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In addition, cucumbers left on the vine too long will become woody, full of seeds, and bitter. Check plants daily, cukes can go from 2″ inches to 12″ in just a day or two!

Want to build even more power? Add in a quarter cup of worm castings to the compost. The worm castings / compost combo can make a huge difference in the health and productivity of plants.

When overloaded with a harvest, plants will instead put their energy towards making existing fruit larger, and not into producing new blooms.

#6 Crop Rotation

Whether planted in the ground or in containers, cucumbers need rich, fertile soil to grow strong and thrive. In addition, that soil needs to be light and airy to allow for good drainage.

Potatoes release a substance in the soil that greatly hinders the growth of cucumbers. And planting them nearby can have devastating effects on your cucumber crop.

And if you love cucumbers, a big harvest means plenty of cukes for salads, fresh eating, pickling and more! Here is a look at 7 key tips to help you grow your best crop ever:

Early morning sunlight helps to dry off vines and foliage from early morning dew. Dew that if left to linger, can create the perfect conditions for mildew and blight.

Full disclosure: There is a caveat. Expect avocado trees to take between five to 13 years to produce fruit. It’s also hard for this to happen indoors, which explains why the fruit can be so pricey at grocery stores sometimes. If you’re willing to give it a try, follow these five basic steps to grow your own avocado tree from a pit:

Grab a few toothpicks and water to enjoy this pretty houseplant.

Supplies You’ll Need

And the best part is that it doesn’t require a ton of effort to grow an avocado tree indoors. All you have to do is hold on to a leftover pit and grab a few basic supplies to reap the benefits of this delicious fruit. Plus, this simple (and affordable) gardening project is fun for kids to try.

Note: You can buy older trees instead of starting from scratch. Amazon sells grafted, 4-feet tall avocado trees that may yield fruit in 3-4 years instead of 10.

TIP: Yellow leaves signal you’re overwatering. Dial back to avoid root rot.

Growing an avocado from seed is the slowest and least reliable way to get true (same as the parent) fruit.

I recommend this method because it takes little effort and shows you exactly which seeds will germinate before planting them in pots.

Easy Method to Grow an Avocado Plant from Seed

I don’t like the toothpick method because it’s fussy, requires more effort, can rot the seed, and is not as reliable.

Some are just getting started. Two are doing well. One is refusing to budge.

Place in warm, draft-free location with strong, indirect light. Or that’s the ideal.