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The Kratky method makes hydroponic growing affordable, accessible, and easy. Growers can use a range of items to make these systems, including buckets and plastic boxes. The plants sit in net cups inserted into a lid, and the roots reach down into a nutrient solution below.

g) Net mesh planting pots

Hydroponic cannabis has an ideal temperature of 20°C. This factor can be monitored using a water thermometer and altered using a water heater if the temperatures are too low.

Ebb and Flow

Every hydroponic system requires frequent maintenance to provide an optimal growing environment. Below are all of the major factors you need to be aware of.

As one of the most popular options, clay pebbles are excellent at aerating root systems. Clay pebbles sometimes require that growers alter the pH in order to provide an optimal growing environment, however, pre-altered pebbles can be purchased. You’ll need to place clay pebbles into a plastic hydroponic basket that has spaces for roots to grow through.

d) Hydroponic reservoir and tray

Both growing trays and tanks require emptying and cleaning around every two weeks. This process will keep the roots of your plants safe against invading pathogens and diseases. Repeat the same process mentioned above when initially preparing your system.

If you have a top-feed, place the tube near the bottom of the net pot so the water isn’t soaking the seedling’s roots. You just want water dripping out the bottom so the root can use it for oxygen and water until it’s fully established in the reservoir.

I do agree that if the temperature is above 80°F, your plant is a lot more likely to get root rot. However, I personally have not found that cool temperatures are adequate to prevent root rot. Even if the temperature is 60°F, you still need lots of bubbles and a “good bacteria” supplement like Hydroguard to prevent root rot in many cases.

Most seedling plugs will go back into place easily, and you’ll barely be able to tell it’s been opened ?

Learn How to Start Seedlings So You Can Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Plants Like This!

The Rapid Rooter should be cut open lengthwise

When you hear the word hydroponics, most people think of plants growing in water.

The first is known as a high-intensity discharge light, which is full-spectrum and used for the vegetative stage.

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It’s easy to set up, and plants are placed in a Styrofoam platform that sits on top of a container holding the solution of nutrients and water.

However, if you have never grown a marijuana garden before and you insist on doing it through the hydroponics system, it’s best to start small.

Ultimately the nutrient meter will assist you in delivering the correct quantity of nutrients to your plants exactly when they needed.