder in Positronics, it is the most famous grow shop in Amsterdam. Although you should know that his store didn’t officially open in Holland until 1995.

White Label

– Skunk #1 by Sensi Seeds: more than a decade in the cannabis market. This is a feat that has endured over time and that few varieties of marijuana can match. After all that time it’s still at its peak, being one of the favorites of consumers by far.

We hope that you liked all the information in this article and it allows you to get to know which are the main Dutch cannabis seed banks that exist today.

When looking for Dutch marijuana seed banks, Barney’s Farm is quite a reference. Founded in the 1980s, their specialty is the crossing of various seeds, which has allowed them to discover new products for the consumers’ delight.

One of their best-known varieties is the Indica Bubblegum, which produces a large amount of quality resin and is the favorite of many producers because of the reliable features of their strains..

MENACO B.V. is a commercial vegetable seed company based in The Netherlands.

The Dutch Huizer Zaden brand offers vegetable varieties of the highest quality for the Middle East and North African markets. The varieties are tailor-made to meet the demands of these specific markets, providing growers a reliable opportunity to succeed.


MENACO and its brands have a wide portfolio of tomatoes, including many varieties of different shapes, fruit sizes and colors. Our varieties are suited for indoor and outdoor growing conditions all year round, as well as for different regions, seasons and climates, while maintaining the fruit quality throughout the harvest period and providing our customers with consistent performance. We offer Indeterminate (round tomato, round cluster, beef and pink tomatoes) and Determinate (round and beef). And Saladette/Roma or Plum type.

MENACO B.V. is offering the well established Nickerson-Zwaan brand, providing high-quality, disease resistant vegetable varieties. Our commitment to the Middle East and North African markets enables us to respond to the needs of the growers with successful products.

MENACO B.V. is a commercial vegetable seed company based in The Netherlands. We offer products of 3 commercials brands: Nickerson-Zwaan, DP Elite Zaden and Huizer Zaden.

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