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how big can autoflowers get

We do not recommend re-potting for autoflowers as it will cause plants to experience a temporary shock and slow their growth. Simply plant your seedling from its growing cube into its final pot or sow directly into the pot itself. With photoperiod plants, it is best to re-pot just a few times so that you don’t cause excessive damage or prolong the growth phase too much.

Ensuring that your autoflowers have a reliable and safe container is an important, but often overlooked task. The type of container you choose, its material, and size all have a significant impact on the way your plant will grow. And while regular cannabis seeds come with clear guidelines on the correct size of containers, things are a bit trickier when it comes to autoflowers. The two factors you need to consider are the eventual size of the plant, and the time it will take to reach harvest.


Air pots, also known as root trainers, are similar to smart pots. By air pruning the roots, air pots prevent ring roots while also promoting optimal growth. The difference is that air pots are made of plastic with perforated side walls instead of some type of fabric. They are more expensive than other options.

While they will significantly benefit the growth of your cannabis plants in the aforementioned ways, air pots have the same disadvantages as fabric pots. You will have to water more often, as water seeping through the sides can dry out the soil faster. However, they are more stable than fabric pots. Note: If you are growing indoors, you may want to place air pots on large trivets to collect drainage water.

Terracotta or clay planters are more cumbersome than plastic pots, but they can be good choices because terracotta can absorb and retain excess moisture. This provides a cooling effect that will benefit the roots of your plant in the hot summer months. Small disadvantage: you could have to water more often.

If the pH is off, your plants can’t uptake nutrients even if they are present. The correct pH for your water when growing in soil is 6.0–7.0. With a few drops of pH up or down products, you can adjust your water to the correct pH window.

At times, just a simple standing fan or leaving a window open is all that’s needed to create an optimal growing environment. If that doesn’t cut it, look into solutions such as a heater or air conditioner for your grow room.

The sea of green, or SOG, method involves growing many small plants in close proximity to max out space and yields. This is especially effective in otherwise small grow-ops, and there is no better candidate than autoflowering strains. Their fast growth and short stature essentially do everything for you. Plus, no pruning or excessive handling is needed.

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Autoflowering cannabis will race from seedling to stash in a quick 60–90 days. When autos are stressed too much or their growth is otherwise slowed, they will still bloom at the same time, and your yields will suffer.

Nobody is born a master cannabis grower. To become an expert, you want to pay attention and carefully record each process used in your grow. Only this way will you notice which techniques render the best yields.

Staking or plant support of some kind may be needed to keep your plants upright and their buds healthy.

A healthy and strong root system means healthy plants with great yields. Consider “smart pots”, like the RQS fabric pot, to give you an advantage in this domain. With their ability to prevent plants from becoming root bound, fabric pots are better for overall development.