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jamaican weed seeds

Eva Seeds’ Jamaican Dream feminized marijuana seeds come from a selection of Jamaican landrance seeds which result in the fastest Sativa in the market, which can be harvested after 42-45 days of flowering, after the appropriate growth. Very compact and large buds. Powerful stimulating effect, funny and creative.

THC: High (17-21%) CBD: Low
1st price People’s choice to the best resin at the XIII Bella Flor Arseca seminar
2nd Prize – XIII Bella Flor Arseca Cup – Resin category
1st Prize – Slovakia Cannabis Cup 2011 – Outdoor category
1st Prize – Canarias Cannabis Cup 2013 – Outdoor Local category
2nd Prize – Copa Natura Verde 2013 – BHO category
2nd Prize – Cannabis Canarias Cup 2014 – BHO category
Girld of the year 2016 award – by Soft Secrets España
2nd Prize – Copa del Mar 2016 – Outdoor category
SHAPE: Pyramidal and elongated, with a long central bud, continuous, very compact and thick.
EFFECT: Sativa-like and very energetic. Day use.
SMELL: sweet and discrete
FLAVOUR: Mildly sweet.
NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: It works well with medium levels of fertilisers, yet it also admits higher levels of nutrients.
INDOOR LIGHT: Energy-saving and Sodium
WEIGHT/YIELD (9 per meter): 360-630 g/m2 (Depending on medium and container size)
North hemisphere: April-June / South hemisphere: October-December
END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: around 2 meters, depending on the sowing time.
North hemisphere: 23-30 September / South hemisphere: 23-30 March
WEIGHT/YIELD: Between 500 and 1000 g per plant
MINIMUM HEIGHT TO PASS ON TO FLOWERING: 20 cm. We recommend 16 to 25 per meter.
SUMMARY: the luxury of having a Sativa-effect plant, Indica looking, and a flowering phase of 42 days, and without giving up great yields. A Jamaican luxury.

1st price People’s choice to the best resin at the XIII Bella Flor Arseca seminar

The aroma that fills the room strongly resembles the taste that lingers in your mouth. A noticeable earthy quality will be evident upon lighting this genetic marvel. A warm and enchanting fragrance will seem like an open invitation to friends to come and join the session. Every time of day will feel like 420 when this killer ganja hits the air.

Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica pot plants are the perfect option when beginning to Grow from seed. These impeccable weed seeds provide an incredible 23% THC content. When grown outdoors, they become massive enough (15+ feet) to provide shade for yourself and your friends. Harvests are ready in late October while your indoor grow becomes ready after 11-13 weeks. Massive yields of 1000+g per plant outdoors and 600-800 g/m2 can be anticipated when optimal conditions are met. Always ensure that your growing space is well thought out in advance to ensure that this specimen can thrive. Once these Hybrid Seeds have matured and are ready for harvest, gather your posse to share this special strain. The uplifting, giggly times that are to follow will become that of legend.

Buying weed seeds in bulk have many advantages. For commercial breeders, the price of every seed becomes more important as the marijuana industry becomes increasingly competitive. When buying your seeds in bulk, you are guaranteed the most competitive price per seed on the market. Our staff members work diligently to have shipments reach their destination within 1-2 weeks (often under a week). Having your high-quality marijuana seeds safely stored on-site is the most reliable when you need to get those last few seeds in the organic soil. Afghan Jamaica Feminized seeds are gaining in popularity for good reason. Get your hands on similar genetics while here as well. Give Afghan Kush X Super Skunk Fem or Afghan Fem a whirl.


Get ready to experience creativity like never before. This uplifting strain will inject a zest for life that is hard to replicate in the natural world. An intense burst of energy will fill your body and your mental anguish will slowly melt away as you experience deep happiness. Feeling uplifted will bring out inner confidence to be the life of the party and be super chatty. This strain is perfect for social gatherings and catching up with old pals. These High THC Seeds can be intimidating for newbies. Fear not though, as these wonderful sativa qualities are perfectly complemented with some Afghani indica roots. A relaxing body buzz will remove any jitters that are feared. Sit back, light up some sticky icky and be in for the ride of your life. While you are at it, replenish your stock by visiting Weed Seeds to Buy afghan Jamaica Photoperiod Feminized Online.

While not known as a beginner strain, this pot seed can be worth the extra effort required for cultivating. When grown outdoors, it will reach for the skies and has been known to exceed 15 feet. Growing outdoors requires regular trimming and pruning but offers glorious returns of over 1000g per plant after a flowering time of 11-13 weeks. When setting up an indoor grow operation be sure to have ample vertical space. If your grow op is limited vertically, utilize a restrictive growing method. Fear not, restricting its vertical growth will not diminish the potency of this spectacular strain. Shortening the vegetative stage and using smaller pots can still be effective enough to yield 600-800g m/2 which is not too shabby for home grown chronic.

An Afghani Jamaica seed always delivers a significant bang for your buck. While under 1% CBD content, this magnificent plant boasts powerful THC that will be potent enough for the most ardent smokers. Always source these premium cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank. Veteran growers achieve incredibly high germination rates from all of our seeds. Users love the physical vigor that penetrates their muscles upon smoking. Coupled with a happy and euphoric high, they are ready to conquer the world. Smoking these notorious nugs might be advised before harvesting these monsters due to their sheer size and yields. As your high intensifies, the carefree feelings of laughter and joy can take you back to a simpler time. Don’t be shy, come Buy Female Afghan Jamaica Online.

Once the decision has been made to grow from seed, the next step is to source the highest quality strains possible. Always buy Afghan Jamaica Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from high-quality seed banks. Our knowledgeable staff only work with expert breeders. Our strains have been pushing the limits of THC potency and germination rates. We understand that ordering recreational or medical marijuana seeds from the comfort of home is incredibly important. We work tirelessly to bring the highest quality product right to your doorstep. Once your order is placed, our team will select only the finest seeds and ensure that every shipment is discreetly delivered to your doorstep with stealth methods that would make Santa proud.