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CBD Shishkaberry x Candida (Feminized): Those looking for more CBD than THC have a few options, including this deeply relaxing strain perfect for bedtime.

Once you’ve landed on feminized, autoflowering, or both, it’s time to choose your strain. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, they’ve already sorted out the best strains for beginners so you can focus on the effects you desire from the end product. There are some great options, including iconic strains and dynamic, new hybrids. If you’re unsure where to start, we suggest:

Gorilla Glue: Known for its sticky buds, this strain is fun and talkative in lower doses—and sleepy if you smoke enough of it.

Choosing and maintaining your plants

Blackberry Kush: A classic strain that produces pretty buds, tasty herb, and a soothing high.

Photo by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Cannabis is a tricky plant with a specific set of needs—and depending on where, how, and how many, you’re going to need a tailored approach. Fortunately, anybody can start their own grow operation when they’re armed with the right knowledge.

Blueberry x Jack Herer: Two icons combine for the best of both worlds—one’s a well-known pick-me-up, while the other is more relaxing for a balanced high.

Homegrown specializes in high-yielding female plants but also sells regular cannabis seeds that could be male and female seeds. However, the company promises to do its best to ensure that all feminized seeds produce females, so growers don’t end up with male plants and also so the growing process is as easy as possible.

For the purpose of this review, we will be looking at cannabis seeds in the “variety” category. When you click on any strain, Homegrown provides a very in-depth and detailed description of what to expect, including information on CBD and THC content, flowering time, height, effects, fragrance and flavor, and lots more.

High THC Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co has an incredible collection of cannabis seeds, and we love that they use their own in-house breeders rather than sourcing seeds from third-party suppliers. It means that the company has a lot more control over what they’re offering and shows their commitment to quality.

These videos have accompanying blog posts that cover all the basics, like what equipment you need, how to select your seeds, set up your lights, and lots more. There is also a full cannabis-growing reference guide that goes into a lot more detail once you get past the basics.

Learn the growing basics…

I bought the bogo shishkaberry punch the first pack of 4 germinated without any problems im very happy with my purchase and would order again. Keep up the great work 👍

I ordered $200 worth of seed. Almost 50% were male. They were supposed to be feminized seed. No way to say how annoying it is to grow some thing for several weeks only to have to chop it up and put it in the trashcan. They should get this right! I won’t be ordering from them ever again.

I bought the bogo shishkaberry punch…

I ordered Bruce Banner Fast Version and Triple X and out of 100 seeds(50 of each) every single seed germinated.Theyre the real deal.Good business.👍

Take precautions because delivery is not certain and even if it comes through the seeds wud be bad . offers high genetic ferminized seedlings and a manual to grow them for first timers at a relatively low price and delivery is 💯 guaranteed discreetly so distance is not a barrier. Been glued ordering from ,I recommend for anything cannabis related.

For me, it was an simple and convenient advantage. Since I have visited your website, you are awesome, but your customer service is not good.