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how to tell if weed seeds are good

There are many procedures and factors that cannabis growers will execute and consider when aiming to grow a healthy marijuana crop capable of producing a yield of adequate quality and maximum quantity. One of such factors that needs to be considered before the process has even begun is the very quality of the cannabis seeds themselves.

The same logic can be applied when seeking cannabis seeds. Every now and then when picking up a bag of weed, you are more than likely to come across a few stray seeds in the buds as you begin to break up the material and layer it into a blunt or a bowl. There is nothing wrong with planting these seeds, and they may offer some nice weed (with the emphasis on ‘they may. ‘)


Healthy seeds look as though they have a coating of wax on their shells. Place your batch of seeds under a decent light, if they are healthy they should display some kind of sheen on the surface.

However seeds that crack or even completely crumble indicate poor health. Small cracks in the outer shell will signify that the seed is weak and not entirely healthy even before this test is carried out.

Seeds of decent quality have certain aesthetic qualities than can be used to separate them from poor quality counterparts. For one, healthier seeds usually have shells featuring darker colours, appearing brown or grey with elements of black. With some strains this looks a bit like a ‘tiger print’.

Cannabis seeds are surprisingly beautiful. They have a mottled brown appearance with patches of light and dark, and sometimes gorgeous tiger stripes. The seeds are also quite shiny if you view them close enough.

Today, we will help you work out whether your cannabis seeds are good or bad. Hopefully, this guide will help you to determine which seeds are worthy of your time and which ones are duds.

Method #1: The Sight Test

There are several easy methods for testing cannabis seeds. Most of them can be performed before germination, saving you some time and resources. Let’s find out how to check your seeds.

This guide will only cover how to tell the difference between a potent seed and a dud seed.

If the seed cracks under slight pressure, then it’s unusable. It’s likely to be past its sell-by date.