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how to buy from a dispensary

This also applies to individuals who are crossing from one state in which recreational marijuana is legal into another state in which it is legal, such as driving from California to Oregon with marijuana on your person. Even though marijuana is legal in both California and Oregon, when you cross state lines you are in the jurisdiction of federal law enforcement and are subject to hefty fines and penalties. We recommend, no matter what, that you should never cross state lines with marijuana.

Once you arrive at your dispensary, you’ll probably be met at the front door by a security guard. They will likely want to wand you down with a metal detector. This isn’t an indication that a shop isn’t safe — it is simply a precaution and a necessary reality in a marijuana industry that is largely still cash-based.

Can Out-of-State Residents Buy Recreational “Weed” and Bring it Back to Their Home State?

Physical shops are a popular way for many consumers to buy their cannabis products. Customers can see the range of products for sale, check out the packaging, smell the different strains of cannabis flower, and ask as many questions as it takes to find the best products.

Topicals : The cannabinoids in cannabis can also be absorbed by the body through the skin. For this reason, you can find topically-applied products like balms, lotions, massage oils, and even patches.

Marijuana dispensaries will provide a wide selection of brands and product types to satisfy the needs of their many customers. Here are some of the products you are likely to find in dispensaries. If it is your first time at the dispensary, take the time to browse the products and ask questions until you find something that sounds right for you.

Make sure you’re prepared before visiting a dispensary for the first time.

Product selections don’t end there.


Marijuana dispensaries are not head-shops or fronts. They’re legitimate businesses with large inventories of high-quality products.

The most important thing you can do is have an open mind and try to learn as much as possible.

Believe it or not, going to a marijuana dispensary in California is like visiting an upscale boutique. You want to make sure you know how to act.

Your budtender is there to help you have the best weed buying experience you can. There are no stupid questions, and in most dispensaries, your budtender is going to be happy to help you out. Ask them what strain is best for your needs. Want something to help you sleep? Tell them that. Looking for a strain that’s good for spring cleaning? Let them know. Inquire about their favorite strains and why they like them. Let your budtender be your guide when you buy weed. It’s what they’re there for.

What is your reason for buying weed? Yes, we know you want to smoke it. But these days there are countless different strains to choose from that all do different things. Check out our extensive list of Cannabis Strains to see what type of marijuana is best for your personal needs. Here you can search strains by popularity, time of use, common uses, and different effects you’d like to feel.

Unfortunately, not every visit to a dispensary is a positive experience. It’s normal to be nervous but feeling intimidated or unsatisfied with your budtender is another story. If you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. And by no means are you obligated to make a purchase just because you walked in the dispensary door. If you don’t want to buy from this particular place, there are plenty of other shops that sell weed. Politely thank the budtender for their help and be on your merry way.

Ask your Cannabis Consultant Questions

Whether you’re 21, 81, or somewhere in-between, have your ID ready when you walk in the door. Pretty much everyone gets carded buying weed at a dispensary, whether they look old enough or not. Forget your ID and you’re going home empty-handed.

In an age where we buy pretty much everything on a debit or credit card, cannabis purchases are done strictly in cash. Most dispensaries recognize this and will have an ATM machine on site. Not all of them do though and even if they do, you’re bound to be charged a service fee for using an ATM that isn’t your bank. Be prepared and take cash out of the bank before you arrive. Not only will you be prepared, but you’ll avoid paying those ridiculous service fees.

If you’ve never bought weed before, it can be a little overwhelming stepping foot into a dispensary for the first time. Your first time purchasing cannabis should be an enjoyable experience. When you go in prepared and knowing what to expect, buying pot will be much more pleasurable indeed.

Buying weed is a bit different than going to a liquor store and waiting your turn in line to buy a six-pack or a bottle of wine. Regulations in most states require that cannabis dispensaries only serve one customer at a time. Depending on the time of day you go in, you could be there a while. And like most retail establishments, weekends are usually busier than weekdays.