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i49 canada

The best-selling strains on their stores are BC God Bud, Cinderella 99, BC Blueberry, and BC Cheese. They have a total of 515 different types of marijuana seeds in their online store.

Cool right?

They even have 24/7 customer services where you can contact in case of any problems or queries.

10. i49 Seed Bank Review

If you are a beginner, then you can check out their easy to grow marijuana seeds section. This section hosts all the marijuana seeds which are extremely easy to care for and grow.

The company uses clever ways to pack marijuana seeds in random objects to prevent prying eyes from confiscating the order.

We absolutely love the stealth shipping option on their store. If you choose stealth shipping, your marijuana seeds will be packed in random things like CDs and toys. No one is going to suspect that there are marijuana seeds inside things like toys and pens. Clever, isn’t it?

You will have a wide variety of payment options upon ordering. You can pay with email transfer, bitcoin, and money orders.

_i ordered 5 blueberry big bud feminized auto’s . they arrived quickly. only 3 of the 5 germinated so i emailed i49 and they sent me out 2 replacement seeds. so far the original 3 are doing great._

Orders can be placed by visiting their website and through their 1-800 number, both of which have been lauded by customers for its speed and reliability. Here are a few of the reviews that might help you decide

A hybrid between a blueberry and haze, this legendary strain activates your brain while easing your body into a deep and calm euphoria.

grateful client – “thanking you” (5 stars)

_couldn’t be more: grateful, happy, impressed…. especially considering these most challenging of times. amazing communication and follow through.._

This sativa-dominant strain offers creative and uplifting effects that put you in a great mood no matter the time of day. It functions as a stimulant, making you forget about your worries, thus its name.

Although the residential cultivation of cannabis plants was allowed in Canada only in 2018, seed banks began “popping” as far back as the end of the 1980s when extinction and biodiversity of marijuana plants became prevalent. Backed by national and international organizations, cannabis communities groomed seed banks of different kinds, with the main purpose of preserving the seeds to alleviate its total destruction.

Just like every other plant, Cannabis has numerous species and types. Depending on who you ask, you are bound to end up with mixed answers as to what are the best-selling strains ever.

The benefit of free shipping is made available to customers who meet GYOs minimum or maximum order value which, in turn, depends on the factors like location and nature of products ordered.

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