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indoor bagseed grow

H ow cool is it that we can finally start growing our own weed legally (in many places, anyway)? Even better is the potential of growing weed at little to no cost – certainly much cheaper than your local dispensary. Granted, if you’re trying to grow indoors, you’ll need the proper equipment to supplement the outdoor environment, but if you’re planning on growing marijuana outdoors, all you need is healthy soil, a safe and secure grow spot, and of course, some cannabis seeds to get you started.

After soaking the seed, simply place it on a damp paper towel under a warm (not hot) light. After a few days, you should see the seed begin to sprout a taproot. This indicates that it’s time to transfer the seedling into your grow medium where it can find more nutrients to flourish. Do so by gently placing the sprouted seed about ¾ to 1-inch deep in soil then cover it with more soil. Other grow mediums you can consider include rock wool, expanded clay, or peat moss, though these are primarily used for hydroponic grow systems.

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Growing our own medicine is a freedom that only a few get to enjoy. If you’re one of the lucky ones to live in a state where cannabis cultivation is legal, exercise your freedom by growing marijuana in your own home! Though you can certainly purchase seeds from a seed bank to increase your chances of success, many bag seeds will grow just as well (and save you a lot of money in the long-run).

Once you’ve amended your soil and secured a grow location, it’s time to sprout some seeds! Though many prefer procuring seeds from a seed bank to increase the likelihood of viability, bag seeds are definitely worth a go, but may not be as fruitful as store-bought seeds. Nevertheless, if you have a few marijuana bag seeds lying around, you should definitely try to sprout them. Here’s how.

Generally, you can simply place your seed in some healthy soil or even rock wool cubes to start the germination process, but not being able to see your seeds sprout could leave you waiting indefinitely for it to never happen in the first place. To ensure your bag seeds sprout as easily as possible, we suggest soaking them in tap water for 24 hours prior to germination to encourage the breakdown of the nutritious seed shell.

Do you every now and then have to buy weed because you ran out of your home grown? I do actually, mostly my fault though from improper planning, smoke too much, lazy, etc.; of course it’s illegal here and to top it all off it’s too hot to grow indoors during the summer.

7-OG Kush Bag Seeds

The original 3 female plants were flowered early because I needed weed and that left me with 19 plants from clones still growing in the veg cycle. (Watch the video I made showing how I ​germinated these seeds​.)

Like most when conditions are right to buy, I get my seeds from an ​online source which can be a little scary since you don’t really know what sites are legit or not. I know; against the law, bla, bla, bla. But what are most people like us supposed to do? At least the site I use is trusted to come through on delivering though.

OG Kush Bag Seed

For your first time, I would go with water. Since you do not yet know which plants will be successful and you will thus have a ton of clones, water saves space and requires fewer items (i.e. Rockwool cubes or pots with soil).

Cloning may seem difficult, but it is actually quite simple. And it ensures you get a new plant that is basically an exact copy of your successful one.

With bag seed, there is a high chance that time and effort goes to waste, so that is definitely something you need to consider carefully.

What Next? Cloning Your Most Successful Plant

They have a center in the US, meaning fast shipping times. While the risk is slightly higher sending weed seeds through the mail in the US (but still very small), you get much faster shipping and generally somewhat lower prices, too.

Remove larger fan leaves from the cutting, so that more energy goes toward creating roots, instead of feeding those leaves.

You also want to make sure the seeds are fresh and not ones that have gone bad. Cannabis seeds don’t last long, if they’re ones you found in the bottom of your baggie.

When it comes to a rooting medium, you basically have three options. Rockwool, water or soil.