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jimson weed seeds uk

All seed varieties are grown at our farm or locally and sustainably wildcrafted by us. We gather, process, and package every seed variety we carry ourselves with love and care in small batches. We never purchase seeds from outside sources to resell to you. All of our varieties are open-pollinated, grown without the use of chemicals, hybrid-free and GMO-free.


The seeds germinate easily and can be sown indoors in flats and transplanted out once all danger of frost has passed.

Chemical-free farm-grown Jimson Weed (Datura stramonium) seeds for organic growing.

Full sun, well-drained soil.

Species: stramonium

Cultivation Instructions

Growing Instructions

Genus: Datura

Sow directly in May. Prior to sowing soak seed in warm water for 24 hours. Sow thinly in drills 90cm apart. Just cover the seed with a little soil. Ideal temp. 12-18°C. Germination takes 21-42 days approx. Once germinated thin as required. Can be sown indoors in Feb-Mar. or under glass in April. Indoors or under glass sow 3-4 seeds in an individual pot and thin to the best plant. Grow on. Acclimatise and plant out after danger of frost has passed.

Thorn apple has trumpet-shaped flowers and spiky fruit, and grows up to 3ft tall. It has poisonous flowers and seeds and can cause hallucinations.

In Peru it is the main ingredient in a stupefying drink.

It is smoked as a mind-altering drug in some countries, and Native American witch doctors use it in ceremonies and to induce coma in unsuspecting victims.

lethal weed used by Native American witch doctors to induce coma is spreading to gardens across Britain.

Thorn apple is also known as Jimson weed, and its scientific name is Datura stramonium.