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how to plant dagga

However, potency in autoflowering varieties has increased significantly since their initial introduction, with some breeders crossbreeding the low-THC ruderalis with other more potent varieties.

Plants grown from seed can be more hearty as young plants when compared to clones, mainly because seeds have a strong taproot. You can plant seeds directly into an outdoor garden in early spring, even in cool, wet climates.

Climate considerations

Another drawback to clones is they can take on negative traits from the mother plant as well. If the mother has a disease, attracts pests, or grows weak branches, its clones will probably have the same issues.

Check out Johanna’s full video series on how to grow weed on Leafly’s YouTube .

You can also minimize headaches and avoid the hassle of seed germination and sexing plants by starting with clones.

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You have to keep it in a “vegetative” state, as this encourages growth. You need the plant to grow before it can start producing the goods. If an immature plant flowers too early, there won’t be much harvest to be had.

You have to keep it in a “vegetative” state, as this encourages growth.

This is important, and you might need to find yourself a pH balance kit, too. The water you use to hydrate your plant cannot be too acidic or alkaline. You’ll need to be between 6.5 – 7 on the scale to play it safe when growing with soil, or 5.8 – 6.2 when growing with a soilless medium such as hydroponics.

Don’t let it “flower” immediately

Well, now dagga has been legalised for private use, we guess we can lift the lid on this one. If you getting high off your own supply, the law has almost-fully got your back.

Unless you’re putting it in a grow room and under the glare of an electric bulb, it’s vital that you find somewhere that has as much sunlight as possible, ideally around 14 hours of sunlight a day during the summer months. A pot plant must be placed in 12+ hours of light every day in order to keep the plant from “flowering” – more on that in a moment…

Before you get started, it’s vital you know what you need first. For those of you growing indoors, you’ll need a suitable light – depending on how many plants you want to grow, the required wattage will vary, but you generally want around 100w of draw minimum for a single plant, a popular choice for grow tents is a 400W or 600W metal halide and high pressure sodium, both of which could cover a 4×4 foot area.

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